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HOw to CIrctui Bend the safe way
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Be careful not to burn your fingers with the soldering iron.

Clean your soldering iron with COpper CHore Boy, and a wet spounge or cotton cloth

Please use Lithium batteries for maximum life of instrument patches and Battery powered things only, or only wall-box adapters- corded things have high volts and are dangerous! you can always do that when you have more circuit bending experience points.

Now use Lead-Free soldier (UNLESS YOUR PRODUCT IS GOING INTO OUTER SPACE) euclectic solder is beetteer for space design- little threads pop out of your silver jointes in outaer space and the tin as awell. So use silver and tin based, if you can afford the lead free solder. THat is safe.

Now wash your hands always with Gojo foam soap, after soldering.

Try modifying a Casio Mt-240 by soldering random wires to the Soldier side of the board. Now hook these random wires up, use plenty of wire, after you close your keyboard back up, whil you play drum beats or keyboards on your MT-240. Try the different presets!

Try modifying with a calculator hooked up in the middle of your patch, solder random points to your calculator circuit. Now press the buttons on the calculator! Try using a cheap KAwasaki keyboard! You'lll love it.

Try modifying a VOice Changer for Chip Tune battles and sample in your amazing Robot voice or Scary RObot VOice

Thanks! From Why WOu!
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post #123023 :: 2020.06.24 6:21am
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When connecting two battery devices ground them together to get the modular action you're after.

Example: a circuit bent drum machine and NES work much better together when grounded together. That's what kicks your mods into high gear.

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