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  11th/11   Σ19.460   Dec 17th 2017 2:16pm
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post #93317 :: 2017.12.17 3:07pm :: edit 2017.12.17 3:08pm
  Quirby64 liēkd this
RIP - Quirbz, I liked it, but were you recording on your phone 20 meters away? :P
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post #93325 :: 2017.12.17 3:10pm
  Quirby64 liēkd this
Nice chords, haha I started mine out by grooving on the piano but I didn't have the balls to record myself.

Should have placed higher IMO
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post #93327 :: 2017.12.17 3:14pm :: edit 2017.12.17 3:56pm
oh lmao this was obs from my laptop with my keyboard behind my laptop not too far away, nice

btw, heres lyrics if anyone is le interested


you tried to load a song and
you waited for so, so long and
your wifi crashed and now im here again
hi hello, im 404
its been a while since weve last crossed
when your internet was last lost
but do not fear,
i have some tunes to go through your ears
hey, you can survive offline
thats how ive lived all my life
oh hey look, youve reconnected
looks like my song is ending

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