Winter Chip XII

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242 Entries
Level 21 Chipist
post #75463 :: 2016.12.25 12:58pm
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Winter Channel F
Level 27 Mixist
post #75464 :: 2016.12.25 1:05pm
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Level 23 Chipist
post #75465 :: 2016.12.25 1:10pm
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best winter chip ever
Level 23 Chipist
post #75466 :: 2016.12.25 1:14pm
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winter chip zii
Level 20 Chipist
post #75467 :: 2016.12.25 1:27pm
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Wait, Channel F only is a joke right
Level 26 Chipist
post #75468 :: 2016.12.25 1:35pm :: edit 2016.12.26 1:57am
  johnfn, Lukas Eriksson, StrangerInSweden, Savestate, charlotte, Dimeback, Xyz and shinichi liēkd this
Ok if the gauntlet was tempting before its positively flashing a leg now

Edit: its a tarpaulin!
Level 19 Criticist
post #75471 :: 2016.12.25 1:58pm
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ChannelF battle should've been WC $F
Level 15 Chipist
post #75472 :: 2016.12.25 2:01pm
  shinichi liēkd this
yes yes yes.
Level 24 Pixelist
post #75473 :: 2016.12.25 2:20pm :: edit 2016.12.25 2:40pm
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It'll be awesome if there will be more ZX Spectrum formats this time!
puke7 is holding the other formats hostage. he will release one for every non-joke channelf entry.
Level 22 Pedagogist
post #75478 :: 2016.12.25 3:26pm :: edit 2016.12.25 3:44pm
  Jangler liēkd this
so, the channel f download on this article leads to a not found server error message:

also, i can not find this tracker anywhere else on internet D =

edit: thanks merio! he found the tracker on the internet's archive and i reuploaded it to my site here:

you can also find it in the ROOT tab, thanks R3M for the host! =' D

edit2: put the mirror on the sleizsa article so you can also find it there = )
Level 29 Chipist
post #75479 :: 2016.12.25 3:36pm :: edit 2016.12.25 3:36pm
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i am updating a link to the bios in the sleizsa duo article.
it's currently broken but the web archive has a copy

Level 8 Chipist
post #75495 :: 2016.12.25 8:38pm
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Can someone translate the rules in Japanese for me?
You know, it's computable to read in Japanese than English.
Level 16 Chipist
post #75496 :: 2016.12.25 8:57pm
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Winter Chip TMM12 here I come

or do I change my name to TMMXII uh oh
Level 8 Chipist
post #75502 :: 2016.12.25 11:26pm
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um... where can I post nsf
Level 26 Chipist
post #75503 :: 2016.12.25 11:32pm
  Dimeback liēkd this
you can post nsf once puke7 makes a format category for it
Level 21 Chipist
post #75504 :: 2016.12.25 11:34pm :: edit 2016.12.25 11:35pm
Otherwise, you could submit it to wildchip (if that happens to be added) as an mp3 render incase puke decides not to add the nsf category.
Level 8 Chipist
post #75505 :: 2016.12.25 11:37pm :: edit 2016.12.26 12:44am
  sc liēkd this
By the way, can I make the song loop?
Level 25 Mixist
post #75513 :: 2016.12.26 1:32am
  Yuki liēkd this
@Sky Yoshi
Quick answer: Yes.
Detailed answer: You can, though if you or someone else posts a render for your entry (that is, an audio form of the entry; renders must be in MP3, not WAV), it's up to you/them on how you want to handle the loop point. You or someone else has the decision to either cut it off completely at the loop or fade it out after a specified amount of time.
Level 9 Mixist
post #75515 :: 2016.12.26 1:49am
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Dafuq puke7

no wildchip?
no nsf?
no anything?

Level 29 Chipist
post #75518 :: 2016.12.26 2:44am
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My goodness guys just hold your horses for a minute
Level 20 Chipist
post #75519 :: 2016.12.26 3:39am
Horses In Bikinis
Level 27 Chipist
post #75521 :: 2016.12.26 5:33am
pc-x801 yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Level 8 Chipist
post #75522 :: 2016.12.26 5:40am :: edit 2016.12.26 5:40am
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No NSF or NSFe = (; ・`д・´)WHAT
Level 22 Chipist
post #75523 :: 2016.12.26 5:44am
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i should learn pc-x801 mml tbh
Level 29 Chipist
post #75525 :: 2016.12.26 6:07am
  th4 D34D, Post-retro and b00daw liēkd this
Mm good chips so far
Level 30 chipist
post #75527 :: 2016.12.26 7:04am
  sc, Yuki, charlotte, Quirby64, Savestate, Doxic, Xyz and shinichi liēkd this
on the second day of winter chips my pukey gave to me:

ay for teh demos
mml only NEC
bad links for the channel f
and some battle art that wasn't uglyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Level 23 Chipist
post #75528 :: 2016.12.26 8:17am
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Level 26 Chipist
post #75529 :: 2016.12.26 8:21am
  Savestate, Yuki and Jangler liēkd this
Ironically, these days I'm actually a bit too bored to go after these chips. I have heard so much music on Battle of the Bits over the years that my own nostalgia has been worn down in a similar way that so many SNES games have managed to wear down my video game nostalgia producing so many SPC sets. It's a very sharp contrast to 2012, and it is the major reason why I stopped producing entries regularly. Ironically, I also find trying to up my production values beyond the chip music that I have produced to be a waste of my time in the long run, because I find that the material I end up producing to be too boring (I cite my Renoise-produced songs, which for me have been aging very poorly for some unusual reason... and this happens to be the exact reason why I started, then abandoned, a S3XMODIT entry for Summer Chip VI: I realized I had already gotten bored of the song after producing only two patterns.).
Level 27 Hostist
Jeez, I didn't know y'all would be such babies about unlocking formats by doing less popular formats. BABIES. ^o^;
Level 22 Pedagogist
post #75531 :: 2016.12.26 11:16am
  MiDoRi, Savestate, pedipanol, TMM12, Dimeback and gotoandplay liēkd this
even though i would love amiga mod as one of this compo format i am doing my channel f as a man
Level 21 Chipist
post #75532 :: 2016.12.26 11:43am :: edit 2016.12.26 11:49am
  TMM12 liēkd this
I'm fine with it, I like learning how to use newfangled thingamajigs!

Besides, y'all have 27 days (as of the time this was written) to learn a new format! There's also a chance that an extension or two will happen.
Level 25 Mixist
post #75534 :: 2016.12.26 12:01pm
  Yuki, Dimeback and Quirby64 liēkd this
Or maybe the prospect of having other formats introduced over time doesn't occur to many BotBrs since most will just post to the same 2-3 formats every year and call it a day.

I know I'm guilty of this (hi mod16k and MIDI) :x
Level 23 Chipist
post #75535 :: 2016.12.26 12:17pm
  MiDoRi, charlotte, TMM12 and puke7 liēkd this
Unlocking formats by trying out less popular ones? Pretty clever actually, now to go try doing an AY track \.o./
Level 14 Pixelist
post #75536 :: 2016.12.26 12:22pm
  RazerBlue6, Dimeback, Quirby64, Melon and ViLXDRYAD liēkd this
@Dimeback: Not a chance, a certainty
Level 22 Pedagogist
post #75537 :: 2016.12.26 12:41pm
what the dog said ^
Level 27 Mixist
post #75538 :: 2016.12.26 1:04pm
  th4 D34D, null1024, Yuki, garvalf and Xyz hæitd this
  Modus Ponens, MiDoRi, johnfn, passarbye, m9m, RazerBlue6 and Dezolis liēkd this
I'm just going to be the one to say it. I'm not a fan of this idea at all. When I first saw that ChannelF was the only format, my initial thought was that it was a joke, and that the rest of the formats would be released the next day. But now I'm disappointed to see that's not the case. I get that you want people to branch out and try some of the more obscure formats, but I think ultimately you're just going to disappoint a bunch of people who already had plans for winter chip. For a lot of people, I think they'll just end up not joining at all instead of wasting their time trying to learn a format they don't care about.

I think that if you're going to make a huge change to the winter chip formula like this, you could have at least announced the change in advance through a forum thread or something. This way, people would know what to expect, and the community could decide beforehand whether or not they actually want this change. Instead, now it feels like you've just thrown a huge curve ball at us. "Oh, you wanted to do a MIDI this year? LOL TOO BAD."

I'm sure this comment will get a bunch of haeits, but I don't care. If the rest of the formats aren't "unlocked" soon, then I'm not too optimistic about the turnout of Winter Chip this year, and I certainly won't be entering if that's the case.
Level 22 Pedagogist
post #75540 :: 2016.12.26 1:23pm
  Yuki, charlotte, Savestate, Dimeback, TMM12 and Dezolis liēkd this
i am participating because i like compos, and regarding music i find a good idea to work with unconventional stuff; as i find it the only way to really improve my works

i do not think you complain about what other people feels, more objetively is the lack of a format you feel comfortable with

come on, cheer up! is always good for a composer to try unknown things
Level 8 Chipist
post #75541 :: 2016.12.26 1:24pm
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God's World Is Perfectly Just.
Level 27 Mixist
post #75543 :: 2016.12.26 1:52pm :: edit 2016.12.26 2:06pm
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  MiDoRi liēkd this
ViLXDRYAD: I'm not even against branching out; it's the lack of choice that I'm more concerned about. I even had a modxk in the works that I planned on submitting this year (something that I've never done before), but now I can't even do that. Out of the current formats, the only one I'm even remotely interested in trying is PC-98. Taking out the element of choice takes out a huge part of the fun imo.
Level 23 Mixist
post #75546 :: 2016.12.26 2:47pm
  Savestate, Doxic, ap0c, Post-retro, charlotte, Quirby64, Jangler, m9m, Melon and th4 D34D liēkd this
  Yuki hæitd this
i feel like there is a whole lot of misunderstanding going on
Level 21 Chipist
post #75548 :: 2016.12.26 3:30pm
  Yuki and charlotte liēkd this
Hey everrbody ^o^ guess I'll be learning Vortex Tracker II sooner than I thought :O

@puke7, how will this unlocking of new formats actually work in this compo? Just curious.
Level 29 Chipist
post #75549 :: 2016.12.26 4:02pm
  DBOYD and m9m liēkd this
Dboyd, I imagine what Stewboy is fairly accurate given puke7's comment
Level 27 Chipist
post #75550 :: 2016.12.26 4:10pm :: edit 2017.01.07 4:04pm
  shinichi, DBOYD and Savestate liēkd this
it wasn't supposed to be that originally, but maybe it is now ;)

edit: i am no longer confident in this assertion.
Level 25 Mixist
post #75556 :: 2016.12.26 7:02pm
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  Yuki hæitd this
i wonder how many people on this site are like "oh hey a new winter chip this ye--OH SHIT CHANNEL F DATS MAH JAM /o/"
Level 23 Grafxicist
post #75557 :: 2016.12.26 7:15pm
  Yuki and MiDoRi liēkd this
I like playing around with obscure formats but unfortunately I have neither the time nor the motivation to help out here ( ´~` )

Maybe that'll change by the end, who knows. Have fun though everyone!
Level 29 Chipist
post #75564 :: 2016.12.26 8:15pm
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i mean, you're not far off from my reaction azura haha
Level 9 Chipist
post #75566 :: 2016.12.26 8:24pm
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I think the
Level 27 Chipist
post #75568 :: 2016.12.26 8:34pm :: edit 2016.12.26 8:35pm
  Yuki, Savestate, Dezolis and A-zu-ra liēkd this
this idea is fun, really brings the freshness back into this compo. how do i do the yin yang one
Level 26 Chipist
post #75572 :: 2016.12.26 9:17pm
  pedipanol, RazerBlue6, Jimmyoshi and charlotte liēkd this
for me personally, I really hope the more popular formats do end up being included, because I use these battles as an opportunity to learn and practice these formats, and to show off what I've done. I feel like I've come further in nsf and midi than in the last summer chip, and it would be a shame to not be able to share these with everyone!
Level 12 Chipist
post #75575 :: 2016.12.26 10:00pm
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well i was gonna make a comeback here but see you next summer lol
Level 8 Chipist
post #75578 :: 2016.12.26 10:45pm
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Please NSFe Surpport on this batle
Level 19 Criticist
post #75579 :: 2016.12.26 10:59pm
  th4 D34D, Yuki, Jangler, pedipanol and charlotte liēkd this
ITT: n00bs who are afraid of a little challenge

ALL n00bs!
Level 27 Chipist
post #75581 :: 2016.12.26 11:13pm
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hear hear!!! i hadn't thought of doing an AY this year, but it is a very nice chip. i will do the touhou one when i can figure out how mml works
Level 20 Chipist
post #75582 :: 2016.12.27 1:55am :: edit 2016.12.27 1:56am
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This Winter Chip shalt be known as the Winter Chip of teh n00bs

Me included
Level 23 Chipist
post #75589 :: 2016.12.27 4:05am :: edit 2016.12.27 4:05am
  Dezolis and MiDoRi liēkd this
While I don't think I will be able to work on a track until next week, if anyone needs help with PC98 MML, I'm here to help c:
Level 21 Pixelist
post #75590 :: 2016.12.27 4:06am :: edit 2016.12.27 7:25am
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  Yuki and Doxic hæitd this
Honestly, i couldn't agree more with Jimmyoshi, since i've been counting on Wildchip, or Amigamod/S3XMODIT, at least, and i don't think i have much interest in any of currently available chips (Channel F? Really?). I might try AY, if nothing better comes up eventually, provided i manage to overcome reluctance to learn it.

BTW, aside of my complaining, i can see the puke's point in making it like it is though. Anyway, still hoping for more

Haeit's welcome
Level 8 Chipist
post #75595 :: 2016.12.27 4:32am
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Winter Chip Zed
Level 24 Chipist
post #75600 :: 2016.12.27 5:51am
  IroncladPhazon, Dimeback, RazerBlue6, m9m, Blaze Weednix and Dezolis liēkd this
if nsf does not happen i could work on sn7t and leave 0cc-ft for fcp3 and vice versa so it does not matter
Level 21 Chipist
post #75606 :: 2016.12.27 9:30am
  Savestate and Yuki liēkd this
Channel F doesn't look hard at all... I'll download it and give it a go. Thanks puke7
Level 27 Hostist
post #75615 :: 2016.12.27 1:57pm
  th4 D34D, lilifremen, BubblegumOctopus, Yuki, Melon, Savestate, Dimeback, shinichi, pedipanol and Jangler liēkd this
I hear much doubt from some botbrs about their fellow botbrs. This makes me sad. It only takes one entry in a format to unlock the next one. In the time all this typing has transpired someone could have done a mario paint already. I'm planning on announcing many formats and I'll do my best to keep one of the unlockables on the lesser side of obscuria.
Level 20 Chipist
post #75617 :: 2016.12.27 2:17pm :: edit 2016.12.27 2:26pm
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Here's a personal rant and I expect a lot of hæit/people disagreeing, but whatever:

I don't have a lot of free time on my hands even though I have a (short) winter break and I really was looking forward to a new big chip major that isn't limited to x or requires me to do y. Like I said I'm still rather busy and when not a lot of people are going to do entries in here to unlock other formats, the format(s) where I was looking forward to make something for again isn't going to be present at this pace.

I know that your intentions of having a little twist to a 'traditional' formula is nice, no personal hate against you, but if I were to be doing something I liked doing that has its purpose why I did it crushed and doing formats that don't (really) interest me, that's something rather disappointing to experience then.
So just get rid of it or something idk

And I (hopefully) aren't speaking for myself, but for others as well.

Now give me that hæit
Level 13 Mixist
post #75619 :: 2016.12.27 2:25pm
  Jimmyoshi liēkd this
I came here to say pretty much the exact same thing that RazerBlue6 said. I would love to participate in WCXII but I am very busy with work and travel and unfortunately I don't have the time to invest in learning a lot of new formats.

As much fun as that sounds, I think the practical reality is that there are a lot of people like me who are busy with life stuff, and this style of compo will turn people like that away.
Level 19 Criticist
post #75623 :: 2016.12.27 3:15pm
  Savestate, gotoandplay, Melon, Dimeback, Jangler, pedipanol and shinichi liēkd this
If ur too busy to compose then you're probably too busy to vote.
Level 20 Chipist
post #75624 :: 2016.12.27 3:22pm
  sc, gotoandplay, Melon, Doxic, Savestate, Dimeback, pedipanol, Xyz and Jangler hæitd this
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I'll pass the voting over to the more experienced people in the chiptune scene
Level 27 Mixist
post #75625 :: 2016.12.27 3:27pm
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"It only takes one entry in a format to unlock the next one."

I have a feeling all this is going to do is encourage rushed low-effort entries in each of the currently available categories. I don't know about the rest of you, but it usually takes me about 1-2 weeks minimum to finish an entry for a major that I'm satisfied with. I guess ChannelF and Mario Paint are exceptions to this (I could probably do Mario Paint in less than a day), but a decent PC-98 can easily take several weeks to do, especially since it's mml-based. (More experienced PMD users could probably do it quicker, but given that the point of this seems to be to learn the new formats...)

It's a cool idea, but in my opinion something this experimental shouldn't be used on a huge battle like Winter Chip. Maybe it could work for a smaller side major or something.
Level 27 Hostist
post #75626 :: 2016.12.27 3:31pm
  th4 D34D, Yuki, MiDoRi, Melon, Doxic, Dimeback, shinichi, Jimmyoshi, TMM12, pedipanol, Quirby64 and johnfn liēkd this
As a comprimise (and because Stewboy upped a mariopaint) I have added two more formats : zx beeper and nsf. There are now 3 slots to unlock new formats! HOLY COW!!! :D/

Think of it like an advent thingamajig. There were plenty of Winter Chips of chipsmas past that didn't start until late January. Run away; flee in terror if you must! But, friends & botbrs, patience is a virtue. <3
Level 26 Chipist
ask not what BOTB can do for you, ask what you can do for BOTB
Level 27 Chipist
post #75630 :: 2016.12.27 4:21pm
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i'm not going to beat this dead horse, but i'd like to point to the past discussion on the "entering without voting" topic (see like, halfway down the decadent decade comments thread).

please don't reply to this lol i'm just offering info for people who haven't read it already
Level 20 Chipist
post #75631 :: 2016.12.27 4:37pm :: edit 2016.12.27 4:40pm
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I vote whenever I feel like voting
Level 25 Mixist
post #75632 :: 2016.12.27 4:48pm
  johnfn, MiDoRi and RazerBlue6 liēkd this
I vote to keep this color green

Any skulls and hearts means I have lost in the metagame of voting equilibrium
Level 21 Chipist
post #75635 :: 2016.12.27 6:43pm
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Incoming Sneventracker entries
Level 22 Chipist
post #75656 :: 2016.12.28 2:30am
  Dezolis and shinichi liēkd this
is stereo allowed on the sms format or not
i'd like to know thanks
Level 19 Criticist
post #75657 :: 2016.12.28 2:41am
  Dezolis, Quirby64, shinichi and m9m liēkd this
Generally Gamegear is allowed in SMS.

Is FM allowed on the sms format or not
asking for a friend
Level 23 Chipist
post #75659 :: 2016.12.28 3:39am
  NerdMcBoon, lilifremen, Melon, Savestate, Doxic, Dimeback, Post-retro, Quirby64, shinichi, MiDoRi, pedipanol, TMM12, Jangler and m9m liēkd this
Well, for those upset about the lack of formats, I have only been tracking for a month (my first deflemask module is dated 11/25/16), and I managed to learn Vortex Tracker II Improved today and just uploaded my first module as an Atari ST SNDH file. I spent a little bit of time last night looking at the manual and a few of the demo modules, but it only took a few hours today to learn and compose a semi-decent sounding track!

So, if you need an easy format to pick up, I can vouch for VTII Improved! It's pretty straight forward, so give it a shot. What can it hurt? I believe in yooo!
♬♫♪ ヽ(・ω・ゞ) ◖(●。●)◗ (「`・ω・)「 ♪♫♬
Level 21 Pixelist
post #75668 :: 2016.12.28 6:58am :: edit 2016.12.28 7:00am
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Well, some people are faster at learning things than others, just sayin'

edit: fix'd a typo
Level 20 Chipist
post #75676 :: 2016.12.28 10:24am :: edit 2016.12.28 10:39am
I believe I've read about this somewhere on BotB but I'm going to ask it to be sure:

Are compressed s3xmodit modules (like .itz) allowed on BotB?
Level 27 Chipist
post #75679 :: 2016.12.28 10:38am
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Level 23 Mixist
post #75682 :: 2016.12.28 11:00am
there is that one program that i forgot the name of that will legally optimize your IT if ur havin space issues
Level 27 Chipist
post #75684 :: 2016.12.28 11:37am
  b00daw, Jimmyoshi, puke7, Savestate, Dimeback, gotoandplay, RazerBlue6 and shinichi liēkd this for impulse tracker and boobiesqueezer for fasttracker 2
Level 23 Chipist
post #75689 :: 2016.12.28 1:35pm
  MiDoRi liēkd this
Midori, you can do ANYthing, if you tryyyy!
man that video is so death metal...
Level 22 Pedagogist
post #75694 :: 2016.12.28 2:54pm
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Level 27 Mixist
post #75695 :: 2016.12.28 3:02pm
  Yuki hæitd this
  shinichi liēkd this
Whoa, both mod12k and mod32k this year? That's an interesting twist.
(Now I'm relieved that I don't have to cram my entry down to 12kb lmao)

Also thank you for adding MIDI. <3
Level 27 Chipist
post #75700 :: 2016.12.28 3:17pm
  gotoandplay, jaemie, Savestate, mk7 and th4 D34D liēkd this
for anyone entering music this year, this set of lyceum articles by hertzdevil on harmony seems particularly useful:
Level 21 Chipist
post #75717 :: 2016.12.28 11:02pm
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  Yuki hæitd this
but dissonant atonal music is fun charlotte
Level 25 Mixist
post #75725 :: 2016.12.29 1:04am
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  jaemie hæitd this
no thx i'll just keep on bsing my way to ok music
Level 23 Mixist
post #75731 :: 2016.12.29 5:34am
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  jaemie hæitd this
music is more fun when you dont know what ur doin
Level 27 Chipist
post #75733 :: 2016.12.29 7:55am
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  RazerBlue6 hæitd this
1) atonality is covered by the article 2) dissonance is covered by the article

this probably doesn't belong here but 3) dissonance is not really totally exactly covered by the article because dissonance is often defined as a unstable sonority that implies resolution to a stable, consonant one, and not simply as notes that "clash". an understanding of dissonance in this way is important in functional harmony
Level 26 Chipist
post #75735 :: 2016.12.29 10:55am :: edit 2016.12.29 10:57am
Question, does AY-3-8910 / YM2149 also count as PC-98 SSG only music?
I could give VTII another try, but its a pane to use compared to other trackers, and its the only tracker that works in wine.
Level 23 Chipist
post #75736 :: 2016.12.29 11:13am :: edit 2016.12.29 11:16am
  djmaximum liēkd this
Not sure if you're asking if AY/YM music can be considered on the PC98 category like SSG only or the opposite

edit: if it's the opposite I ask the same
Level 8 Chipist
post #75737 :: 2016.12.29 11:21am
  pedipanol liēkd this
NEC PC-x801 FM

YM2203 Mono or YM2608 Stereo

Level 23 Chipist
post #75738 :: 2016.12.29 11:23am
  sc and djmaximum liēkd this
I get his point since the SSG portion of PC98 is a variant of the AY 3 8910 and YM2419 but

afaik there's no way to play tunes for those soundchips in a real pc98 so....
Level 26 Chipist
post #75740 :: 2016.12.29 12:18pm :: edit 2016.12.29 1:19pm
I could imagine the following formats .AY .YM .PT3 .VTX and many other file formats for this sound chip being converted and submitted in .s98 file format.
Level 24 Chipist
post #75743 :: 2016.12.29 1:58pm :: edit 2016.12.29 2:01pm
  RazerBlue6 hæitd this
  pedipanol and MiDoRi liēkd this
i wrote only like 30% of that article, r3m did most of it

i will write more about the functional treatment of dissonance when i mention the T/S/D properties, i may also add cross relation; going to also place jazz avoid tones somewhere near USTs

more importantly, i will release 0cc-ft
Level 27 Renderist
post #75747 :: 2016.12.29 2:52pm
  Dezolis liēkd this
(we gonna see any OPLL in SMS?) ;)
Level 6 Playa
post #75749 :: 2016.12.29 4:03pm
  puke7 liēkd this
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Level 27 Renderist
post #75753 :: 2016.12.29 4:52pm
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  Yuki hæitd this
too bad it's "Mario Paint" instead of "mariopantse" !!!

30 second entries *thumbsdown* b00000000
Level 25 Mixist
post #75757 :: 2016.12.29 6:34pm
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Level 16 Chipist
post #75761 :: 2016.12.29 8:26pm :: edit 2016.12.30 12:22pm
  stewboy liēkd this
  Yuki hæitd this
Will NSF be the only, well, NSF format this year? Need to know if NSFc will be added since I'm not using DPCM lol

Edit: NSFc has been added, thanks a ton!
Level 20 Chipist
post #75772 :: 2016.12.30 1:08am
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  MovieMovies1, pedipanol and Yuki hæitd this
Is the PC98 keeping the MegaDrive as hostage?
Level 23 Chipist
post #75776 :: 2016.12.30 3:56am :: edit 2016.12.30 3:56am
  djmaximum liēkd this
@djmaximum if that would be possible, then no objections from me :0

I've seen converters from YM2608 SSG s98 to AY 3 8910 vgms, but not the opposite
Level 8 Chipist
post #75782 :: 2016.12.30 6:54am
I realised that my song name is not fitting to this season. I should renamed it to Snow Flakes
Level 20 Chipist
post #75783 :: 2016.12.30 8:01am
  shinichi liēkd this
Isn't the midi format in this Winterchip only limited to the Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth
Level 23 Mixist
post #75785 :: 2016.12.30 8:09am
Level 25 Mixist
post #75786 :: 2016.12.30 9:00am
  shinichi and puke7 liēkd this
Just pay attention to the left side of that column; the right side won't matter unless puke7 has something else up his sleeve :x
Level 10 Mixist
post #75793 :: 2016.12.30 11:45am
As big a fan of the chip as I am, I really do not want to see YM2413 in SMS entries.
Level 23 Chipist
post #75795 :: 2016.12.30 11:56am
  RazerBlue6 liēkd this
YM2413 is listed on the lyceum...

And come on, if stereo (which wasn't available on the SMS) is allowed, why wouldn't YM2413 be? c:
Level 12 Chipist
post #75819 :: 2016.12.30 9:12pm
  NerdMcBoon, m9m, Baron Knoxburry, Quirby64, HertzDevil, pedipanol, Dimeback, Savestate, MiDoRi and shinichi liēkd this
okay i changed my mind see you guys soon with my Channel F magnum opus
Level 9 Mixist
post #75849 :: 2016.12.31 5:13am
  RatShack liēkd this
Can I use fl studio for this battle for my chiptune? :D
Level 20 Chipist
post #75860 :: 2016.12.31 7:40am
  Slimeball hæitd this
  Dezolis and Jimmyoshi liēkd this
If they add the Wildchip category, then yes
Level 23 Chipist
post #75865 :: 2016.12.31 8:06am :: edit 2016.12.31 8:07am
  RatShack hæitd this
  Jimmyoshi liēkd this
Yeah, you can't on the current categories

unless you would like- make a MIDI for the MIDI category or use MIDI2VGM for other ones
Level 20 Chipist
post #75875 :: 2016.12.31 9:34am
  Jimmyoshi and pedipanol liēkd this
I know MegaDrive music can be made with MID2SMPS
Level 27 Renderist
post #75893 :: 2016.12.31 4:15pm
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Level 8 Chipist
post #75900 :: 2017.01.01 6:17am :: edit 2017.01.01 6:20am
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  Yuki hæitd this
RazerBlue6 has transitioned Puke7
Wild start into the new year

PS: I'm gonna make a YM2413+SN76489 entry just to piss You Nintendo kids off (yes this is a troll post, happy new year)
Level 20 Chipist
post #75903 :: 2017.01.01 8:49am :: edit 2017.01.01 8:50am
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  Yuki hæitd this

But there's no wildchip so not wild enough >:C
Level 27 Mixist
post #75926 :: 2017.01.01 3:11pm
  DBOYD, MiDoRi and th4 D34D liēkd this
Looks like these formats are being added faster than I initially thought. Sorry for being a Dong earlier.

Would still like wildchip, gb and bytebeat1k tho :c
Level 29 Chipist
post #75927 :: 2017.01.01 3:16pm
  HertzDevil liēkd this
Reserving Wildchip for summer chip would be optimal imo, sorry jimmy
Level 23 Chipist
post #75928 :: 2017.01.01 3:21pm
  MiDoRi and RazerBlue6 liēkd this
inb4 wildchip is the hostage of the pc98 format
Level 20 Chipist
post #75931 :: 2017.01.01 3:45pm
Inb4 wildchip is the hostage of every format, so every format there exists on BotB needs atleast one entry for the hidden shiny wildchip

Also where the fuck is HES
Level 27 Hostist
post #75971 :: 2017.01.02 8:54am
  RatShack, stinkbug, Savestate, pedipanol, Dimeback, ViLXDRYAD, Jangler, Melon and shinichi liēkd this
inb4 another lame anime avatar starts a comment with inb4 smh irl

if you think pc98 is blocking on the lame wildchip format then you should beat up on moviesmoviesss1111 until they join the anime avatar cult tho i advise you leave the fingers, eyes and ears intact so that the pc98 has a higher chance of getting an entry

4 formats w/o an entry :(
how do i add moar entry format?!!? i can't!! WAIAIIIAAIIA
Level 25 Mixist
post #75972 :: 2017.01.02 9:16am
  shinichi and puke7 liēkd this
|д゚)… i guess i'll do a vic20
Level 27 Chipist
post #75974 :: 2017.01.02 9:53am
  Savestate, pedipanol and shinichi liēkd this
i am working on pc-x801 i promise
Level 27 Mixist
post #75982 :: 2017.01.02 12:48pm
  sethdonut, Modus Ponens, Zillah, puke7, MiDoRi, johnfn and shinichi liēkd this
hey, wildchip is not lame. :c
Level 23 Chipist
post #75986 :: 2017.01.02 1:28pm
  Jimmyoshi and shinichi liēkd this
I'll begin working on my PC98 now, don't worry ;)))
Level 10 Mixist
post #75987 :: 2017.01.02 1:31pm :: edit 2017.01.02 1:32pm
pedipanol: YM2612 is listed on the SMS format page as well, but we all know that's wrong. Text only talks about the PSG.

What was the general consensus last time the issue came up of including stereo + FM expansion in the same category as the standard PSG only?
Level 27 Chipist
post #76000 :: 2017.01.02 7:45pm
  pedipanol and OrdinateIsDead liēkd this
man, I wish I wasn't lazy and finished writing 3kr and ported it to pc-98 like I wanted to
but then I'd run into the horrible awful wall of finding pc-98 programming docs again

I'm tempted to do some kind of xm2mml thing (or something with an basic-to-parse format, maybe mod2mml because unpacked patterns and whatever, I'm lazy) to make any weird formats with only a compiler easy to use, would be less effort than finishing 3kr...
...but what will actually end up happening if I did that is that I'll have two unfinished projects instead of one unfinished one and one finished one).
Level 22 Mixist
post #76031 :: 2017.01.02 11:32pm
  Dezolis liēkd this
i will love you forever whatever you do
Level 23 Chipist
post #76044 :: 2017.01.03 4:05am :: edit 2017.01.03 4:11am
  Dezolis liēkd this
@null1024 Well, if you want to use a converter, I'd recommend you use this one
since it's PMD-compatible. But since it won't convert anything aside from notes and some information like panning and instruments changes, you gotta do the rest by yourself (setting up the instruments, the header, etc.). I made a conversion of my VIC20 entry
for testing purposes.

(edit: fuck, I think I misunderstood it, but well, this info is useful for the lazy people that don't want to learn MML so I'll leave it here)
Level 23 Chipist
post #76047 :: 2017.01.03 4:51am :: edit 2017.01.04 5:13pm
  Dezolis liēkd this
@pedipanol i don't care what that link you posted is, it's frickin subarashii!! Are you telling me we're gonna have to compete against a vic20 version of that?! mai gawd...

So much guudness in teh competiti0n.
Level 23 Chipist
post #76049 :: 2017.01.03 5:32am :: edit 2017.01.03 5:44am
  th4 D34D liēkd this
Oh @th4 D34D that was my vic20 entry on the Commodore competition hahah I converted it to the pc98 format
Level 23 Chipist
post #76051 :: 2017.01.03 6:23am
  Jimmyoshi and pedipanol liēkd this
really? it sounds totaally different? Well I doo smoke a lot of w33ds but I thought Short Bossa was ur commodore entry, non?
Level 23 Chipist
post #76052 :: 2017.01.03 6:48am
  th4 D34D liēkd this
Level 24 Chipist
post #76156 :: 2017.01.04 4:13pm
  Dezolis and th4 D34D liēkd this
I've got an entry for SMS and NSF so far :). I hope PC Engine is added this time. I really like working with that chip.
Level 8 Chipist
post #76164 :: 2017.01.04 5:08pm
inb4 smh irl
oops i have no anime avatar on this acc tbphwyf...................
can't wait to see some ym2413 entries ^_^
Level 25 Mixist
post #76172 :: 2017.01.04 5:45pm
  puke7, MiDoRi, RazerBlue6 and Dezolis liēkd this
5 new formats released during extension period.
Level 27 Renderist
post #76173 :: 2017.01.04 5:48pm :: edit 2017.01.04 6:43pm
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SN7+OPLL is technically Sega Master System, so until there is a new format that differentiates the two, it's an obvious advantage. Use and exploit it. :)


remember to check out the TIA lyceum page for prerelease build of TIATracker that allows per-sequence tempo. :)
Level 24 Chipist
post #76195 :: 2017.01.05 12:27am
  pedipanol, RazerBlue6 and th4 D34D liēkd this
1 week or so behind because of vacation :(

The mega list of formats I'm hoping to do:

* Mario Paint (done)
* mod12k/mod32k
* PC-x801
* TIA (maybe?)

and if time permits, literally everything else.

That's a lot of tracks to do D: and in like 2 and a half weeks? Dunno if it's gonna happen.

so I'll start this early: extension pls
Level 18 Chipist
post #76203 :: 2017.01.05 6:29am
In the AY/YM category since .sndh format is accepted, does that mean that Atari ST/e specific techniques (sidsound, samples, etc) are legal in the category?
Level 27 Chipist
post #76208 :: 2017.01.05 7:34am :: edit 2017.01.05 11:03am
no, an AY/YM entry must be playable using only an AY-3-89127 PSG or its variants.

edit: never mind; i am wrong; those things are indeed done through the same sound chip, and it doesn't have to be spectrum-specific. go ahead!
Level 10 Chipist
post #76311 :: 2017.01.07 9:46am
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hahaha this is the best winter chip ever, unlocking idea is genius

if this site can ditch a few of the very patient neo-nazis i'll get back into it for next time i promise
Level 27 Renderist
post #76312 :: 2017.01.07 10:00am
  sethdonut, Quirby64, Dimeback, DBOYD, MiDoRi and shinichi liēkd this
was initially excited that you came on to spread something that i think a lot of us feel about winter chip. the derisive jabs toward indirect persons do not exactly paint a beautiful artist in good colors.

s'all about the artz, n00b. ;D/
Level 21 Pixelist
post #76319 :: 2017.01.07 11:06am :: edit 2017.01.07 11:10am
  Jimmyoshi liēkd this
Being neo-nazi isn't cool by any means, but bringing up your personal prejudices like this isn't cool either...

Also why would a bunch of people you personally dislike prevent you from participating in BotB anyway?
Level 25 Mixist
post #76331 :: 2017.01.07 1:19pm
  shinichi and b00daw liēkd this
Now that HES is a thing...

someone help me set up HuSIC
Level 19 Criticist
post #76373 :: 2017.01.08 1:57am
Shit. Hadn't kept up with this thread. puke already told me directly on discord:
"@xyz39808 no, it is not; north american sega master system only"

(though technically you could mod an NA sms to have it (but that's like modding a ZX to have double AY (which is not allowed in plain AY format (so definitely not allowed for SMS))))
Level 19 Criticist
post #76376 :: 2017.01.08 2:06am
  ap0c, pedipanol and shinichi liēkd this

Level 25 Mixist
post #76438 :: 2017.01.08 9:56am
Did I say HuSIC? I meant xpmck

Not because of the Japanese, but....hes doesn't wanna play on Audio Overload for some reason :x
Level 27 Chipist
post #76439 :: 2017.01.08 9:59am
  b00daw liēkd this
i have used xpmck before! yell at me in irc if you need something specific. :~)
Level 20 Chipist
post #76459 :: 2017.01.08 1:03pm :: edit 2017.01.08 2:06pm
  th4 D34D and b00daw liēkd this
Sweet PC Engine come to me
Level 26 Chipist
post #76527 :: 2017.01.09 3:44pm
  Savestate, Jredd, puke7, Dimeback, pedipanol, DBOYD, th4 D34D, b00daw, shinichi and Quirby64 liēkd this
Congratulations on 100 entries!
Level 27 Hostist
Y'all want yer precious WiLDCHiP?!?!

Well,... I want some precious chorptorns!! Why for no VIC20 yet? It's Friday the 13th and I'll let you in on a little secret ... !

I'm helding yer darlin wittle

You want it? Well..., I just added 4 MOAR FORMATS
WINTER CHIP XII is such bloat!

GAM3B0i && AMiGA M0D (now 256kb)
... and two new ones ...
Roland MT-32 get yer proto-MIDI on
Commodore Plus/4 2 voices for business

...OH... WHATZ THAT? One week extension!?!? WHO KNEW!

Level 4 Playa
post #76715 :: 2017.01.13 3:35pm
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Level 16 Chipist
post #76716 :: 2017.01.13 3:37pm
  th4 D34D, Quirby64, Dimeback, MiDoRi and Jimmyoshi liēkd this
omg thank you so much for the extension! (even though everyone knew it was coming ahah)
Level 21 Pixelist
post #76718 :: 2017.01.13 4:25pm
  RatShack and th4 D34D liēkd this
Wow, MT-32 is a thing now <3
Level 13 Mixist
post #76722 :: 2017.01.13 5:39pm
  RatShack, th4 D34D and b00daw liēkd this
puke's gone made with power!!!!!!!!
Level 27 Renderist
post #76723 :: 2017.01.13 5:51pm
  th4 D34D and Quirby64 liēkd this
seriously the best winter chip we've ever had. there needs to be an afterparty; if any of the nerds show up the following spring.
Level 23 Chipist
post #76725 :: 2017.01.13 6:00pm
  sethdonut, djmaximum, RazerBlue6, Melon, th4 D34D, TMM12 and MiDoRi liēkd this
Level 24 Chipist
post #76727 :: 2017.01.13 6:46pm
thx puke ^o^

I can't promise all formats or any of the new ones but will be doing my bestest to finish the ones on my list :D
Level 23 Chipist
post #76738 :: 2017.01.13 10:15pm
  sethdonut, sc, puke7, MiDoRi and th4 D34D liēkd this
So good. I want puke7 to hold Wild Chip above our heads until someone has written every conceivable format (no extension when wild chip is released, too)
Level 30 chipist
post #76747 :: 2017.01.14 6:01am
  DBOYD and b00daw liēkd this
but where is pokey x2 and ahx?
Level 27 Renderist
post #76748 :: 2017.01.14 6:03am :: edit 2017.01.14 6:04am
double liek; (but for single pokey; x2 pokey for summer chip) (maybez x2 sid for summer too :X)
Level 23 Chipist
post #76754 :: 2017.01.14 7:45am
Puke am I allowed to use Roland D110 for a MT-32 entry? Same patches.
Level 27 Hostist
post #76765 :: 2017.01.14 11:44am
Robyn I don't know. A-zur-a is the resident MT-32 expert. :O
Level 25 Mixist
post #76766 :: 2017.01.14 11:54am :: edit 2017.01.14 12:00pm
  puke7 and b00daw liēkd this
The D110 appears to exhibit the same limitations as the MT-32 (32 partial voices, 8 channels + 1 rhythm, etc.), so if you have that, I'd say go for it :o

HOWEVER, the MIDI you create for the D110 must at least be playable on Munt as well without any significant differences, but if the D110 is basically a pro version of the MT-32, then I assume it won't be that different.
Level 10 Mixist
post #76774 :: 2017.01.14 2:35pm
  HertzDevil, Savestate, puke7, A-zu-ra, Dimeback, Jangler and b00daw liēkd this
HOLY CRAP, MT-32! I just happen to have one sitting in front of me.

Let's see some SYSEX front panel messages and things like that!

Programming guide starts on page 37
Level 27 Renderist
post #76775 :: 2017.01.14 2:41pm
  A-zu-ra liēkd this
wow could you do hardware renders of some of the songs afterward? :O
Level 10 Mixist
post #76776 :: 2017.01.14 2:50pm :: edit 2017.01.14 3:19pm
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Level 11 Playa
post #76777 :: 2017.01.14 3:50pm
  shinichi and MiDoRi liēkd this
cock succer: boo frickin' hoo y no *format* :((((((((((

me: yes

dick muncher : stop whining u rotting rhinoceros butt!!11

me: yes
Level 25 Mixist
post #76787 :: 2017.01.14 9:59pm
wait, would we need to do some midi hex editing to get SYSEX messages? :o
Level 10 Mixist
post #76789 :: 2017.01.15 6:15am :: edit 2017.01.15 6:18am
Only if your MIDI authoring software doesn't support them. I'm sure there exist tools to splice them in so you don't have to do it by hand. The other quirk is that Roland SYSEX messages require a checksum calculation

The only player I've found that plays MT-32 patchbank midis correctly is Windows Media Player.
Level 20 Chipist
post #76790 :: 2017.01.15 7:07am
  th4 D34D and puke7 liēkd this
And so it was written: 'the first extension cometh, and the first extension cameth'
Level 23 Chipist
post #76810 :: 2017.01.16 1:22am
  shinichi liēkd this
I wonder what teh next format is gonna beee....
Level 26 Chipist
post #76825 :: 2017.01.16 12:28pm :: edit 2017.01.16 12:29pm
I have another question, since TFM Music Maker is a tracker for the YM2203 sound chip, does it also count as PC-98?
Level 23 Chipist
post #76835 :: 2017.01.16 5:09pm :: edit 2017.01.16 5:18pm
Afaik TFM export 2xYM2203 VGMs with no SSG support, doesn't it? I don't think that's possible to run on a PCx8... But you could try using S98 Player
to see if it works out. Just keep in mind the VGM must be under 128kb. If it does work, submit the generated .d88 file c:
Level 24 Mixist
post #76841 :: 2017.01.16 9:16pm
  JINTAKE, puke7, andres, pedipanol, BubblegumOctopus, b00daw, th4 D34D and shinichi liēkd this
Heeh, got linked this randomly:

It's barely still MLK day here so it'll be a bit belated, but we'd best get our spirit on anyway and compose some more Channel Fs.
Level 16 Pedagogist
post #76867 :: 2017.01.17 7:32am
  b00daw and th4 D34D liēkd this
So many entries to listen at already! Can't wait looking for spare time to spend on this battle :D
Level 21 Chipist
post #76882 :: 2017.01.17 12:53pm :: edit 2017.01.17 12:54pm
  th4 D34D liēkd this
gameboi :)

though I'm working on at least a couple more but still, thank youuuu.
Level 20 Chipist
post #76884 :: 2017.01.17 1:15pm :: edit 2017.01.18 11:01am
  Quirby64, TMM12, pigdevil2010, MiDoRi, th4 D34D and Jimmyoshi liēkd this
when are teh new formtats
Level 27 Hostist
post #76918 :: 2017.01.18 6:40am
  Quirby64, RazerBlue6, MiDoRi, Jangler and OrdinateIsDead liēkd this
RazerBlue6 can you read or you want moar formats before wildchip?
Level 20 Chipist
post #76927 :: 2017.01.18 10:59am
  MiDoRi, Melon, pedipanol and Jimmyoshi liēkd this
what is a 'read', is that a format

Level 27 Mixist
post #76947 :: 2017.01.18 2:12pm
  th4 D34D liēkd this
Every format has at least one entry in it now. I think that warrants unlockage ;)
Level 27 Hostist

Level 23 Chipist
post #76953 :: 2017.01.18 5:29pm
  puke7 liēkd this
Level 27 Chipist
post #76954 :: 2017.01.18 5:31pm
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Level 20 Chipist
post #76978 :: 2017.01.19 2:28am :: edit 2017.01.19 2:29am
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Level 18 Mixist
post #76988 :: 2017.01.19 12:32pm
  VinCMG, A-zu-ra, Cessor Safari, shinichi, th4 D34D and Jimmyoshi liēkd this
when do we unlock PxTo—*is clubbed*
Level 4 Playa
post #76989 :: 2017.01.19 12:44pm
  shinichi and th4 D34D liēkd this
Daddy got his wild chip!
Level 26 Chipist
post #77021 :: 2017.01.20 3:09pm
I might be a no-show, even for the SNES format. I'm still producing music, but I have mostly abandoned the SNESMod sound driver (except for prototyping), and I'm instead distracted with producing another soundtrack for a new sound driver developed by someone else (it's not SNESGSS: it's a brand new sound driver in development).
Level 27 Chipist
post #77144 :: 2017.01.24 6:26am
  null1024, pigdevil2010, Modus Ponens, Savestate, Dimeback, MiDoRi, puke7, RazerBlue6, shinichi, OrdinateIsDead and b00daw liēkd this
i dreamed that winter chip was interrupted by a second commodore major
Level 5 Chipist
post #77187 :: 2017.01.25 9:03am
Hi, I have a question: if I have a track made on a Gameboy that I haven't submitted to anything else- but IS on an album I released a little over two years ago- can I still submit it to this Winter Chip? Also, are there rules about after effects ? There is some simple EQ, compression, and reverb on the track as it stands right now, but I can get a raw version if that's necessary/preferred. Thank you! -DG
Level 21 Chipist
post #77188 :: 2017.01.25 9:10am
  Jangler liēkd this

a raw version would be necessary. As far as wanting to submit it although it's been submitted elsewhere, if it hasn't been submitted in any other BOTB Comp in the past I think it should be fine?? Admin plz clarify if need be. ^.^
Level 5 Chipist
post #77190 :: 2017.01.25 9:23am
Excellent! Also, it has never been submitted in any contests or compilations anywhere- simply released as part of my own album on Bandcamp. If that isn't ok I understand, but the whole album is winter chiptune themed so I thought it would be appropriate. -DG
Level 23 Chipist
post #77191 :: 2017.01.25 9:45am :: edit 2017.01.25 9:47am
  Jimmyoshi and Jangler liēkd this
Afaik it's only not allowed to submit if you've submitted to another competition

heck, we've had even songs from game soundtracks here
Level 21 Pixelist
post #77193 :: 2017.01.25 10:07am :: edit 2017.01.25 10:08am
  th4 D34D and Jangler liēkd this
It stays pretty unclear to me after this incident, where according to what puke said such entries aren't allowed, but on the other hand Azura cited the official rules, and that's where such statement is pretty much nonexistant...

Level 27 Hostist
post #77202 :: 2017.01.25 12:39pm
  OrdinateIsDead hæitd this
  DBOYD, sethdonut, pedipanol, Savestate, Xyz, b00daw, th4 D34D, Dimeback, shinichi, MiDoRi and Jangler liēkd this
I updated the text about previously released material. Anything that has been publicly available is not allowed into a battle. Original only.
Level 25 Mixist
post #77209 :: 2017.01.25 4:04pm
  RazerBlue6 and th4 D34D liēkd this
(sits on hundreds of drafts in FL Studio) hmmmmm
Level 27 Chipist
post #77275 :: 2017.01.26 8:17am
  Jangler and RazerBlue6 hæitd this
  pedipanol, shinichi, pigdevil2010, th4 D34D and Dimeback liēkd this
that must be rather taxing on your buttocks, sitting on hundreds of drafts like that. you'd better rest your butt properly.
Level 16 Chipist
post #77305 :: 2017.01.26 10:04pm
  MiDoRi, RazerBlue6, Dimeback and shinichi liēkd this
Will there be another extension? I had a busy week and little time to work on my entries :/
Level 27 Chipist
post #77307 :: 2017.01.26 10:49pm :: edit 2017.01.27 10:25am
  FamicomForever, Jangler, Savestate, pedipanol and RazerBlue6 hæitd this
  Dimeback, th4 D34D and shinichi liēkd this
Wow you want an extension??

originally a dirty joke but do u want some fried chicken with barbecue sauce??
Level 16 Chipist
post #77308 :: 2017.01.26 10:55pm
  MovieMovies1, Dimeback, Jangler, Savestate, MiDoRi and RazerBlue6 liēkd this
No, I'm a boy ready to work on some chiptunes ;v
Level 24 Chipist
post #77309 :: 2017.01.26 11:31pm
  BubblegumOctopus liēkd this
I have hit the point of burnout and exhaustion

but nonetheless I will still do my best to cram out at least 3 of my 4 planned entries within the next 2 days (!)

and an extension would be cool and probably good for the sake of my sanity but I think pragmatically the deadline should still be as it is
Level 23 Mixist
post #77310 :: 2017.01.26 11:42pm :: edit 2017.01.26 11:46pm
  TMM12, DBOYD and BubblegumOctopus liēkd this
extension would give me an excuse to finish my wips instead of scrapping them all, since other things have been distracting in the past couple weeks (january for me is exam cram time, among others)

also it would give me the time to fill the noticeable vic gap :))
Level 23 Chipist
post #77314 :: 2017.01.27 1:07am
  Jimmyoshi, RatShack, Jangler, pedipanol, shinichi and RazerBlue6 liēkd this
I dunno, there's something missing in this year's edition. I mean there are a lot of great tunes and all, but where are Warlord's blazing arpfests? Where's Chip Champ's wonky chiphorror and adlib ebm? Where's DalekSam's VGM metal? Where's Raph? 9999HP? What the hell happened??? I am disappoint.
Level 26 Chipist
post #77315 :: 2017.01.27 1:18am
  irrlicht project, shinichi, MiDoRi and Melon liēkd this
If I were you I would drop them an email and let them know how disappoint you are that they did not turn up this year
Level 20 Chipist
post #77321 :: 2017.01.27 1:48am
yeah where the fuck is sam
Level 21 Pixelist
post #77322 :: 2017.01.27 1:51am :: edit 2017.01.27 1:51am
N00b questshun: Who is sam?
Level 20 Chipist
post #77325 :: 2017.01.27 2:03am
  MiDoRi and DBOYD liēkd this
Level 29 Chipist
post #77338 :: 2017.01.27 6:37am
  Quirby64, irrlicht project, stewboy, Dimeback, MiDoRi and th4 D34D liēkd this
There's also a lot of new BotBrs which is pretty dope too
Level 29 Chipist
post #77340 :: 2017.01.27 6:42am :: edit 2017.01.27 6:42am
  gotoandplay, Jangler, Dimeback, VinCMG, Melon, th4 D34D and MiDoRi liēkd this
If there is no extension, I will be hosting a synclisten on the 1st Saturday in Feburary
Level 27 Chipist
post #77344 :: 2017.01.27 7:04am :: edit 2017.01.27 10:24am
  th4 D34D, Melon, RazerBlue6, shinichi and MiDoRi liēkd this
  pedipanol, Savestate, Dimeback and Jangler hæitd this
this post was originally a dirty joke but now theres cookies and milk instead
Level 23 Chipist
post #77354 :: 2017.01.27 8:04am
  MovieMovies1, Savestate, Jangler, MiDoRi, Dimeback, TMM12, RazerBlue6 and shinichi liēkd this
OK MM we get it, you like dick jokes, jeez! XD ;P

Savestate, looking forward to it! Awesome that you do that.. seems like a lot of work/prep, and of course time.

My buddy Robugaa is supposed to drop something in the wildchip category soon, but I'm sure he wouldn't mind a little extra time to put the shine on!
Level 20 Chipist
post #77364 :: 2017.01.27 8:23am
  MiDoRi and th4 D34D liēkd this
Oh shit Rob submitting too, dam
Level 29 Chipist
post #77371 :: 2017.01.27 9:33am :: edit 2017.01.28 6:16am
  Dimeback, MovieMovies1, pedipanol, gotoandplay and th4 D34D liēkd this
I would appreciate it if your incessant sexual jokes took a hiatus mm1

Edit: thank u mm1 (-:
Level 27 Chipist
post #77378 :: 2017.01.27 10:20am :: edit 2017.01.27 10:30am
  pedipanol, Savestate, Jimmyoshi, Melon, MiDoRi, Yukari, th4 D34D and shinichi liēkd this
ye i see why it would get tiresome, would you prefer interlingual puns instead? because honestly sharks will greet you like "hai" and will serve you some delicious pain! maybe with some soup, but that may be a mitsake. personally i want mein bratwurst mit bier instead.

on a srs note tho an extension would be cool, i'll maybe make another pc98 if an extension happens
Level 20 Chipist
post #77380 :: 2017.01.27 10:28am :: edit 2017.01.27 10:28am
  Robyn and th4 D34D liēkd this
and ill finish my PC Engine module and perhaps a wildchip entry OwO
Level 21 Pixelist
post #77384 :: 2017.01.27 10:47am
  puke7 and th4 D34D liēkd this
Batch upload, sry, hope i didn't DoS-ed anything this time xD
Level 12 Chipist
post #77401 :: 2017.01.27 12:09pm
  Jimmyoshi, th4 D34D and shinichi liēkd this
While I think I can finish my pc98 entry on these 2 days, I think an extension would be cool so I can do more things on it

I might even make another entry :DD
Level 21 Pixelist
post #77409 :: 2017.01.27 2:07pm
  th4 D34D and Savestate liēkd this
Savestate, this will be pretty damn long sinclinnsen, considering the entry count, but i'm totally down for it!
Level 10 Mixist
post #77412 :: 2017.01.27 2:46pm
  Jangler, th4 D34D, Dimeback, Savestate, Baron Knoxburry, Quirby64, irrlicht project, MiDoRi and shinichi liēkd this
Irrlicht: 9999HP is my old/alt account... and in true BotBr style I started working on new stuff last night.
Level 27 Mixist
post #77421 :: 2017.01.27 6:30pm :: edit 2017.01.27 6:30pm
  Dimeback, ap0c, th4 D34D, pedipanol and shinichi liēkd this
If an extension happens I will enter another song.

Of course, there's a chance I could whip together a midi in the next day or so but an extension would make this much more likely to happen.
Level 25 Mixist
post #77423 :: 2017.01.27 6:39pm
  RazerBlue6 and th4 D34D liēkd this
i just want this major to be over so i can start focusing on banking mixist points again :o
Level 20 Chipist
post #77444 :: 2017.01.28 12:30am :: edit 2017.01.28 1:55am
  shinichi hæitd this
  pigdevil2010 liēkd this
I dont think there's going to be an extension sadly
Level 23 Mixist
post #77455 :: 2017.01.28 4:15am
  Jimmyoshi, Dimeback, pedipanol, RazerBlue6, MiDoRi and th4 D34D liēkd this
never give up hope

it has been said, deep within the pages of botb lore, that "many great things come at the last minute"

botb is always watching
Level 23 Chipist
post #77459 :: 2017.01.28 4:28am
  sethdonut, Lukas Eriksson, Dimeback, pedipanol, shinichi, Jangler and Yukari liēkd this
This chip should be called the "botbrs jump to conclusions" chip. Remember the Channel F reaction fiasco just a short amount of comments back in the thread? XD
Level 27 Renderist
post #77462 :: 2017.01.28 5:54am
  RatShack, Dimeback and shinichi liēkd this
people who don't like channel f are like people who prefer wine coolers to beer. ...FRIGGIN' LADIES!
Level 23 Chipist
post #77546 :: 2017.01.29 5:15am
  th4 D34D liēkd this
AYM this year I swear to god
Level 16 Pedagogist
post #77557 :: 2017.01.29 6:46am
I can't wait to start voting :D So many entries! Only the Vic20 department is a bit lacking. Are there more to be expected?
Level 20 Chipist
post #77571 :: 2017.01.29 8:43am
  MiDoRi liēkd this
I farted out another entry last moment

Level 23 Chipist
post #77581 :: 2017.01.29 11:07am
  MiDoRi and pedipanol liēkd this
i'm expecting at least 6 entries to be submitted in this last hour of winter chip alright
alright thanks, don't let me down
Level 23 Chipist
post #77585 :: 2017.01.29 11:39am
  Rock Candy, MiDoRi, RatShack and Savestate liēkd this
Couldn't get that MT-32 done in time. I really hope there are more MT-32 things in the future because that's a Good Format
Level 16 Chipist
post #77587 :: 2017.01.29 11:56am
  th4 D34D, MiDoRi, Dimeback and RazerBlue6 liēkd this
Level 29 Chipist
post #77589 :: 2017.01.29 11:59am :: edit 2017.01.29 12:12pm
  MiDoRi, shinichi and hisa liēkd this
tfw yr vic won't compile and you miss the deadline )':
grace period \o/
Level 23 Chipist
post #77591 :: 2017.01.29 12:04pm :: edit 2017.01.29 12:29pm
  MiDoRi, RazerBlue6 and TMM12 liēkd this
thanks for not letting me down guys, I had faith in u. really appreciate it ok \.o./
Legit though, so many good entries here. : o
Good job everyone \.o./
Level 29 Chipist
post #77597 :: 2017.01.29 12:29pm
  shinichi and hisa liēkd this
Disappointed in myself for not making a zxbeep
Level 24 Chipist
post #77602 :: 2017.01.29 12:54pm
  TMM12, MiDoRi, Savestate, Dimeback, Melon, shinichi and pedipanol liēkd this
Level 21 Chipist
post #77611 :: 2017.01.29 1:32pm
  th4 D34D and shinichi liēkd this
Dang, I would've liked to hammer out a PCE or Wildchip this time around, but oh well. Maybe next compo? ^_^

Let the voting begin!
Level 29 Chipist
post #77613 :: 2017.01.29 1:37pm
  Melon, th4 D34D, Dimeback and shinichi liēkd this
Synclisten post coming tonight
Level 21 Pixelist
post #77614 :: 2017.01.29 1:39pm :: edit 2017.01.29 1:40pm
  th4 D34D and shinichi liēkd this
I barely managed to fix the horns volume in my MIDI thanks to the grace period, awwwwwwwww yiss!

Thanks for letting some of us noobz know, SincX ;-)

PS. Can't wait for sincxlissen
Level 25 Mixist
post #77670 :: 2017.01.29 7:10pm
i swear to jesus if i get a thousand points on this single mario paint i'm quitting making anything chip for the rest of the year :x
Level 23 Chipist
post #77671 :: 2017.01.29 7:25pm
  Dezolis, MiDoRi, TMM12 and Jimmyoshi liēkd this
everyone give 1 to a-zu-ra
Level 27 Chipist
post #77674 :: 2017.01.29 8:18pm
man, I was gonna submit a .mod and another .nsf but life got in the way lol
also, laziness

Still wished more people made MT-32 entries, shit's fun yo. :Y
Level 23 Chipist
post #77676 :: 2017.01.29 8:38pm
  MiDoRi and Jimmyoshi liēkd this
I got a fever and couldn't finish my pc98 entry on the last days. Well that's what I get for being lazy on the first weeks

At least now I can polish it enough until the next compo that has pc98 as a format
Level 27 Mixist
post #77679 :: 2017.01.29 10:40pm :: edit 2017.01.29 10:40pm
  sethdonut, A-zu-ra, Dimeback, MiDoRi, pigdevil2010, StrangerInSweden, th4 D34D, shinichi, pedipanol and TMM12 liēkd this
Saw 20 days on the counter and got excited thinking puke gave us some kind of awesome mega extension! :D

Then I realized it was just the voting period rip :c

Sorry for only doing a pants this year :x
Level 27 Chipist
post #77718 :: 2017.01.30 12:14pm
  Dimeback liēkd this
goog joj jimm

u deserve a cookie
Level 22 Chipist
post #77922 :: 2017.02.02 9:07am
  MiDoRi, MovieMovies1, Dimeback, Jimmyoshi, VinCMG, RazerBlue6 and pedipanol liēkd this
  gotoandplay hæitd this
this comment section has more comments than the entries submitted to the compo itself
Level 21 Mixist
post #77923 :: 2017.02.02 10:03am
let's see if we can get to 2x then!
Level 25 Mixist
post #77926 :: 2017.02.02 10:37am
Level 20 Chipist
post #77972 :: 2017.02.03 7:39am
  MiDoRi and sethdonut liēkd this
I just remembered I actually had a MIDI entry ready...

lolfuck lmao
Level 27 Mixist
post #77977 :: 2017.02.03 8:17am :: edit 2017.02.03 3:34pm
  MiDoRi, RazerBlue6 and pedipanol liēkd this
  shinichi and OrdinateIsDead hæitd this
Re-open/extension when?? :D

/me hides
edit: in case it wasn't clear, this is a joke. please do not reopen this :c
Level 23 Mixist
post #78006 :: 2017.02.03 2:48pm
  OrdinateIsDead, RazerBlue6, null1024, VinCMG, Jimmyoshi and Melon liēkd this
re-opening this late is literally the most counterproductive thing i could imagine happening with this, barring maybe closing it outright

there will always be more compos, n00bs
Level 25 Mixist
post #78009 :: 2017.02.03 4:09pm
  Xaser, RazerBlue6, null1024, NerdMcBoon, MiDoRi and BubblegumOctopus liēkd this
Need more mixist compos
Level 29 Chipist
post #78207 :: 2017.02.06 6:21am
  gotoandplay, Xyz and funute liēkd this
Level 22 Chipist
post #78292 :: 2017.02.08 6:25am
  gotoandplay, funute, Savestate and Xyz liēkd this
done voting!

i had to skip about 40% of the synclisten because of real life shenanigans >:C

but i still finished voting after that at my own pace so yay i think
t'was fun i guess
Level 24 Chipist
post #78307 :: 2017.02.08 7:22pm
  gotoandplay, m9m and Savestate liēkd this
Also a doner

(probably about 60-70% was done outside of synclisten since I was only able to hop in for a few hours)
Level 23 Mixist
post #78312 :: 2017.02.08 8:12pm
  Savestate, gotoandplay and m9m liēkd this
  funute hæitd this
99.580% bitches i win
Level 21 Pixelist
post #78325 :: 2017.02.09 2:21am
  Savestate, gotoandplay, funute and pigdevil2010 liēkd this
Done 100% voting before synclissen, take that n00bz!!!
Only making some minor adjustments during synclisten
Level 23 Chipist
post #78352 :: 2017.02.09 10:09am
  Savestate, Dimeback, gotoandplay, funute, pigdevil2010, Jangler, MiDoRi and shinichi liēkd this
Done dit it, horray. First time I managed to complete voting on a Winter Chip in like 5 years.
Level 26 Chipist
post #78399 :: 2017.02.11 6:16am
  Robyn hæitd this
  funute, shinichi, Savestate and pigdevil2010 liēkd this
voted! i did it by formats, starting with the formats that got the least entries, getting larger and larger.

i also did a lil best of format thing as i went along so here it is

format- #entries- best of format

rt32 2 stewboy
vic 3 pigdevil
ted 3 irrlicht
pc98 3 jangler
pce 4 jredd
c64 4 djmax
tia 5 dead
mod 5 pigdev
snes 6 blkheart
pix 7 mk7
chf 7 savestate
mid 8 tancla
sega 10 dead/rob tie
32k 10 goose
zx 10 stewboy
gb 11 mk7
ay 11 nq
12k 14 jangler
nsf 14 savestate
sms 16 stewboy
art 17 polarbirds
nsfc 17 shinichi
mp 18 b00daw
wc 37 argggghhhhhhhhhh ( ill get back to you )
Level 21 Chipist
post #78404 :: 2017.02.11 10:21am :: edit 2017.02.11 7:12pm
  Savestate and MiDoRi liēkd this
Also done voting! Time to relax and do other things until the resluts stream.

Good job, everyone!

EDIT: Wow I don't have hearts anymore :o
Level 23 Chipist
post #78405 :: 2017.02.11 10:37am :: edit 2017.02.11 10:38am
  Savestate and MiDoRi liēkd this
I finished voting \.o./
it says 99.565%, so iguess my entries were like half a percent of all of these. wowie
Level 26 Chipist
post #78406 :: 2017.02.11 11:06am :: edit 2017.02.11 11:06am
  Quirby64 liēkd this
it takes those into acct in the percentages, so that means you missed some!

edit: unless you had an alt/collab somewhere
Level 23 Chipist
post #78407 :: 2017.02.11 11:16am
oh flip
I did have a single collab tho, but I don't think it'd count for the rest of it. Time to go look for the missing unvoted entry \.o.\
Level 21 Pixelist
post #78409 :: 2017.02.11 12:23pm :: edit 2017.02.11 12:24pm
  RazerBlue6 liēkd this
Quirby64, the ones you haven't voted on yet sit on the top of entry list, marked with star symbols, so no need for tedious hunt for them :)
Level 23 Chipist
post #78413 :: 2017.02.11 12:58pm
oh wait flip again
k so my collab was the only unvoted one haha
rip 100% voted
Level 23 Mixist
post #78416 :: 2017.02.11 1:19pm
  puke7, RazerBlue6 and Savestate liēkd this
Ohh wow, thanks MiDori, I actually didn't know that! I hunted for the last few entires like crazy.

I think this Winter Chip was/is pretty awesome. I like the concept of having to unlock formats, and it all wasn't as dramatic as it first seemed, was it?
There are a lot of very cool entries this time (well there always are).

As per usual, I didn't get anything ready, but I really hope to do so for the next major.

Thanks for all the cool music and the fun surrounding it!
Level 29 Chipist
post #78447 :: 2017.02.12 3:45am
  DBOYD, Xyz, pigdevil2010, puke7, anewuser, BubblegumOctopus, MiDoRi, pedipanol, gotoandplay and Melon liēkd this
  jaemie hæitd this
i nominate another round of unlocking formats for next winter chip
Level 23 Mixist
post #78448 :: 2017.02.12 3:56am
  puke7, VinCMG, Dimeback, KungFuFurby, m9m and RazerBlue6 liēkd this
i've said this before but i think it is better as a one-off gimmick, not as a standard thing. it's cool in concept but i think in the end it creates more conflict than anything else.

that being said, i wouldn't mind it so much if it was done in two or three big waves instead of "once this format has an entry add a new format"
Level 27 Hostist
post #78470 :: 2017.02.13 9:37am
oh drat you can vote on your own collabdongs?
Level 27 Chipist
post #78471 :: 2017.02.13 10:50am
  BubblegumOctopus, pigdevil2010, NerdMcBoon, RazerBlue6, MiDoRi, gotoandplay, shinichi and Savestate liēkd this
keep us on our toes with a new gimmick imo
Level 27 Mixist
post #78474 :: 2017.02.13 2:27pm
  Savestate, RazerBlue6, Dimeback, MiDoRi, NerdMcBoon, Jangler and pedipanol liēkd this
inb4 gimmick is no extension
Level 23 Mixist
post #78476 :: 2017.02.13 3:23pm
  RazerBlue6, shinichi and Jimmyoshi liēkd this
That would just be cruel and inhumane. You can't expect us professional procrastinators to meet deadlines.
Level 23 Chipist
post #78477 :: 2017.02.13 3:30pm
  Baron Knoxburry liēkd this
You can't vote on your collab entry/entries,but doesn't put it into account like your own entries. Which is why I'm at 99.5-something percent. Also it may be counting it as two entries, I don't think one entry would be .5-something% so maybe its counting it as two separate things (both me and dajoshy??) idk
also wall of text, sorry lol
Level 27 Renderist
post #78677 :: 2017.02.17 6:53pm
  mootbooxle, Savestate and shinichi liēkd this
Still looking forward to RatShack's MT32 hardware renders. ;)
Level 20 Chipist
post #78780 :: 2017.02.19 8:49am
  MiDoRi, Quirby64, pigdevil2010, Jimmyoshi, VinCMG, Dimeback, mk7 and shinichi liēkd this
teh clock is thiccing
Level 16 Pedagogist
post #78797 :: 2017.02.19 10:52am
  m9m, funute and mk7 liēkd this
Will there be a puke-streams-results-showowow?
Level 27 Hostist
post #78804 :: 2017.02.19 11:52am
  m9m, Savestate, ViLXDRYAD, Quirby64, n00b, funute and Dimeback liēkd this
Trying to figure out how to enable embedding on youtube right now!!
Level 22 Chipist
post #78813 :: 2017.02.19 2:03pm
  mk7 liēkd this
didnt expect to get this high in everything daym
Level 9 Chipist
post #78814 :: 2017.02.19 2:05pm
  MiDoRi and mk7 liēkd this
  Jangler and b00daw hæitd this
time for the big reveal faggots

drink water
Level 23 Mixist
post #78828 :: 2017.02.19 3:14pm
Level 23 Chipist
post #78850 :: 2017.02.19 4:52pm
  m9m, irrlicht project, b00daw, Savestate, NerdMcBoon, stewboy, mk7, Quirby64, shinichi and Dimeback liēkd this
@,@ holy shit thank you everybody for the love/support! I did not expect this but I am super stoked. I must have gotten pretty lucky because the competition was gnarly AF. I feel like gold in all categories could have gone to almost anyone, with so much talent being thrown around like it's nothing! Anyway, awesome work on all your tracks fam. Time to get my leather jacket and denim vest on for this Metal competition nau!!! XD
Level 26 Chipist
post #78880 :: 2017.02.19 8:17pm
  MiDoRi, irrlicht project, Jangler, Jimmyoshi, th4 D34D, shinichi and Dimeback liēkd this
Looks like I'll have to step up my midi game for summer chip!
Level 23 Chipist
post #78898 :: 2017.02.20 12:02am
  MiDoRi and th4 D34D liēkd this
Wow, super stoked about all them medalz. Thanks y'all for your support! Also, congrats to all winners and thanks to teh pukemaster and all participants.

Btw Puke, seems there's no trophy for TED yet.
Level 30 chipist
post #81925 :: 2017.04.02 11:29am
  gotoandplay, BubblegumOctopus, VinCMG, shinichi, Quirby64 and Dimeback liēkd this
hey guys, do you remember winter? now you can remember winter with the hot new bandcamp winter release for winter!


*click bandcamp button for link

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