【Marie Ork】TEDDY BEAR 【ALTER/EGO Original】
  Sep 22nd 2018 5:10pm
Tobikomi ft. Marie Ork

Big eyes looking side-by-side
Super cuddly, so squishy
Little monster with secrets
Abandoned and haunting me

Always watching every move
I just want to leave this hell
Oh my god, that thing just moved
Where'd it go, O' where'd it go?

Teddy Bear (x4)
Oh my god, go away, leave me be, don't eat me
Teddy Bear (x4)
Oh dear god, help me please, it's alive, don't kill me please

Big eyes glowing a red light
Small green hat and red bow tie
Plump and round and charming, too
Sadly, that thing's the devil

This thing's such a mystery
What the hell's the history?
Is there a soul inside it?
I want to know, goddammit!

Teddy Bear (x4)
Sinister animal, made of fluff, made of yarn
Teddy Bear (x4)
I am scared, of that thing, it's planning, to kill me


Teddy Bear (x4)
Teddy Bear (x4)
Oh my god, leave me be, go away, stay away
Teddy Bear (x4)
Fuck yourself, fuck yourself, fuck yourself, fuck yourself please
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