yoh dats' me, sc00p.
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post #118807 :: 2020.03.31 10:24am
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most of you guys have forgotten about sc00p since he disappeared mysteriously during november/december 2019, but it turns out sc00p is still alive and doing well!

...sort of. the covid-19 situation is the most heartbreaking and the strongest struggle that has forced me much more into changing the way i socialize on the net and to focus on my hobbies much more, but especially PROCRASTINATING even when i don't have a froggin social on every time.
italy has become a big blunder and i am seriously fed up being in a country that is the first to have the most virus cases right before china, and said country is full of fascist delinquents. just as worse as american delinquents.
when school started to take on the power of homeschooling on me, i decided to log out from discord out from my pc so that i'll focus a lot more on private hobbies. you know, i decided to take a step away from drawing dirty bullcrap in aseprite.
until when the quarantine ends my parents took my pc in their parents room in order for me to take video lessons with school (which also leaves me to finally.... procrastinate a lot more in my pc after wasting time checking my phone in a useless way.), but the sense of wanting to go outside is growing a lot inside me.
...and not forgetting i still am messing on famitracker and it is the only program i find really comfortable to play with after fricking years, but looking at my progresses i've done last year, i've did less covers than usual and considering my departure from pc activity, i'm making really less than usual.
that being said for the programming side. game programming is no longer a thing that i want to take it further considering i always spit out incomplete prototypes and then once left in limbo it never comes back to me. i decided to instead take my time and focus on tabletop gaming.
and now i have a serious problem with too much drawing. other than the usual procrastination i have with music, i've been using a lot of pinterest and its making me feel more annoyed. i don't know why i am drawing a lot only to leave out a bunch of messed up, mostly confusing to look at drawings that i don't consider them satisfying because they mostly come out distorted.
i really hate my behaviour towards the fact i'm forced to waste time on drawing, which somehow has become more of a stressful passion than a fun passion.

i wish you best regards and i hope you have fun. i'm out of here.
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post #118817 :: 2020.03.31 4:04pm
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post #118968 :: 2020.04.09 7:59am :: edit 2020.04.09 7:59am
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Sounds rough sc00p. I don't know you but it's interesting to hear how this all is affecting everybody across the world. Sorry to hear your testimony about fascist shitheads and horrible virus-handling blunders. That does sound a lot like over here in America.

But hey friend, don't beat yourself up too much about how you're expressing yourself in your creative outlets. There's nothing more satisfying than doing the things you want to do, but everyone has a lot of anxiety and it can be really hard to focus these days. It's just a sign of the times. Maybe you can make great things out of it or maybe not, but at least you're working to make things all the same. Keep your eyes on little goals that are actually fun and rewarding for you to complete and you might see progress that you like.

I am a clerical worker in state government (not federal) here, and I at least still have a job, but getting to my office takes so much time and energy that it's often very difficult for me to make much of my own progress on projects during the evenings. I am trying not to worry about that too much. Tiny bits of progress are better than none, and it's not worth beating yourself up about right now. We've got to keep looking after our mental health after all <3
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post #118984 :: 2020.04.09 3:18pm
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with drawing, have you tried the trick where you flip it horizontally periodically as you're drawing it to check for any funkyness because your eyes may be deceiving you??
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post #119101 :: 2020.04.15 9:45am
i don't draw on digital anymore so this one is a terrific miss. drawing on traditional seems to provide a unique advantage regarding the automations of the arm/brain but you'll miss out a bunch of digital software usefulness like that. consequently, my drawing skills got awry again and i'm more skilled into using famitracker to spend my time alone doing covers.
i wish i would tell what's next but i'm gonna have to keep everything to myself...
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post #119136 :: 2020.04.17 11:10am
if its on paper you can flip it around and hold it up to light
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post #119137 :: 2020.04.17 12:06pm
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Hello Neighbor. Don't be sad, the times are getting better. You just have to be patient. Try to enjoy the little things. Corona will soon be defeated and life can go on.
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