A Capella Major
  Jun 28th 2020 9:19am

It's spelled with two p's right?

I think someone mentioned this idea in IRC chat while the Corporate Music major was going on. I forget who.
It's A Capella! No instruments are allowed. You can sing, whistle, clap, etc. but that's it.
Botbrs are encouraged to sing their hearts out, but it's optional.

Voting categories:

Vocalism, arrangement, beatbox, harmony, voice in pants
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Level 18 Chipist
post #123454 :: 2020.07.11 2:06pm
Niice :D
Level 22 Pixelist
post #123570 :: 2020.07.13 5:40pm :: edit 2020.07.13 5:41pm
God I hate the idea of participating in this, while absolutely adoring the artwork <3
Only giving it a high "want" because I want to hear others do it lol

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