FM Synth 2

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60 Entries
You got your carrier signals ready?
You got your modulators ready?
It's time once again for FREQUENCY MODULATION core!!! :D
Voting Categories
  • modulatrix • frequential • carrierriffic • insinity • feedback in pants
  • All registered users of BotB may vote.
  • All tunes will be rendered to MP3 for voting accessibility.
  • No covers allowed, only original works.
  • Entries that have been previously publicly released are not allowed.
Questions and Contact
  • For direct communication join us on IRC!! #botb       :D/

AdLib soundcard

accepted file formats - too many - check plugin support list
recommended player for playback - AdPlug  :: read lyceum article

7 entries submitted :: view entries


files no larger than 10mb  :: read lyceum article

Maximum File Size :: 10485760 bytes

25 entries submitted :: view entries

mix battle art

must be a sqaure image; accepted dimensions 600px only  :: read lyceum article

Maximum File Size :: 768000 bytes

11 entries submitted :: view entries

NEC PC-x801 FM

YM2203 Mono or YM2608 Stereo  :: read lyceum article

3 entries submitted :: view entries

Sega Genesis/MegaDrive

 :: read lyceum article

14 entries submitted :: view entries