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post #120673 :: 2020.05.13 9:50pm :: edit 2020.05.14 12:09pm
I requesteth a battle so We could Perhaps could publish our new Code Synth tequniques to show off some FreezePad Unicode Synth Samples. My Band Mate Reccommends

"FOr a Tutorial We would Use .Wav Code Scratching, Being Mindful of not too much qewr134&*^% aka keyboard available data in the FreezePad Right Register (Crudely Dubbed the Dump). It's better ty type in Unicode data which we haven't quite figured out yet. We've had much better luck just going 4, 8, 16, 32, (& c.) with the lines of code copied from chips and text to speech. Very best to start with small .Wav samples for your songs if you have a laptop like us. Hense the FreezePad dubbity dubbity. Doo dah. We call it the timing Tracker Theorem, for 1/3, 1/5, 1/4, 1/8, (& .c) which is going to be a long haul to code an Easel and Measuring Tool for the SNipets to Repeat your Unique and Creative Unicode Synths Crafted from 8 Bits to a Full Quacky Code Glitch Beat. With 1/5, 1/3, and 2/3, and 1/4 (& .c) layered after the Samples or Beats are done, these are going to be some Postable Polysynth samples for your favorite Trackers, but the goal is to Mix Paste (Porous Paste) the Unicode Together; alternatively the idea is to figure out the whole range of Unicode symbols and their corresponding Elements on the Spectrum in Audacity. Audition is of course the Aim and Elemental .Wav editor for Windows, but the Audacity has served us as this FreezePad sidekick so well that we really just paired them up for quacky team which is CodeSynth. So thanks Everyone. We think that would be a nice battle, and we have, a couple of friends on here we could ask to get that fired up. It's going to take us a couple weeks to get the fyre CodeChips Ready; I'm not ready for them like Snakey is. Email Snakey for a COdeChip Tutorial at email him any time He's fortified in Residential Sweden hanging out with one of Strobe's Animation Charachters apparently and WhyWou.

CodeTracker: the objective is to track chips with unicode and achieve a universal BPM in Fration, Tracking the CHips in .WAV data with FreezePad and using WordPad Free for PC as your Copy and Paste Easel; It takes much longer copying and pasting with FreezePad Alone, hence the name.

THanks Everyone GIve it a consideration before we bog Strobe down with more Stuff to do We want to give him time to work on his own Stuff WE're counting on that stuff for our Ipod when we drive down to the dirty South in the Fall."

Thanks Elyk. Can I Type Something Yet?

"No Snakey Pooh. THat's my job"

You're damn straght.

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