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Greetings BotBers, old and new. There have been
some fierce discussions among the "Board of Directors"
of this lovely site. The results of this is to eliminate
annoying, disruptive, bullying, arrogant, hatemongering, or other similiar people from the chat, and in extreme cases, from the site.
(also immature sexual content will probably be banned aswell as a precaution)

Judgementday is coming, beware.

These are kickbannable/aileable offenses now (at admin discretion)

1. escalate a negative situation

2. incite a negative situation

3. trying to get kicked from the channel multiple times and thinking it is fun as hell

4. abusing the search functions just to annoy people, example: !entry vulva, !entry horsepiss

5. talking behind the back of fellow botbers (this is how an infection spreads)
5b) seriously, this is how you create factions of botbers against eachother. not very nice.

6. posting 10 lines of "kmsdafgmmioadog" ",mdagbf,la,ofb9i0i jajajajaja horse ass" in the channel

7. calling everything that you dont like or understand "retarded", it makes you look retarded.

8. implying that the applications or techniques you use are the best, and everyone who does not agree with you are stupid idiots.

9. intentionally trying to break the site/bot and then get confused when admins get angry

10. chat in insanely disruptive ways, like splitting up one sentence into multiple posts for "effect"
<baduser> hey guys i
<baduser> fitted
<baduser> a new shower cap
<baduser> on my shower
<baduser> and
<baduser> it
<baduser> BLUEW
<baduser> MY
<baduser> MIND
<baduser> omg
<baduser> .

11. ragevote someone all 1s because you have a personal vendetta

12. happyvote someone all 7s because you have a crush on someone, even if all they submitted was a 1 second 87khz tone.

13. get angry because you didn't win an OHC and ask people if they are retarded or have other mental disabilities

14. be under the impression that ailments are the way to be a fine botber.

15. say "if you don't ban $user, then i will leave", well, cheers.

16. posting blatantly immature sexual content just for effect (as an entry, or in the channel)
while this is not your average family site, its not a porn site for schoolkids either.

17. defaming, flaming other botbers profiles with excessive nonesense and/or ugly names

18. acting like you are in charge of how the site/chat is run when you are not an Admin.

19. be overly standoffish if you're being reprimanded for something that isn't in the rules, on the grounds that its not in the rules
(just because there is no rule for it, doesnt mean its decent behavior)
else we would would need to make:
1) dont kick in teeth of your little sister
2) dont poo on the carpet

Admin discretion applies. ( we know some people dont really like "admin discretion", but thats how it will be. )

List will be revised at will. Thank you for your attention!
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"(also immature sexual content will probably be banned aswell as a precaution)"

If it's a war you want, a war you will get.
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Whatever was written here before can be summed up in the post below!
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post #43612 :: 2014.05.28 1:38pm
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Tilde, I'm just tired of admin disrespect, if the users of the site even have to hate a post like that, then maybe they should do something else.
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post #43613 :: 2014.05.28 1:39pm
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Of course, I absolutely understand.

But I am to immature sexual content what a Republican is to his guns.
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This is still under discussion, this post is merely to show that the admins are finally fed up with the anarchy.
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Our dear admins work hard to keep this site from going kaput!
I think they deserve to stand their ground and possibly change things up if stuff is getting outta hand.

Of course I understand people wanna have fun and stuff, but in my eyes, there's a fine line between having fun and making things more difficult for other people.
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[This reply is stale by now, but I'm still keeping it here for historical purposes]

Strobe, you're being very vague here and I don't like it at all. You're telling us to behave, but you're not telling us how to behave! Nor have you made clear how we've misbehaved in the past.

annoying, disruptive, bullying, arrogant, hatemongering behavior? I've seen it come from some of the admins themselves and people who are VIP enough to be in the elders chat. (I actually see more of that coming from them, really)

Where do you draw the line? Who determines what crosses the line?

I wouldn't want to see this turn into a place where admins and VIPs are allowed to do whatever they want, while being restrictive towards others.

Does "immature sexual content will probably be banned" mean that THIS 8==========================D won't be allowed anymore?

I'd be much happier if this post was accompanied with a clear set of guidelines and examples.

And if it does get that far, I do hope the admins will try to talk out things with the botbrs found guilty of such things before any rash decisions are made.
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Use common sense. A post telling you to tighten up should give you some idea of what not to do.
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I had to agree with Slime on the point that there should be clear guidelines!
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post #43620 :: 2014.05.28 1:58pm
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Uh, it's kind of difficult to tell someone exactly what to do.

Telling them what not do to is how all rules have worked for all of human history.
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Without naming names I am curious of examples of this sort of behaviour. I have noticed that some people have left the site, seemingly due to being put off by this sort of behaviour, but I haven't noticed anything hugely inflammatory... maybe I just missed it. Anything that makes the site more welcoming and nice and friendly is good in my books, though, so hopefully that will be the case~
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The admins are still discussing this at this very moment,
and there will be more information to come, we put out this post
to make people who know they are prone to have "annoying, disruptive, bullying, arrogant, hatemongering"-behavior maybe think about if they want to stay on the site.

Just as a note, 98% of the people on the site behave just fine.
its the few ones that do not, ruins it for the rest.

There will come very clear rules shortly, when the admins can agree.

I personally and the admins will not sit back and watch the site
turn into a kindergarden.

At first i didnt even think that rules was needed, because people just behaved naturally nice, but recently (last year or so), its been increasingly infected between certain factions of botbers, and this is very annoying.
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post #43625 :: 2014.05.28 2:23pm
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Speaking as someone who has come from a lot of really shitty internet communities, I honestly don't see the problem here. This, for me, is like walking from the ghetto into a suburban paradise where someone is complaining about the state of his neighbor's lawn.
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To be fair, i'm actually pretty hardened. and I think some people are "whiney butts", but on the other hand i don't want to scare every whiney butt away until we only have pooflingers left.
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I hope people have tried going to the actual offenders and trying to work it out that way, person to person.
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post #43634 :: 2014.05.28 3:31pm
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Now updated with the current results of admin discussions.
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I didn't know there were porn sites for schoolkids.
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i would like to say that i 100% agree with sketchman3, if anything, we should all be open and everyone should understand what is going on.

i agree with most of these rules (i think) but i do think there are reasonable botbrs whose actions could go against these rules and that these reasonable botbrs would be able to have a reasonable discussion with the admins about their actions. the reason is because a lot of these rules are pretty subjective (rules 1, 2, and 16) so while i do agree with admins being more on top of things now, i do hope we are all up for communication! (see rule 5)

so lets just all be frends ^o^
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Hmm, was there some sort of incident recently that spurred this discussion? I haven't been aware of anything as of late but I'm absent from IRC for long stretches of time so it's super-possible I missed whatever it is.

Also, thirding/seconding what sketch/golgi said. ;)
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post #43642 :: 2014.05.28 8:48pm
first post is deserving of a <3
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post #43659 :: 2014.05.29 9:14am
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Look I'm not totally on board with a lot of these rules and I don't think generally mature or understanding persons who are expressive in nature even need them. However, rolling with the punches, I'm tired of this old festering wound in our community. If children/childish adults need to be zombied or kick/banned just to cull the rotten apples from the barrel, I will not lose sleep nor hesitate.

Stating this I don't want to hear people complaining to me after I take action. If you want to complain because you or your friend has been ostracized, tell your therapist. :)
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post #43667 :: 2014.05.29 10:33am
wait youre telling me this kind of stuff actually happens on this site?
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post #43668 :: 2014.05.29 10:51am :: edit 2014.05.29 10:53am
There have been incidents. now as a precaution we have decided to monitor actions more carefully to make sure it doesn't turn into a shitfest!

Actually it has escalated this last year or so.
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Another thing, since uncle b00die got his ops again, I'm running IRC old school style. For the record, no IRC channel operators tolerate ban evasion at all.

If you evade a ban at any time you will be permbanned, meaning you're done in #botb forever. Do not evade a ban, as it's not something that can be accidentally done.

You wanna play SOCKS proxydick and rejoin or put a botnet in our channel? I consider that an act of inciting warfare. I will draw up a case on you so fast to get g-lined from EsperNet. :)

Rule of thumb if you get banned in #botb by B00daW (me) it is for 2 weeks. Obviously bans are on a strike-based system. I do 2 strikes; I do not do 3 strikes. Your first strike is your only warning. Do not make the same mistake twice or it will be your last.

Thank you,

Your Management Team
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I'm down for anything up until the death knell for all internet communities: "Respect the mods."


(sorry I've been so opinionated in this thread, I can't really shut my analytical brain off)
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post #43678 :: 2014.05.29 12:57pm
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i was banned. i had no knowledge of this 'change' in the rules but i said something that was a joke, and quite honestly COMPLETELY canon. really dont appreciate your heavy-handed and quite honestly manipulative use of these rules which i didnt even know about to unjustly ban me.
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post #43681 :: 2014.05.29 1:50pm
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I guess I should say something. This is 'my' site as much as it is 'our' site. I have been involved in the conversations that led to these rules. If I think an admin does something wrong I'll get them to turn it around. I never thought we would need rules, but it is very apparent that we do and perhaps have waited a bit too long to do such a thing.

These are some serious growing pains. You should all thank Strobe for talking me out of turning BotB into a simcity game with all disasters about 6 weeks ago. I get BotB rage from time to time; a love/hate relationship. In the past people would lose interest and stop showing up. It hasn't been until this past year or so that I started hearing that people were leaving because the culture changed.

That's fine; I can deal with it. I'm not the type of person to think more is better, but the community keeps growing despite people leaving. I want this to remain an open community where all are welcome, but a few bad apples can ruin the whole bunch. Moving forward, we (the BotB admins and myself) are trying to nip destructive and distracting behavior in the bud.

The IRC channel is an extension of the site. Avid users of the site behaving badly will get more attention (like a conversation about their behavior) than someone who doesn't or hardly participates with the site. I'm going to do my best to not be a bully myself.

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Alright, so I've done a little talky-talk with some users and admins much wiser than myself, and I've got here a sort of compendium of ways you shouldn't talk if you think you deserve respect from your peers. Now, that doesn't mean all these examples are immediately bannable; this is more a framework for things to avoid if you want to be a good person.

[16:08:06] <joe the plumber> this shit is fucking awful [referring to a linked track]
[16:08:28] <joe the plumber> everybody should listen and LAUGH OUT LOUD

[06:41:29] <benedict cumberbatch> people are inherently dum
[06:42:00] <benedict cumberbatch> from now on I'm gonna straight up ignore ppl who use colored text

[06:44:44] <abraham lincoln> shitty text for a shitty person, its fitting [referring to another user]

<sean hannity> it shouldn't have to get to that, if you're new you shouldn't be able to vote below a 3 or 4 i donno

[16:30:40] <a cat> i actually registered User154's name 'tha514'
[16:30:51] <a cat> and then when he came on, i was killing him off, with ghost services

[19:46:51] <hardmode tilde> we prank called some lady today on battlecam and made her break the sim card for her phone. is that evil or what

[02:48:38] *** Exampleman has joined #botb
[02:48:41] <Exampleman> whoa
[02:48:44] <steak> get
[02:48:45] <steak> out
[02:48:46] <Exampleman> just back from gym
[02:48:46] <steak> get
[02:48:46] <steak> out
[02:48:51] <Exampleman> ...
[02:48:54] <Exampleman> stfu steak
[02:49:08] <Exampleman> no need to be rude
[02:49:16] <steak> AHHAHAHAHHAHA
[02:49:26] <Exampleman> taking it all personally aint cha
[02:49:31] <Exampleman> ... lame
[02:49:40] <steak> when i see you join a channel i am in it makes me WANT TO VOMIT

[09:16:40] <the first black president> hey fuck you buddy
[09:16:43] <the first black president> get the fuck out

[14:02:49] <miami heat> AN IGNORE IS ABOUT TO GO DOWN
[14:02:52] <kfaraday> what are you talking about
[14:02:53] <miami heat> IGNORE FUNCTIONS ABOUND
[14:02:57] <kfaraday> stop talking and write yr piano music

[14:06:48] <milton bradley> MORE IGNORES AROUND NAO

[15:54:52] <maggiethatch77> Backslash: get fucked
[15:55:03] <maggiethatch77> Backslash: get fucked
[15:55:06] <Backslash> Sorry I ruined your poor day, maggiethatch77.
[15:55:09] <maggiethatch77> Backslash: get fucked
[15:55:14] <maggiethatch77> nobody can read your shit
[15:55:19] <maggiethatch77> Backslash: get fucked
[15:55:25] <kfaraday> ('>' )
[15:55:26] <maggiethatch77> Backslash: get fucked
[15:55:37] <maggiethatch77> Backslash: get fucked fruity mibbit user
[15:55:49] <Backslash> This is the most wonderful reaction to something that came up spontaneously outside my control that I'm working to fix.

[17:02:33] <20th century fox> shut it

[15:49:06] <apreposition> wtf ucollective won't let me have a - in my name
[15:49:21] <thecompoundsplitinfinitive> lol\
[15:49:24] <thecompoundsplitinfinitive> fuck that shit
[15:49:29] <thecompoundsplitinfinitive> fuck cm.o
[15:49:32] <thecompoundsplitinfinitive> fuck 8bitbuttholes too

[16:19:56] <brackets> nah its just this girl who tihnks she is harvey firestein of google maps
[16:20:00] <brackets> ...or somethin
[16:20:12] <unbracketeer> lol
[16:20:20] <unbracketeer> Ladyparts is a freak
[16:20:24] <unbracketeer> she's in 3 bands
[16:20:34] <brackets> if you wanna call em that
[16:20:41] <unbracketeer> hah
[16:20:44] <brackets> they're all just her bands
[16:20:55] <brackets> like who the f plays madonna covers at a fucking show that google maps heads are at

[16:24:23] <durm> because that shit is hard. there really isn't any good drummers in the trance metal/psystep scene other than me, kevin from down the street, and roger moore

[23:19:49] <a crab> you sell people blank cd's
[23:19:56] <magikarp> thats impractical
[23:20:05] <a crab> you are like 12 and youre telling me something's impractical
[23:20:07] <pikachu> a crab: tell them to put shit on them and give it back? ;)
[23:20:16] <a crab> i have samplepacks older than you

[23:39:05] <botwoon> i don't give a single fuck about this lil FLxx user

[13:15:43] <fred phelps> ahah i dunno,, i don't pay attention to athiests

[12:11:33] <several geese> yes, the japanese OST is great, the scandinavian is meh
[12:11:41] <several geese> the rest of the world? NO GIMMICK!
[12:11:41] <kfaraday> :) yes
[12:11:42] <joe paterno> shut up
[12:11:43] <joe paterno> they're the same
[12:11:46] <several geese> nope
[12:11:47] <kfaraday> heheh
[12:11:48] <joe paterno> yup
[12:11:49] <joe paterno> youre dum
[12:11:55] <joe paterno> one track difference
[12:11:57] <joe paterno> BIG DIFFERENC
[12:12:00] <several geese> no 5B in the scandinavian
[12:12:04] <joe paterno> SHUT
[12:12:05] <joe paterno> THE
[12:12:06] <joe paterno> FUCK
[12:12:06] <joe paterno> UP

[02:29:28] <josef mengele> protip: ignoring littleboy is very good for this channel
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Is this all recent? When were those logs pulled from? Just curious.
Yeah some of that is obviously jokes, and some of it is in very poor taste. But I can say that taking ANYTHING out of context distorts its meaning. That is how mainstream journalism works to spin things for agendas.
I'm not accusing you of doing that AT ALL Tilde - I appreciate you taking the time to pull those quotes - I'm just saying that taking anything out of its context is an opportunity for something to look way better/worse/different (in this case worse) than originally intended.

Some of that stuff he said is wrong no matter how you look at it, context or not.

Rules are wonderful things when those who make and enforce them are fair and trustworthy, and not bullies. It has been my experience over the last 2.5 or so years that our admins/ops/mods are certainly fair and trustworthy.
Everyone makes mistakes once in a while; that doesn't make the person bad, it makes them human. That goes for our regular userbase as much as it applies to our leadership.

I hate rules when they are inconsistently enforced, and implemented by tyrants or maniacal oligarchs. It is pretty obvious that this is not the case with BotB. My knee jerk reaction to the OP was "what? NO!" but then I remembered that this is the microcosm of BotB, where sensible people are in charge.

Lead on, Puke and co..
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I would like to state with certainty that, while the quotes were very carefully excised, I've personally made sure that none of them were short of sincere. I didn't post any quotes that looked ambiguous in context. I changed all the names, though, sometimes to ridiculous levels, so I can see where they might come off as a joke. You're absolutely right; this is more complicated when you don't know the person as well. You have to judge their character and their attitude over more than one instance. Smart judgment always beats rigidity.

And we should all be willing to forgive if the person in question is willing to check themselves before they wreck themselves. Again.
Level 22 Chipist
One last thing I really want to drive home, and I think it'll make clear how actually hard it is to get on puke's bad side:

Everyone is nice to people they like. The real measure of a person is how they treat someone they disagree with.
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post #43690 :: 2014.05.29 4:03pm
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+100 to tilde's last post

i in fact will give you 100 b00nz for that post

everyone i think (including myself) should work on treating everyone nicely even if they disagree with them :)
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you posted actual quotes to things i said that were actual jokes that you didnt get. your stance is totally militant, but if thats what works for you, go for it!
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post #43693 :: 2014.05.29 4:28pm
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There are many ways to humor this notion and I'm choosing none of them. This post won't be edited or followed up on.
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i dont really care what you do or dont edit upon, im not sure why im even responding to you. the fact of the matter is that i was banned, and countless users mocked the banning and broke these rules literally right after i was banned.

i have no problems with rules one way or another as long as i know what those rules are, and im sure the same goes for anyone.
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post #43695 :: 2014.05.29 6:51pm :: edit 2014.05.29 6:57pm
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i do think it was wrong for people to bully you about being banned after you got banned and i'm sorry for that if i was part of it but you were also shown the rules and you just joked it off saying "oh it's not the law" "oh they aren't enforced"

(i'm sorry for pasting more log snippets out of context but if anyone wants the full context, pm me on irc)

May 29 13:27:07 <Sylveon> jeca-jeca
May 29 13:27:10 <Sylveon> Have you read this?
May 29 13:27:10 <Sylveon> http://battleofthebits.org/academy/GroupThread/8924/Warning%3A+The+rules+of+the+game+have+changed./

May 29 13:29:19 <jeca-jeca> hey this is a legally binding contract
May 29 13:29:30 <jeca-jeca> put him on ignore? he's been on ignore since he started coming in here

May 29 13:32:33 <jeca-jeca> i don't know anything about those rules, the lack of em has run some of my friends offa here in the first place. i'll give em a read when i have a chance. i dunno where you get off comin at high priest jeca-jcea in this fashion but i suggest you keep in mind that rules are 9/10ths of the law and i don't see strobe or anybody here trying to impose the rules, that's called giving a little leeway. don't get so bent outta shape about

so while i do think it was wrongdong of the other botbrs in the chat to make fun of you i do think you should have read the rules right then before saying anything more, especially if someone pointed it out specifically to you instead of continuing on. i don't think you should be permabanned or banned for anything longer than maybe 2 days max but i do think a brief banning is justifiable because of this.

i liked your second comment because you are right, you should not be mocked for being banned and anyone who did that should not do that in the future upon a banishment of a chatter (that's why i'm posting this in public). and another lesson is that if someone links you the rules or tells you that you're breaking the rules, you should not say "oh i will look at it later" and continue on.

so shawn, i think you did have some fault in this and i agree with you getting banned (temporarily though), i don't agree with the actions of other people in the chat (maybe even i did it, i don't know if i did!) of mocking you for being banned.

i'm sorry for bringing this into this thread
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post #43696 :: 2014.05.29 7:18pm
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what can i say, the chat has proven its worth, strobe uses his rules as he sees fit which i didnt know about and really dont even come into the equation here (because what he banned me over is something i say as a known joke, and regularly) to strongarm me out of the irc channel, and life goes on. i should share the post-banning log in here so every user who reads this thread can gather their own impression of one another and the way everybody joked and completely broke all of strobes rules, but im not going to do that.
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wasn't this supposed to be a simple announcement thread
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post #43704 :: 2014.05.29 8:03pm
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when you add rules like these to a community, nothing ever is simple again

but apparently it had to come to this or something
Level 26 Renderist
post #43715 :: 2014.05.29 9:12pm
  raphaelgoulart and goluigi liēkd this
As a gesture of good faith kfaraday and myself have removed all ailments from real BotBrs. Previously it wasn't entirely known what was expected of BotBrs and their behavior. Since everyone now should be aware of what is expected of them, ailments, bans, mutes, etc. will be given out at the discretion of admins and put on the permanent record of why the bans, ails, mutes, etc. were given to that particular BotBr. The bans, ailments, mutes, etc. will be documented also for how long the particular BotBr should be ailed etc.

Respect yourselves and each other. :)
Level 30 Chipist
post #43728 :: 2014.05.30 2:10am
  raphaelgoulart, Lukas Eriksson, Fearofdark and Slimeball liēkd this
So, are we supposed to remove the ban once again after a day and show that it doesn't really matter how you behave?
This is not even the first time shawnphase have got a kickban, and its always "boho, strobe is bad", as if i myself sit and police the channel and make up rules as they fit. Not a single Op came to your defense when it happened.

There is nothing stopping any other Op to remove the ban instantly if you have a good argument.
Level 24 Chipist
post #43736 :: 2014.05.30 4:39am :: edit 2014.05.30 4:40am
  trough liēkd this
so this means we can update this and this
Level 26 Renderist
post #43759 :: 2014.05.30 10:04am :: edit 2014.05.30 10:06am
  pedipanol, Fearofdark, goluigi, HertzDevil, raphaelgoulart and Slimeball liēkd this
Good eye, HertzDevil. :) Unfortunately we'll still use this thread as rules reference until we can get a more admin-friendly Lyceum for sections that need to be "ailed" as admin-locked or admin-hidden. This way rules cannot be defaced and we can have a scratchpad for notes. :)
Level 22 Chipist
post #43760 :: 2014.05.30 10:20am
  pedipanol, goluigi and raphaelgoulart liēkd this
Damn, there goes my idea to replace rules 5, 7 and 14 with "Raise your dongers"
Level 10 Mixist
post #43761 :: 2014.05.30 11:19am
for god sake strobe lighten up
Level 25 Chipist
post #43762 :: 2014.05.30 11:36am :: edit 2014.05.30 11:38am
  pedipanol, Slimeball, mega9man, trough, goluigi, Xaser, puke7, mootbooxle and b00daw liēkd this
i do agree being tougher on the bans might be necessary, but i think before banning literally anyone, one should do what sm3 said - talk to the person. explain to them their behaviour is annoying people, and the person might stop - in most cases they will. if they dont, well, do your thing. same applies to highvoting/downvoting, instead of just marking as a troll right away, ask them to 'fix' their votes or explain why they voted that way - sometimes what might look like troll-voting might not be, who knows - but if the person either simply refuse to fix the vote, or their explanation of why they voted that way don't satisfy, mark them as a troll.
twice i did stuff that could be ailable on this site, both of them ended with kfaraday talking to me privately, me acknowledging i was wrong, apologizing, correcting if possible, and saying i wouldnt do again. (those were 2 different mistakes so so far im keeping the promise)
also im a bit unsure about the 16th rule, as some other people pointed out what about the 8===========D jokes? i believe saying "_____ THIS 8==============D" has become part of the botb culture (sorta), it'd be controversial to make a rule that would ban these. but if one begins to exaggerate on those sexual jokes to the point they're obnoxious or offensive, i'd agree that's bannable, but saying them once in a while like most of us do, imo thats ok (even if theyre bad jokes).
Level 26 Renderist
post #43763 :: 2014.05.30 11:41am
  mootbooxle and raphaelgoulart liēkd this
Just play, learn and have a good time! There's not much to worry about. Things will work out the way they should.
Level 30 Chipist
post #43764 :: 2014.05.30 11:48am
  raphaelgoulart and Slimeball liēkd this
as a fun observation, there is a remarkable amount of Brazilian voters in Spring Tracks III who have voted in the most peculiar manners.

The ban on shawnphase was mostly because i thought it was reckless and disrespectful behavior, i never said it would be a permanent ban.

The discussions will continue when i get home from work.
Level 10 Mixist
post #43765 :: 2014.05.30 11:50am
there is a lot to worry about if you havent seen these rules or strobe doesnt like you. no op ever spoke to me, if they did i woulda apologized. i dont have any problems with rules if they are clear and enforced. i feel like the rules were used to enact a personal ban here and the way the userbase acted after the ban wasnt exactly in line with the rules, yet nobody else was banned. the rules should be fair and clear and they werent either of those things. i acknowledge that ive read them, so either give me some clemency or shut my account down
Level 30 Chipist
post #43767 :: 2014.05.30 11:57am
I have unbanned you shawnphase, but i wont deal with you again,
the next time anything similiar happens it is on someone else.
Level 10 Mixist
post #43768 :: 2014.05.30 12:04pm
  Lukas Eriksson and goluigi hæitd this
thank you strobe. give people and yourself a little bit more of a chance in the future.
Level 18 Chipist
post #43771 :: 2014.05.30 12:38pm :: edit 2014.05.30 12:39pm
The site is probably still growing fast: http://i.imgur.com/sg22PlP.png
And as always when sites grow, stricter rules are side effects I guess (in this case on the IRC channel).

It could happen that Winter Chip X will have 500-600 entries and Winter Chip XI 500-800, but I don't know anything about how many active users there are now compared to before.
Level 21 Chipist
post #43774 :: 2014.05.30 1:21pm
  MS liēkd this
(I updated that graph http://i.imgur.com/zjq2jY4.png :3)
Level 24 Mixist
post #43784 :: 2014.05.30 3:39pm :: edit 2014.05.30 3:39pm
  raphaelgoulart, mootbooxle and Slimeball liēkd this
brb, requesting a double-liek feature so I can like raphael's post twice.

Really though, seems like everything's going to be all well n' good, so props to all admins n' otherwise!
Level 29 Mixist
post #43787 :: 2014.05.30 4:03pm
  b00daw liēkd this
Level 28 Chipist
post #43788 :: 2014.05.30 4:36pm
  raphaelgoulart liēkd this
is this sketchman3 in the video
Level 22 Chipist
post #43789 :: 2014.05.30 5:14pm
What's this about the chat engaging in banworthy behavior following shawnphase's revoked ban? I was there for it, I don't know what the infraction was.
Level 14 OHCist
post #43792 :: 2014.05.30 6:40pm :: edit 2014.05.30 7:02pm
  goluigi, raphaelgoulart and trough liēkd this
I hope these rules will still be easily accessible after people stop replying.

The ops are trying to save and maintain a healthy community, which is a hard job. Shawn, I think you mean well, and I think Strobe means well. If your ban was unfair, it was not because Strobe is being tyrannical, but because he made a misjudgment. These sort of judgements are difficult to make, and no one here is a professional judge [citation needed], so the institution of rules is bound to be a rough transition. Our ops are doing their best, but ultimately, it is us users who will decide whether Battle of the Bits lives with love or dies from hate.
Level 25 Chipist
post #43834 :: 2014.05.31 12:19pm :: edit 2014.05.31 1:18pm
  Slimeball and goluigi liēkd this
"there is a remarkable amount of Brazilian voters in Spring Tracks III who have voted in the most peculiar manners."
i havent talked about voting on st3 with any of my brazilian friends (just pointed that voting period was on, if they wanted to vote or something) - you could say who voted oddly to me (privately, of course), so i can talk to them or something.

also, strobe, am i in that list? i voted a bit recklessly but i think i was accurate in most of my votes, i dont know
maybe i might've done shit who knows

edit: one of my friends claimed that he gave all 7s to some songs and that he didn't understand the voting criteria (the categories) (but he did like the songs he all 7'd so i think the votes are valid)
Level 25 Mixist
post #43842 :: 2014.05.31 12:51pm
i am super guilty of #10, whoops
Level 30 Chipist
post #43850 :: 2014.05.31 2:17pm
  HertzDevil, goluigi, raphaelgoulart and Slimeball liēkd this
Not sure how much im supposed to disclose since the votes are technically anonymous, but a common voting tactic from the brazilians is to upvote every other brazilian with 777777 and then vote on nothing else, and there is actually one brazlian that seems to dislike raphael, he went in and voted him 111111 and upvoted another brazilian with 777777.

their votes are likely to be nullified before tallying takes place
Level 28 Chipist
post #43865 :: 2014.05.31 5:33pm
  raphaelgoulart liēkd this
i thought people who just vote a few songongs 77777 don't have as much voter INF?

idk lol
Level 25 Chipist
post #43866 :: 2014.05.31 5:41pm :: edit 2014.05.31 8:10pm
  Slimeball liēkd this
as i said, one of my friends voted all 7s on the songs he heard and liked, which seemingly wasnt restricted to songs by brazilian people, so i think he's fine
as for the rest i do agree you should nullify their votes, even if i knew who they are and they were my friends i'd disagree with their acts and shit so go for it lol
im sorry if i brought, direct or indirectly, people with such a behavior =(

also goluigi even though they have much lower inf they might affect the votes, even if its lightly, and even if it doesnt they're trolling so they deserve the ailment rip =(((

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