Winter Chip I 7" vinyl record for SALE!! :D
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post #4705 :: 2007.02.02 6:57pm :: edit 2007.02.02 6:58pm
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Just for gits and shiggles BotB has produced it's first release - a <b>7 inch 45rpm record</b> featuring the best tune of each console from last year's Winter Chip compo. Only $7 a piece plus shipping + handling.

<a href=""><b>INFO + ORDER</b></a> &lt;-- click here, n000bs!! =D
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post #4706 :: 2007.02.02 7:02pm
  Flaminglog liēkd this
cripes!! that photo looks little grungy :o
can't we afford better lighting!?!?! o_O
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post #4707 :: 2007.02.02 7:13pm
My goal for today: find ten bucks.
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post #4708 :: 2007.02.03 2:33am

My goal for today (and the future) Find a player for vinyl's
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post #4709 :: 2007.02.03 12:13pm
anewuser: ===> ebay :D
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post #4710 :: 2007.02.04 7:46am
what???... man i dont like the art of this EP!... its sux!... really! -.-

and puke7!... like baron say.... you cant put any good light there??.... NOOB!.... hehehe

now, serious.... WOW!.... amazing! =) i hope to see the WCII EP!!!!!... =P, hope you like the all, the music inside, format and the art! =)...

anewuser.... compralo en mercadolibre! XD....
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post #4711 :: 2007.02.04 12:01pm
Damn, you need a creditcard for this thing, seems like i have to wait a half year until I get 18, then get a creditcard, or is there other ways to get it?
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post #4712 :: 2007.02.04 4:46pm
  b00daw liēkd this
Chip tunes on Vinyl....

funny how the circle of life (and/or technology) completes itself.

when the VIC-20 and Atari 2600 came out, guess what was still the #1 music playback format?

The good old phonograph/record player.

Thank you Thomas Edison, .... too bad your machine to call up the ghosts of dead relatives didn't work out.
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post #4713 :: 2007.02.04 5:24pm
Bah! I need this on a 78.
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post #4714 :: 2007.02.06 8:54am
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post #4715 :: 2007.02.10 11:09pm
The vinyl-cover on that pictures looks nice ... good work :)
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post #4716 :: 2007.02.12 6:15pm
iLLER: Don't you have a friend or a relative with a credit card who could help you? :) If really not, I could help you since I'm gonna order the vinyl for me and my friend, so I could also pay yours, after you'd paid me by wire. For more info write to paljas alaviiva uneksija at hotmail piste com
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post #4717 :: 2007.02.12 9:33pm
Thanks for the link Ikuma!

And thanks for the community support Uneksija
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post #4718 :: 2007.02.14 6:36pm
Uneksija, thanks will do :-)
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post #4719 :: 2007.02.19 12:00am
I've been saving for like two weeks, and I'm over halfway to being able to afford this! XD
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post #4720 :: 2007.05.01 2:57pm
I can officially confirm that this is a SCAM. XD
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post #4721 :: 2007.05.02 11:06am
yea!Scammed yaa.... i don't know why the first shippment did not arrive?
remailed today . tracking numbers soon to come
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post #4722 :: 2007.05.02 4:14pm
YES!! Whatever disaster fell upon the United States Post Office media mail is behind us now. Everything has been resent (also sent out were the artists' packages) today. We have tracking numbers and a hefty, hefty bill.
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post #4723 :: 2007.05.02 8:08pm
Really? You sent a bunch out and they never showed?

I would've just bitten the bullet if I'd known.
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post #14420 :: 2011.02.01 6:32pm
this is by far the moldiest set of n00bz ive ever laid eyes on!
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post #14434 :: 2011.02.02 6:29pm
that's nearly a 4 year bump! :O
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post #88058 :: 2017.07.17 4:22am
  tothejazz, Dimeback, mk7, null1024, Quirby64, Sinc-X, raphaelgoulart, NerdMcBoon and pedipanol liēkd this
I'm so excited for this! Please tell me more, Doyle Norman, you real person who is definitely completely real!
well he's definitely qualified to sell shovel-related stuff, he just used one to excavate this 10 year old thread =)))
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post #88061 :: 2017.07.17 6:54am
  NerdMcBoon, mk7 and raphaelgoulart liēkd this
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post #88067 :: 2017.07.17 10:27am
  andres, NerdMcBoon, Quirby64, MovieMovies1, Dimeback, mk7, sleeparrow, m9m and Sinc-X liēkd this
Doyle, I think you got confused. This is Battle of the Bits, not Battle of the Bots.
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post #95649 :: 2018.02.09 7:06am
  RazerBlue6 hæitd this
I want to buy a record.
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post #95650 :: 2018.02.09 7:20am
  VinCMG, VirtualMan, Dimeback, petet and DBOYD liēkd this
I want to buy a shovel
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post #95652 :: 2018.02.09 8:45am
at one point he still had a ton of them.
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post #95653 :: 2018.02.09 8:47am
Got super excited until I read the date
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post #95662 :: 2018.02.09 4:13pm :: edit 2018.02.09 4:14pm
lol me too for a second
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post #95663 :: 2018.02.09 4:20pm
  Robyn, Minerscale and Sinc-X liēkd this
Shit bump
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post #95672 :: 2018.02.10 4:33am
Who has a copy?
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post #95680 :: 2018.02.10 12:02pm
  Jangler and VirtualMan liēkd this
My tourmate in 2015 had at least one copy in the distro section of our merch table. I know a DJ/producer type in Seattle bought one, but maybe he has more...? His chiptune project is called Yatagarasu but I have no clue what social links he uses these days

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