pure data pd ohb or something
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post #117755 :: 2020.02.17 12:12pm
  argarak liēkd this
i fancy learning/pissing about with pure data. anyone else interested in such thingz?
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post #117781 :: 2020.02.19 7:35am
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new format hype?
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post #117927 :: 2020.02.24 4:56pm
pd as a botb format would be really cool, I've always been wanting to learn it and I'm finally getting around to it

in fact I'm working on a pure data patch rn as part of a "walkman melody" entry, managed to actually sequence the melody in pd as well as add some """generative""" percussions (totally not just using a rng)

will be posting source files so look out for that in the coming days!
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post #117929 :: 2020.02.24 5:19pm
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post #118063 :: 2020.02.29 3:46pm :: edit 2020.02.29 3:51pm
this should've been a proper bulletin btw

I've been using pure data for a little while and there's a possibility of choosing different limitations or even allowing for two different formats

the normal distribution of pd is just vanilla so it only includes core objects and nothing too fancy. it's still very possible for making musics but it's a bit limiting in the things you can do

though similarly to vcv rack there are other objects you can grab off the internet and use called externals iirc, which allow you to do crazy stuff like add reverb, send data over the network and even graphics (gem is a lot of fun btw, really easy to do cool 3d stuff)

luckily you don't have to install all these externals by yourself, there are other distributions of pd that add some really cool things like theming, bendy wires and have libraries built-in which is pretty nice

so there's a possibility to add two formats such as pd and pd+ (w/ externals), just allowing all externals or just allowing externals for a specific distribution (such as purr-data)

lastly, there's the consideration about other botbrs and if there's any more interest in this format. as a mainly chiptune-oriented community there's not a huge amount of people interested in the niche formats like vcv rack anyways and since pd has a more difficult learning curve imo, not really sure it will gather that much attention hm

personally it's been really fun learning pd and using it overall but if it's too niche for botb then that's fine too!

e: also important to note that there's no hurry in any of this, there's a ton of format suggestions out there for sure and I know there isn't always all the time in the world to work on botb backend things

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