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  11th/32   Σ25.952   Aug 30th 2013 9:11am
Hello. It's another piece of Schism Tracker magic, done without post-processing. It's descriptioncore for a remix for the usual reason: to demonstrate that I didn't use external samples by reserving the rest of this space for my list of modifications.

This is a list of what I did to each sample:

amen break:
- I used Renoise 2.7.2 and applied a 24db Moog bandpass filter with the Frequency at 0.15 kHz and the resonance at 0%. The Inertia was set to Instant. It was then played at the default pitch, sent to Wiretap Pro, and then looped as desired so that I could get the bass. The resulting sample that was used is only the bass at the very start.
- Chopped up the sample to used individual drums, without filtering.
- Singled out the horns at the start and end, also without filtering.
- Managed to produce a synth bass-like effect with Renoise 2.7.2. I used a Fold Distortion with Drive at 50%, Tone at 0%, Wet Mix at 0 dB, and dry mix essentially set to mute. I added a 24dB Moog Bandpass filter with the frequency at 0.36 kHz, the resonance at 0%, and the Inertia at Instant. I also made a copy of this and applied Schism Tracker's filter.

sin 256hz:
- One shot of 400% amplication
- Another shot of 400% amplification
- ...and a third shot of 400% amplification to produce a square wave
- Octave-stacking a square wave gives it the 25% NES wave... kind of.
- The original sine wave was turned into a psuedo-saw wave through Renoise 2.7.2. All I had to do was apply a Shift Distortion at 100% drive and not bother with any of the others (tone at 0%, Wet mix at 0dB and Dry Mix essentially set to mute). I cut out the first part for your convenience(which might have gotten to your ears in the... clicky sense had I left it there).

Expect some offset magic (and even pitch overkill for a sample that is recognizable at lower pitches) as well.
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Level 16 Mixist
post #31882 :: 2013.08.30 1:04pm
much work resulted in a amazing conclusion :)
Level 17 Mixist
post #31974 :: 2013.09.04 8:36am
  KungFuFurby liēkd this
Really gets into the groove around 1:28, I'm feeling it hard, this may be my favorite entry I heard so far but I'll leave it a mystery as to how many entries I've listened to (a number between 0 and 2^16) It was nice to read about your production too. I like the tempo, it's so fast it's kind of relaxing.

The buildup to 2:44 is a bit cheesy. The new weuaoweuwe section at 3:06 is great though. Also lovely outro.
Level 27 Chipist
post #31983 :: 2013.09.04 1:18pm
  Fearofdark liēkd this
2 to the 16th? That's 65,536 right there. Take away 1 and you get the 16-bit upper limit. There aren't even that many entries on the website yet...
Level 7 Criticist
post #32102 :: 2013.09.07 8:15pm
Level 27 Chipist
post #32133 :: 2013.09.08 8:20am
Whoops. I found a typo in my description... where it says "Chopped up the sample to used individual drums, without filtering.". Should be "Chopped up the sample to use individual drums, without filtering."
Level 12 Pixelist
post #32173 :: 2013.09.08 10:45pm
I think I processed my samples too little! ;-)
This track is a multipart demo soundtrack.

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