I released my first album :)
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post #118576 :: 2020.03.20 2:20am :: edit 2020.03.20 2:21am
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Free lossless download: https://ophicleidon.bandcamp.com/album/now-thats-just-old-crap

Hi folks,

I've released my album a few weeks ago, but didn't think to post it here. I don't think it's considered rude but let me know if I broke some kind of etiquette! :)

Let me know what you think.
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post #118577 :: 2020.03.20 2:53am
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hahaha first of all: i like the song titles :D
i really like it, cool sounds! fav tracks are 1,9 and 12 c:
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post #118582 :: 2020.03.20 12:18pm
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track 8 is epic!!!
Overall I'd give it a ophicleidon out of ten
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post #118583 :: 2020.03.20 12:33pm
I'm happy you've enjoyed it! :)
Thanks for the feedback. I feel like I can finally start making music people can enjoy :D
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post #118767 :: 2020.03.29 1:03am :: edit 2020.03.29 1:08am
Dude I wanted 8 to drop so fucking bad à la Renard/LapFox with something close like 10
*rwt pop* Noice

I swear I giggled throughout the entire thing because of the names

...Also what's with that Livemau5 track

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