Hively Tracker for AHX?
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post #124462 :: 2020.08.03 9:28am
Hey y'all, I'm stuck on Hively Tracker, and though I can find references to a manual/documentation, the forum is pretty inactive and I can't find said documentation anywhere. Hopefully someone here knows how the heck this works:

There are two columns of three numbers (where I could expect the effects columns to be) and, well, I can't figure out what the heck they do. They don't seem to function as in other 90s trackers I've messed with, and even looking at other folks' tracks and doing some trial and error experimentation isn't getting me very far. Anyone know what the various values do in these columns?

For reference, these are the columns I mean:
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post #124467 :: 2020.08.03 10:17am
  maJsty14 liēkd this
in hivelytracker, you have two effects columns for the instruments, that's what you're looking at. in ahx format, you can only use one at a time, i think. you also have the effects column in the patterns.
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post #124470 :: 2020.08.03 10:48am
I figured they were effects columns, but I haven't been able to discern the function of the various commands. I think you're right about just using the one at the time in AHX format, though - I'll be careful about that!

I wonder if the effects are the same as in AHX Tracker? I'll see if I can find any documentation for that program instead!
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post #124474 :: 2020.08.03 11:00am
okay heres the thing.
you download the documentation / manual / reference help containing all the command references together with hively, so it should be in one of the subfolders. all u need should be there.

ahx instruments can use 2 effect columns, the pattern effects may only use 1. you get an error when u try to save as ahx then, so theres no way to get an illegal ahx file
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post #124480 :: 2020.08.03 11:20am
  tennisers and kleeder liēkd this
No documentation included with latest Linux release. Let's see . . .

. . . but it IS included with the latest Windows release. Go figure - that would have saved a LOT of time. Today. Thanks everyone!
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post #124483 :: 2020.08.03 11:30am
  maJsty14 liēkd this
oh i wasnt aware. glad u found it and we were able to help tho!

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