Official Format Request: Super Mario World (Mappist)
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post #119539 :: 2020.04.21 3:19pm :: edit 2020.06.09 2:16pm
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Hello again!
This is basically just a part of the big thread about this topic, because its my personal fav out of the suggested mappist formats and i see a lot of recurring approval from other people as well.

(hey puke, i know we already had a discussion about this, but afair your only point was that youre not interested enough in that format, so its not entirely out of question..? thats why im asking again. (and again (and again, until you say yes (or no))))

LunarMagic / Super Mario World
file types - .bps .ips


Using Lunar Magic to create custom rom hacks of Super Mario World. Lunar Magic is completely free and able to load the Super Mario World Rom File. Getting the SMW Rom itself is fairly easy... searching for "smwOrig.smc" on Google gives a lot of results. (Using the (US) Version is recommended)
Since uploading the Rom itself might not be completely legal, it is recommended to use the tool FLIPS
to create a patch file (.bps) and upload that. (patches are legal)
(Older patch-files uses .ips extension)
Everyone else can then use this patch file with the smw-rom to create the working and customized rom, which can be played on a snes-emulator like ZSNES or Snes9x or on real hardware if you have... things to make it work lol.

The format allows n00bs to create their own levels (for OHBs) and also complete games! (for majors). You cannot only do level design, but also pixelist and composing work (because you're able to also change palettes and soundtrack). It also fits within the other botb-formats and the idea of "bits"-battles because... the game is old!! >:)
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post #119541 :: 2020.04.21 3:24pm
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brand new to this but I see amazing potential and much fun!
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post #119542 :: 2020.04.21 3:25pm :: edit 2020.04.21 3:26pm
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i approve of this and support this (also dont use zsnes)
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post #119557 :: 2020.04.21 5:30pm
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You have my pigeon armies full support!
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post #119559 :: 2020.04.21 5:44pm :: edit 2020.04.21 6:06pm
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this looks exciting as fuck, have to try that editor!

edit: not very easy to handle though!
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post #119561 :: 2020.04.21 8:17pm :: edit 2020.04.21 8:17pm
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A format that explicitly, or implicitly, tells the botbr "here, go steal this thing"
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post #119573 :: 2020.04.22 5:52am :: edit 2020.04.22 5:59am
This n00b ashamed of what written.
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post #119576 :: 2020.04.22 7:37am
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great for collabs
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post #119667 :: 2020.04.24 12:28pm
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Sounds cool
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post #119676 :: 2020.04.24 5:24pm
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mario paint used to involve making a .zst and then patching it into a mario paint rom, i believe... so there's history of using roms in formats!
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post #119680 :: 2020.04.24 5:39pm
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channel f needs the rom files, mt32 needs the rom files
you just dont share them on the site, because thats uncool. patch files work perfectly, i see no problem here at all
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post #119831 :: 2020.04.28 9:05pm
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Would be cool if it turns into an official format, i could start using lunar magic again :D (i dont use lunar since 2018...laziness :P).
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post #119926 :: 2020.05.02 12:28pm
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lunar magic is super mario maker before super mario maker
would be cool to try out the levels made in battles
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post #121591 :: 2020.05.26 3:21pm
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ahh yes its the bump
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post #121594 :: 2020.05.26 4:03pm
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i would have a blast doin this
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post #121679 :: 2020.05.28 7:26pm
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huge support, this looks fun as heck
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post #121783 :: 2020.05.30 3:33am
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maps for games in general would be nice format choice
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post #121788 :: 2020.05.30 7:26am :: edit 2020.05.30 7:27am
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i remember being on a website called “advance wars by web” as a kid and making maps for them... wait actually we’ve HAD other map formats too, we had worm maps for a while. (they were jpegs lol)

a personal fun thing i wld like to see a map for is the freeware game DWEEP GOLD. its totally abandoned but it is a fun puzzle game i had lots of fun making levels for as a little kid... i want to see a community for it again... here is a link to the game
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post #121792 :: 2020.05.30 8:17am
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(pssst keffie, put all ur ideas and suggestions that arent smw here pls)
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post #121832 :: 2020.05.31 3:40am
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we honestly do need something like this, smw maps are just as popular as doom wads afaik, if not more
i think the only guidelines would be that (since this is basically going onto a full rom instead of being a standalone engine) the level should replace yoshi's island 1 or 2 (or yoshi's house) if you're doing it for an ohb
other than that, anything's free game i would say

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