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  Jun 28th 2020 6:27pm
musicmon 2.5e, 2 parts
worked on from the 27th to the 28th

ohey, an aym entry! thought you wouldn't see one of those from me, huh? tbh, i kinda wanted to make an aym entry for a lil while since my first one was...let's be frank, i was not good at music in general back then. i barely knew what composition was and what was needed to have it all sound good in the end. i wanted to actually flex my creative muscles as they are now on a native tracker since, well, steem makes grabbing the .sndh exports extremely easy.

i didn't have much a good idea for a song this time. i was gonna go for a bit of a lullaby feel for it before it became an st platformer-feeling track. i must say, it was a learning experience for me in terms of native tracking. musicmon was immensely fun to use ime! gotta learn it more for the next one i do tho; i didn't even utilize digidrums ffs :/

but yea hope you enjoy :D
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