Spoopy 3 : Spoop Strikes Thrice

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Hear All
34 Entries
Are you scared yet? Time to get scared! D:

This is the spoopy time of the year and tis it is the season for the spooptastical masses to congregate and be spoopy! D:

Make a track that's somewhere between absolutely horrific and horror cliche accoutrement! D:
Voting Categories
  • spooky • mysterious • horror • kooky • slime in pants
  • All registered users of BotB may vote.
  • All tunes will be rendered to MP3 for voting accessibility.
  • No covers allowed, only original works.
  • Entries that have been previously publicly released are not allowed.
Questions and Contact
  • For direct communication join us on IRC!! irc.esper.net #botb       :D/


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mix battle art

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