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Level 16 Chipist
post #124874 :: 2020.08.07 11:56am :: edit 2020.08.07 12:08pm
  MandraSigma, petet, argarak, Jakerson, hanna and charlotte liēkd this
With the old way of doing things, you would have to turn off latist points because their just isnt enough time in 1 hour (for most ppl) to make a game :[

(on the other hand if u can ez make a game in an hour then Im game jelly of you. whats ur secret sauce!!!)

But now, theres 4! :D so thats maybe enough to make a little gamelette, gameling, jueguito, gamechen...
It could be......... tic80......... it could be.....umm... html5.......
it could even be a text based html game......
it shouldnt be an exe tho..... just dont......

(Its also perfectly legal to make a game on the TIA format because you just submit the rom ( Although that might take more than 4 hours but hey xD its possible... )) i wonder what other formats are like that?
Level 28 Chipist
post #124875 :: 2020.08.07 12:06pm
  Tilde and amelia liēkd this
a tic-80 4hb would be pretty neat honestly
definitely a hilariously short amount of time to make a game with, but it's probably the lowest amount of time where you could get *something* out that resembled a "complete" game
Level 30 Chipist
post #124876 :: 2020.08.07 12:43pm
  null1024, GudPiggeh and amelia liēkd this
i smell a boon loss, but would host the battle if theres a theme and good timeslot
Level 14 Grafxicist
post #124882 :: 2020.08.07 2:11pm :: edit 2020.08.07 2:11pm
  amelia liēkd this
Text-based HTML? Hmmm.... I'll have to brush up on that Codecademy course that I started specifically for that one HTML5 major I never entered...
Level 27 Chipist
post #124894 :: 2020.08.07 3:24pm
  amelia liēkd this
If there is a library of generic place holder assets we can come up with I think a 4hb game jam is possible even for complete N00Bz! I would be willing to do a crash course on constuct2/3 for people who want to make games but are on the more visual arts perspective.
Level 19 Chipist
post #124998 :: 2020.08.09 6:03pm
  amelia liēkd this
i think the minimum entry count should be reduced for game 4hbs
Level 18 Grafxicist
post #125110 :: 2020.08.11 3:45pm
  amelia liēkd this
batari Basic
is free, but, uh, good luck with that.
Level 26 Chipist
post #125116 :: 2020.08.11 9:06pm
  amelia and sean liēkd this
2 hours is enough if game engines are allowed

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