good time to work on pit battles~?
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post #117796 :: 2020.02.19 8:24pm
  argarak, tonreihe, kleeder, EnigmoreSFC, VinsCool and gusdabeast liēkd this
over thr last year or so, it seems like the age of collectively stacked ohbs have come to an end (for now at least), with them mostly being 3 people or less now. this is good i think, or certainly not bad, i think it is SOCIAL MEDIA making the place feel more like a “hub” than a sealed space, but i think it means that the culture has become more “individual” (??) people come here for events rather than hanging out in the website culture all the time...

to this end, i think pit battles r PARTICULARLY well suited. if u challenge somebody to a pit battle, the bot can personally @ them on twitter to come to the website for an ass whooping, and the “battle” so to speak have an instant televised phenomena to it, as people will watch the two guys they know from twitter duke it out... its a good opportunity that is well worth picking up on if we are to become a more “up to the times” website
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post #117797 :: 2020.02.19 8:30pm
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heres how i see this working:

u can “beghast” a battle for 1-3 days length by sending a specific user on here a memo, after which shows up as an alert on their account, as well as an @ on twitter from the botb account. if they log in, they can accept or reject the challenge, and the battle begins. then they enter, people vote on which entry they liked more, yadda yada, etc.
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post #117798 :: 2020.02.19 8:32pm
  charlotte liēkd this
Would be nice for people like me who always misses OHBs because life gets in the way.
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post #117802 :: 2020.02.20 1:30am
battle engine rewrite 2020++
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post #117805 :: 2020.02.20 7:23am
this is a really great idea since im usually away or asleep when they happen
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post #117806 :: 2020.02.20 7:49am
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uhhh.... not really?
trying to get my shit together to live score Dr. Jeckyll Mr. Hyde (1920) at end of march and trying to be there for my parents as my dad is about to have heart surgery plus full time job
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post #117810 :: 2020.02.20 11:36am
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post #117832 :: 2020.02.20 9:19pm
i'll be back with another scheme.
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post #117834 :: 2020.02.20 11:54pm
  VinsCool liēkd this
yeah life gets in the fucking way of everybody doesn't it - wish your dad all the best... also, fuck full time jobs

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