new format suggestion: pure data pd
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post #118064 :: 2020.02.29 4:01pm :: edit 2020.02.29 4:01pm
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hello, im just a post who's redirecting to the n00b s0z thread - check the information posted there and maybe use this thread for further discussion

[guess it makes more sense as a front page-thread]
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post #118065 :: 2020.02.29 4:17pm
thanks for the thread lol, would be interesting to see if there are people interested in this as a format, it's kinda like another step after vcv rack as a synthesis environment that's even more low level than vcv
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post #118066 :: 2020.02.29 5:23pm
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if i could have stayed home today this would already be a format
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post #118067 :: 2020.02.29 5:39pm :: edit 2020.02.29 6:04pm
reading through this manual:

guessing we might want to start with 'vanilla audio'?

do people write audio/visual demos for pd?
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post #118069 :: 2020.02.29 6:14pm
  puke7 liēkd this
there's a good chance there are some out there, but the small catch is that you generally can't have audio and visuals running at the same time and that you can't really do anything graphically useful using vanilla objects afaik

the way to do that would be to have two pd patches, one with audio and one with graphics (usually using the GEM library) and using something like [vanilla]netsend or [extended]osc to send data from one patch to the other to have the graphics do stuff in sync with the audio
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post #118233 :: 2020.03.07 1:47am
This one is using puredata vanilla for music, but for having the graphical effects you can use purr-data instead. Both are working well together, from the same pd patch:

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