hello gamers i made solo rock album >:)
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post #123702 :: 2020.07.17 8:55pm
  zygrunt, Spring, big lumby and meanings liēkd this

im really out here making music. anyways uhhh if you have like a bit over half an hour (or if u just wanna check out one of the songs lol), critique and all that would be appreciated. 8) grazie!
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post #123714 :: 2020.07.18 4:12am
  Quirby64 liēkd this
groovy lofi goodness!
Not really my kind of music honestly, but it's stilll good :3 vocals are mixed a bit too loud I think but maybe that's just me, I bet so
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post #123730 :: 2020.07.18 5:13pm
  Spring liēkd this
ok ok fair! my vocal mixing ability isnt the b e s t but its been improving hehe. thank you for crit 8)
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post #123731 :: 2020.07.18 7:15pm
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I just tried to say something, don't worry too much about it ;w;
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post #123861 :: 2020.07.22 6:24pm
  big lumby and Quirby64 liēkd this
hi! I really enjoyed your album, and the lo-fi aesthetic it put forth. the auxiliary instruments added a nice touch. I think it really went out on a high note, the last 3 songs were all my favorites. thanks for making it!
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post #123893 :: 2020.07.23 6:34pm :: edit 2020.07.23 6:35pm
  damifortune, big lumby and big dog liēkd this
whoa! i appreciate the review :D i tried to make instrumentation a priority when making it, trying out new things and all that. im really glad you liked it, thank you for listening :>

edit: oh my GOD you paid for it i cant express how thankful i am <3
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post #124958 :: 2020.08.09 12:04am :: edit 2020.08.09 12:05am
  Quirby64 liēkd this
aight so
i went ahead and gave this the playstation treatment (my model is a bit prone to skips but it outputs rca so we good) and i gotta say...good shit, nic.

already, i can tell with this album that you were trying something new. didn't expect a xylophone in your music but here it is and leaves doesn't sound the same without it. worth it is worth listening to (hardeeharhar), it is a helluva lot of fun to listen to.

no promises has a jazzy kinda spunk to it, love the clarinet you put in it. i also like how it transitions into a more mellow kinda ending, ties a nice knot on it. someday is a really good song as well, very powerful lyrics in it.

safe to say i agree heavily with dami when i say that the last 3 songs are king tier. just in case is a great longcat with vocals aplenty and a nice pacifist vibe to it, verity i can't even begin with why i love it so much, and another sleepless night i had to play on my computer (ps gave up on it >:T) but...oH

looking through the cd booklet, with what little there is in them (compared to five ways), the charm factor from <solo> </solo> is enough to make me visibly smile. this is just...hooh. like i said before, nic, this is some good shit. it was a treat to go through, and i cannot express how great this is enough. :Db
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post #124985 :: 2020.08.09 2:05pm
  big lumby liēkd this
aaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA i wasnt expecting such a long review but im super thankful!! ;v; im glad you enjoyed it as much as you did, seeing people respond to it is always a blessing. and like?? visible smiles?? TOP TIER im just

good vibes rn 8) grazie mille!

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