Sound Installations wanted: 555 Gallery in Detroit
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post #1129 :: 2006.01.24 4:05pm
Coming up the first weekend in March the 555 Gallery Detroit will be hosting

"Sound installations"

in conjunction with its "Video/film festival"

So what is a sound installation?

well, anything you want it to be.
I realize no limitations can actually be very limiting, but I'm looking for a few brave souls to innovate.

I already have a few circuit benders planning to set up and I'm thinking of an installation composed of only a shitty cassette walk-man w/ 1970 headphones looping "Chut up!"

So if your interested, please contact me. If you don't live in Detroit or the U.S. you can still particpate. As long as the process in not over involved, I'll set it up for you.

let me know-
the sooner the better



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post #1130 :: 2006.01.25 11:29am
What type of installations are they up for? Passive/interactive, controlled/automated, compact/large, etc...
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post #1131 :: 2006.01.25 3:43pm
Well, there is a finite amount of physical space in the actual room, though the room is still quite large.

As far what type of installation, it can be anything.
The only thing I would keep in mind is possible sound bleeding, especially if alot people participate.
That could mean having headphones to use or building a sound box that only one could stick their head into, or even taking the time to construct as some enclosed closet/room for people to enter.

really, the possibilites are endless.... which is what makes it challenging.
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post #1132 :: 2006.01.26 2:27pm :: edit 2006.01.26 2:28pm
Blank you talked to Jello right? Think there will be room for a projector and screen? Also I don't know if he talked to you about the other plans. I'm trying to build a very interesting instrument, with his help of course, but that isn't definite because it may not even be possible.
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post #1133 :: 2006.01.26 5:58pm
Everything and anything is possible if you believe in it enough.

Ummm yeah definately room for projector.

And yes, I did converse with Senor Jello...
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post #1134 :: 2006.01.27 10:44am
Right on... I don't trust anything that comes out of that whore's mouth.
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post #1135 :: 2006.01.29 1:18am
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post #1136 :: 2006.01.30 1:31pm :: edit 2006.01.30 1:37pm
I realize alot of you are chipping away as I type but for those are interested in putting up a sound installation I got some news...

The official due date is FEB 10, however I hold some sway and should be able to get some indifinte extentsions.

So if you are interested please get a hold of me ASAP
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post #1137 :: 2006.02.14 2:06pm
Sorry to be a whiner* but if anyone wants to particpate at the 555 Gallery with a sound installation, let me know sooner than later.

* I believe whiner is spelled whinger in English English as opposed to American English. Much like how I have a piece of shit truck and not a piece of shit lorry. (Imagine if United Statziens called trucks lorrys. All those Rednecks who name their trucks would be very confused. "Watcha name yer Lorry, Lonnie?" "Laurie." wah wah wah waaahhhh

And no, I am not bored at work
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post #1138 :: 2006.02.22 2:31pm
If anyone is stil interested let me know by this Friday
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post #115498 :: 2019.11.10 2:19pm
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Im still interested! I would need a sound installation of my SA-HT520, hope im not too late.

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