I made a new album :o
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post #117740 :: 2020.02.16 4:03pm
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in 2018 I released my first album 'Certainly' and now comes 'Formula Maintained', I really hope you enjoy it!!

Basically, if you've ever enjoyed my entries here on BOTB, you'll probably enjoy this album also. It has some amazing remixes by some BOTBers also, so please check it out :3
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post #117741 :: 2020.02.16 4:06pm
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post #117742 :: 2020.02.16 4:52pm :: edit 2020.02.16 4:53pm
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Yo, Robyn! And congratulations for achieving a second album, both all filled with such enjoyable and high quality tracks, and tasteful variety!

Aside so, it is also very praiseworthy to see you trying out new styles, foreign to your signature one, and triumphantly excel on them, as you accomplished in your composition named It's Not Jazz (Vice Dub); it, along other of your feats on the tracks in Formula Mantained, definitely shows how much effort and care you put on your music.

Props as well to djmaximum, dusthillguy and Miragey for their also fresh remixes of your music they bought to your album, sykhro for his neat violin accompaniment on your track named Trace, and sen-pi for the stylish album cover he pulled up; It would be cool to see them all collaborating together once more on a, hopefully future Robyn's album!

Please, keep raising, Robyn! You most definitely can get skills beyond what words can express, as you have shown.

Thanks a lot for the neat time you gave me by listening to your album!

Big cheers!
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post #118024 :: 2020.02.28 1:13pm
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I like this album a lot! The style hits so many marks for me.
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post #118035 :: 2020.02.28 6:48pm
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it was fun to take part in this album, who knows if I decide to be in her next one.

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