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post #120665 :: 2020.05.13 6:53pm
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Hi there! Because creativity doesn't stop during the pandemic, the Flashparty ORG team has decided that our beloved demoparty will take place online!

Having an online edition is a great opportunity to show your demoscene productions to a broader audience and make your quarantine enjoyable.

Some of the distinguishing features of this year's Flashparty:

Participating in flashparty will be completely free, for submitting your entry as well as voting.

Flexible category system: if more than 3 entries of the same platform/style are presented they will have their own category.

Unusual text art categories like teletext and others you'd want to propose.

Deadline for entries submission is july 17th at 23:59 (argentine time GMT -3) with the same categories and competitions as usual, and we'll also have pre and post-party live performances!

You can find more information at or by replying to this email.

See you online!

Flashparty ORG

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