fakebit should be merged back into wildchip
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post #124371 :: 2020.08.02 9:46am :: edit 2020.08.02 9:49am
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it was an overly granular distinction that doesn't really work in practice because there's no way to distinguish the two formats just by listening, and people continue submitting entries to wildchip that aren't using (emulated) chips. (sorry for posting this twice, i forgot n00b soz doesn't show up on front page)
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post #124376 :: 2020.08.02 10:34am
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post #124379 :: 2020.08.02 10:49am :: edit 2020.08.02 10:57am
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now that i thought about it a bit more, i think fakebit category is good, as long as the distinction between wildchip and fakebit is wildchip is for "very chiptuney" entries, and fakebit is for "at least a bit chiptuney" entries, rather than distinguishing based on whether something is made for real hardware, because otherwise there'll be inconsistent voting for entries submitted to wildchip that don't use real hardware, and vice versa.
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post #124541 :: 2020.08.04 4:54am
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i just can't see how that definition would cause LESS confusion and inconsistent voting than the current one
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post #124573 :: 2020.08.04 10:35am
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what we need is a group of elite chip people (who are widely respected and given deference in all decisions, kind of like a priestly class) who can be fully trusted to interpret the infallible lyceum and guard the flock... sorry i mean the botbrs against heresy and judge whether an entry is worthy or whether it should be shunned

i am certain that this solution would finally put the issue to rest and that it will not cause further revolt and schism in the future
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post #124577 :: 2020.08.04 11:15am
  KungFuFurby liēkd this
we're a µrepublic, not a µcollective
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post #124617 :: 2020.08.04 5:18pm :: edit 2020.08.04 5:18pm
  RazerBlue6 liēkd this
the way i see it, saying "if it does not use REAL (emulated) HARDWARE then it is ILLEGAL" creates a binary, where some people are going to use vsts that sound like genesis or 2a03 for wildchip, and some people might vote 1 on them for that reason, while others wouldn't. if it's purely based on the aesthetic, then even though it becomes more subjective, there's less of an arbitrary sharp divide.
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post #124621 :: 2020.08.04 5:32pm :: edit 2020.08.04 5:33pm
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I don't know how relevant my personal experience is, BUT I'll say this: I've noticed that for all the "allgear-esque" formats, people generally don't care about the particulars of how it was made. I've personally never been grilled about it, and I've played really loose with the idea of what those even are (as satirized in Unreal). So rather than how it sounds, I think the functional difference between wild chip, allgear and fakebit is how the producer chooses their process. I think of it more like a prompt than a prescriptive rule about what you're allowed to use.
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post #124626 :: 2020.08.04 6:24pm
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Personally, I don't entirely like the split because it doesn't really solve a problem, and it just adds a bit of confusion.
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post #124627 :: 2020.08.04 7:10pm :: edit 2020.08.05 9:31am
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imo a meaningless complicated debate over what a “real chiptune is” is itself an important part of chiptune history, and should be enshrined and respected
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post #124628 :: 2020.08.04 7:10pm
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here's my two cents as someone who only joined here very recently:

- I make my music in FL Studio so I see 'fakebit' and immediately think "this is something I can make", but 'wildchip' on the other hand feels like something I could not in good conscience submit for, since nothing about what I'm making is made to be played back on real soundchips/hardware, even if I'm using samples from them, so to me, the distinction is valuable, given the current rules for each

- however, it sounds like the real problem is that 'wildchip' is by its nature very vague, and indistinguishable to the ear from 'fakebit' due to allowing for added processing/effects chains unable to be replicated on soundchips, which can ultimately sound just like using game samples only

- so while I think there should be a category (besides allgear) that allows for "chip sounding but not 'authentic' (i.e. made specifically for a soundchip)", the possibility exists of merging the two but with a different distinction/ruleset. it is perhaps strange to have the "inbetween" of wildchip given the new presence of fakebit, but of course, it is by far the older, more established format...

- no matter what though I think it's valuable to have a category for chip type music that isn't meant for actual soundchips, you allow in a whole new group of composers and producers this way, myself included (obviously this is of some personal importance to me--it's part of why I joined!). imo allgear doesn't really count since you *could* but do not *have to* make chippy music for that at all.
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post #124629 :: 2020.08.04 7:28pm
who'd be ok with merging wild chip and fakebit, and adding a "chiptune" format
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post #124631 :: 2020.08.04 8:16pm
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i like having more than one category where the main restriction is the prompt instead of the software

wildchip prompts can easily include some rules like "should be a hardware-compatible chiptune", or "use 8 channels" otherwise it's fakebit, which is fine
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post #124635 :: 2020.08.04 9:55pm
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yikes that strawpoll is basically 50/50

i was once yelled at for doing chiptune shoegaze hybrid in the wildchip category. so if u delete fakebit u have to promise never to yell at me again for anything. and also give me 222,222,22$
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post #124636 :: 2020.08.04 10:17pm
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At first I thought that it was funny how the ratio of supporters / objectors precisely matches the winning chance of a coinflip, when the change that's being polled - after the change was already implemented - was practically decided with a coinflip.

Then I started feeling disgusted by the great amount of division. What happened to all the conversation? Where did the consensus go? The fact that people still cannot collectively agree as to which side to pick, which idea to stand behind, is a sign of a greater cultural problem that needs to be fixed in order to move forward from here.

Thus I declare: BotB at this point needs either a cultural revolution or extreme dictatorship. I'm in the favour of extreme dictatorship. When conversations and pollings go nowhere the only logical follow-up is discard democracy as a whole and take total control of the situation. Those in power are to choose as they will, silently execute any party that opposes and only then will we reach a complete unanimity.

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post #124637 :: 2020.08.04 10:50pm
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don't give up on the concept of democracy 49 vs 51 is more like a fair fight. maybe a wildchip vs. fakebit compo O:?
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post #124653 :: 2020.08.05 4:09am
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post #124658 :: 2020.08.05 5:40am
unless real hardware is made mandatory in wildchip i don't think there will ever be a clear distinction between the two.
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post #124678 :: 2020.08.05 9:14am
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guys my idea was awesome.....
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post #124738 :: 2020.08.05 7:05pm
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I put fakebit in the xhb format blocklist. I don't plan on using it again in the future right now either. I thought this would be a fun joke format, but its just an annoyance at this point.

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