Kitty Safe Space, a NES chupt00n album
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post #124127 :: 2020.07.29 1:10pm
  zygrunt, Quirby64, xterm, Tilde, VinsCool, Kasran, Jakerson, charlotte, Grumskiz and kleeder liēkd this
A compilation of Famitracker tunes from recent years.

You may have heard most (but not all) of these tracks on BotB before, but hey! Hope you'll enjoy regardless ^_^

Much Love!
All N00bz!
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post #124168 :: 2020.07.30 1:56pm :: edit 2020.07.30 1:56pm
  Jakerson, xterm, zygrunt, Quirby64 and kleeder liēkd this
dang, just like me, this n00b right here needs more releases!

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