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Level 26 Chipist
post #87501 :: 2017.07.08 3:22am
  Savestate, Sinc-X, BubblegumOctopus, Quirby64, goluigi, Dimeback, Neon Zenith, xterm, sleeparrow, anewuser, NerdMcBoon and Xyz liēkd this
oh SHIT son
Level 28 Chipist
post #87504 :: 2017.07.08 3:43am
  Neon Zenith, xterm and NerdMcBoon liēkd this
oh yes !!
Level 21 Chipist
post #87508 :: 2017.07.08 5:25am :: edit 2017.07.09 12:53am

i submitted my sample and only after i pressed the button i read "must be original content"

please remove "Yamaha RY30" immediately apparently kits are ok. nevermind
Level 8 Samplist
post #87513 :: 2017.07.08 6:24am
  xterm, sleeparrow, Beard and NerdMcBoon liēkd this
you god damn know it
Level 25 Chipist
post #87523 :: 2017.07.08 7:18am
  Jangler hæitd this
My time just isn't what it used to be, unlike the first (and only, since I abandoned ship later on) Detroit I participated in. I do in theory have a 48 hour window that is not immediately after the bit pack ends, but I'm probably not going to cash in on the theoretical window I am thinking of.

Making matters worse, I find myself not interested in the samples due to the amount of memory that I find myself wasting just to make one song these days (on the order of hundreds of megabytes... I might add that my first Detroit entry was a very large .it file! I don't want to do that again just for these kind of samples... five years has changed my mindset quite a bit.).
Level 22 Chipist
post #87540 :: 2017.07.08 11:08am
  xterm and NerdMcBoon liēkd this
ohai mark

looks like ill be trying one of these old-fashioned "remix battles" ive heard about
Level 19 Chipist
post #87541 :: 2017.07.08 11:12am
  xterm and NerdMcBoon liēkd this
Level 26 Chipist
post #87544 :: 2017.07.08 11:45am
  Sinc-X, xterm and NerdMcBoon liēkd this
wait, how long is the bit period?
Level 26 Chipist
post #87553 :: 2017.07.08 2:04pm
  Sinc-X, xterm and NerdMcBoon liēkd this
PSA: please use the "submit bit" button on the sidebar, not the one on the bit list page.

the one on the bit list page is bugged and submits a remix entry instead of a sample. see bug report.
Level 23 Mixist
post #87562 :: 2017.07.08 3:58pm
  Sinc-X, xterm and NerdMcBoon liēkd this
so much music. @.@

let's get cracking.
Level 30 chipist
post #87565 :: 2017.07.08 4:36pm
  Sinc-X, Jangler, m9m, xterm, sleeparrow and NerdMcBoon liēkd this
@m9m kits are chill afaik

it's clearly been too long since our last proper remix battle, look how backed up you noobs are with samplox
Level 8 Samplist
post #87569 :: 2017.07.08 5:15pm
  Sinc-X, Jangler, m9m, sleeparrow and NerdMcBoon liēkd this
kits have been okay in the past
Level 25 Mixist
post #87695 :: 2017.07.10 7:56pm
  xterm hæitd this
My life has taken a drastic change. I live with Bed Bugs now. I spend all of my time thinking about and combating bugs.

My laptops are in my room where the infestation is the worst. I sleep in my living room on a foam mattress, encased in a Bed Bug bed cover, covered in thick plastic, and surrounded by fly tape.

I'm also moving in three weeks so music equipment and laptops will be encased in Bed Bug bed covers and sealed inside large coolers. The coolers will be placed inside a shed at the back of my parent's yard for two years.

I'm posting this from my roomate's laptop. I'll get a new laptop sometime after I move. Enjoy Detroit XI I'll be watching when I can. <3
Level 26 Chipist
post #87698 :: 2017.07.10 8:36pm
  Sinc-X, Quirby64, xterm, null1024, sleeparrow and NerdMcBoon liēkd this
good luck sc! bedbugs seriously are an all-consuming disaster jeez
Level 21 Mixist
post #87919 :: 2017.07.14 10:27am
uh, what happened to the compo
Level 26 Hostist
post #87920 :: 2017.07.14 10:32am
  Sinc-X, anewuser, mootbooxle and NerdMcBoon liēkd this
Sample Pack should be up and ready!

I'm gonna walk this dog.
Level 22 Chipist
post #87923 :: 2017.07.14 10:50am
  Sinc-X, mootbooxle, NerdMcBoon and tothejazz liēkd this
shit!! i want to enter this so badly but won't have internet till wednesday. shitfuck! gyms better make an entry
Level 8 Samplist
post #87926 :: 2017.07.14 11:50am
  Dimeback, Sinc-X, mootbooxle, NerdMcBoon and tothejazz liēkd this
An Entry is about all I can promise beard lol
Level 29 Mixist
post #87930 :: 2017.07.14 12:59pm
  Sinc-X, puke7, NerdMcBoon, Xaser, aji and Jangler liēkd this
This compo makes me happy! I have been really jonesing for another Detroit! I think these are my fav majors. The community provides the raw materials, then they get hammered into synergistic masterpieces :)
Or they just get hammered, one or the other. Or both.
Level 22 Chipist
post #87935 :: 2017.07.14 2:27pm
so uh, do we only use the samples in that bitpack or can we use the other bits submitted as well? :o not too sure tbh sorry but ill start my entry with the 25 here
Level 30 chipist
post #87936 :: 2017.07.14 2:59pm
  Sinc-X, Quirby64, NerdMcBoon and goluigi liēkd this
only teh bit pack, ye noob
Level 18 Mixist
post #87939 :: 2017.07.14 5:11pm
  Quirby64, null1024, mootbooxle and Sinc-X liēkd this
This is going to be fun! The Yamaha RY30 sample has a cowbell in it, so we will be able to make some good music. There are no excuses now.
Level 29 Mixist
post #87953 :: 2017.07.15 2:23am
  Sinc-X and NerdMcBoon liēkd this
Level 21 Chipist
post #87954 :: 2017.07.15 6:14am
  mootbooxle liēkd this
are fx (chorus, reverb, delay, etc) fair game or not
Level 29 Mixist
post #87955 :: 2017.07.15 6:23am
  m9m, growley, NerdMcBoon, pedipanol and goluigi liēkd this
m9m, you can manipulate the 25 samples anyway you choose, no matter what! The only rule of this type of compo is that you source material has to have originated from those 25 samples in some form. What you do with that source material is your business! For the good of the community, it's encouraged that you explain your process if you mangle them beyond recognition, though!
Level 21 Chipist
post #87956 :: 2017.07.15 6:36am
  mootbooxle, goluigi, Savestate and NerdMcBoon liēkd this
oh, alright. thanks for the detailed explaination on what's fair and what's not!
Level 29 Mixist
post #87961 :: 2017.07.15 9:24am
  m9m liēkd this
you are quite welcome, buddy :)
Level 8 Samplist
post #88040 :: 2017.07.16 8:01pm
  mootbooxle, goluigi, Cessor Safari and NerdMcBoon liēkd this
I accidentally made a good composite sample while working on mine:
Level 26 Hostist
post #88075 :: 2017.07.17 3:59pm
  Quirby64, Savestate and NerdMcBoon liēkd this
whoops a one day extension on remixing! D:
Level 22 Chipist
post #88076 :: 2017.07.17 4:35pm
so i DID spend 3 days on my entry...welp, theres always next time. :p
Level 24 Mixist
post #88081 :: 2017.07.17 7:34pm :: edit 2017.07.17 7:34pm
nvm i saw that you looked up
Level 21 Mixist
post #88107 :: 2017.07.18 5:18pm
  Jangler, mootbooxle, NerdMcBoon and Quirby64 liēkd this
this is the funnest compo i've ever been a part of!

can't wait for the party :VV
Level 19 Mixist
post #88118 :: 2017.07.18 8:08pm
  Sinc-X, Jimmyoshi, NerdMcBoon, Quirby64, mootbooxle and MandraSigma liēkd this
Level 24 Mixist
post #88166 :: 2017.07.18 11:18pm
  mootbooxle and sc liēkd this
so, uhhh...people like dancing to somber, ambient music, right? (´・ω・`)
Level 22 Chipist
post #88204 :: 2017.07.19 9:20am
  mootbooxle liēkd this
i havent started voting on the remix entries yet and im already 520% done

Level 29 Mixist
post #88209 :: 2017.07.19 10:48am
  Quirby64 liēkd this
Level 25 Mixist
post #88225 :: 2017.07.19 12:13pm
  Jangler liēkd this
did anyone from detroit enter this
Level 26 Hostist
post #88227 :: 2017.07.19 1:41pm
  mootbooxle liēkd this
I tried, but shit been real hectic up in the D while trying to max and relax. Read: MAX over relax (whatever[idk]);

here's the fb event if anyone is interested:

Blank and I are doing our best to make sure the live stream is decent.
Level 21 Mixist
post #88230 :: 2017.07.19 4:21pm
its unavailable!!
Level 30 chipist
post #88231 :: 2017.07.19 4:31pm
  blank liēkd this
@puke and blank just make sure one of you gets your tits out then
Level 19 Chipist
post #88232 :: 2017.07.19 4:36pm
  mootbooxle liēkd this
fuckin wish I was in town for the show. Missing it by like two weeks :/
Level 26 Hostist
post #88251 :: 2017.07.20 12:02pm
  mootbooxle liēkd this
oh dang the event is private so that would explain its unavailabilities
we had to private because we're basically the entertainment for a marching band convention or something
...well the info is in this battle's Info and Rules ;D/
Level 26 Chipist
post #88255 :: 2017.07.20 12:25pm :: edit 2017.07.20 12:32pm
"Friday July 19th, 2017 @ 10:30 - 1pm"

But the 19th was Wednesday.......................
Level 26 Hostist
post #88258 :: 2017.07.20 12:56pm
  mootbooxle liēkd this
haha fixed! :D/
Level 24 Mixist
post #88262 :: 2017.07.20 1:52pm
  MandraSigma liēkd this
(part of me is hoping that his entry doesn't win)
Level 23 Mixist
post #88266 :: 2017.07.20 2:09pm
  mootbooxle liēkd this
my entry will definitely not win. too short and some folks blamvoted me lmao.
Level 29 Mixist
post #88268 :: 2017.07.20 2:15pm
how can you be sure? What would be the motivation?
I think you're the front runner.
Level 24 Mixist
post #88270 :: 2017.07.20 2:21pm
For me, I kinda don't wanna picture something that's as emotionally loaded as my entry playing alongside...marching band stuff

But who knows, maybe it'll make for some extreme dissonance between band music, the funky stuff that everyone else made, and...Hey ( ゚Д゚)
Level 23 Mixist
post #88271 :: 2017.07.20 2:23pm
  Jimmyoshi, mootbooxle and Quirby64 liēkd this
you can estimate how highly people vote your track (between 1 and 7) based on how many boons you get after the person has voted.
Level 26 Chipist
post #88273 :: 2017.07.20 2:26pm
MandraSigma: whoa I never knew about that! o:
Level 29 Mixist
post #88277 :: 2017.07.20 3:12pm
Well that's a drag then! I been gettin the nubs.
Level 26 Chipist
post #88310 :: 2017.07.21 11:44am
  mootbooxle liēkd this
when is the stream actually happening? i presume it didn't actually happen five hours ago since voting isn't even over yet
Level 22 Samplist
post #88312 :: 2017.07.21 1:00pm
  Savestate, mootbooxle, Jangler, Sinc-X and Quirby64 liēkd this
It will be happening tonight from 10:30pm to roughly 1:30am (yes Michigan is in the Eastern Time Zone) (-:
Level 28 Chipist
post #88313 :: 2017.07.21 1:03pm :: edit 2017.07.21 1:13pm
  Quirby64 liēkd this
Will it be live streamed?

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