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post #14403 :: 2011.01.22 12:32pm
  Lincent liēkd this
As some may know, some of us are Creep Smash addicts in #botb. It's a tower defense game based out of Germany. But their server crashed a few weeks ago. I saved an available copy of their open source source code, between Strobe and GreaseMonkey there is a living, breathing Creep Smash server.

To play, requires Java 1.6 or better and webstart link file -

And, oh yes, this is not exactly the same ole Creep Smash. It is now SMEESH with new experimental creeps, towers and tower levels. So I have created this forum in hopes of discussing further modifications to the game!

Thank you.
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post #21069 :: 2012.12.19 2:46pm
Is this gone forever?
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post #21072 :: 2012.12.19 5:15pm
  Roofie liēkd this
I'm sure someone still has the code. It was a pretty crazy variation but I liked it. The current creepsmash is all tricked out and won't run on my work macbook pro worth a shit. I would play a few rounds daily if this came back. I am actually paying for a VPS month to month that I'm not using (lost interest in node.js). So maybe, with a little effort, I could get java running on that...
I don't remember what license the code has either, but it would be awesome to throw it up on github for us to tweak together!
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post #25905 :: 2013.03.16 12:09am
i would liek to play ur tweaked out smeesh
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post #25908 :: 2013.03.16 3:52am
  Doxic liēkd this
i can't find the sources anywhere, but we have started to make some preliminary work on a new version from scratch.
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post #26149 :: 2013.03.26 2:56pm
That's funny. I still have the sources that you later tweaked. :/
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post #71247 :: 2016.08.20 11:28am
  Apsarah liēkd this
So, digging around i found this post and researched a little to realice what the game behind this inactive forum section was

it turned out that i find the game's main site, which is this one: http://www.creeptd.com/en and a wiki-like site that has details about the very first version, one that can be found here: https://libregamewiki.org/Creep_Smash

i was not around when botbrs has the iniciative to play this game so i may ask; the one in the site i just linked is the same game?

btw if anyone is up to host a multiplayer game hit me up on irc~ loma
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post #92127 :: 2017.11.13 6:15pm
now that strobe is back to the wild, can we play this once more? :D

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