feature request: display random page
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Level 27 Renderist
post #117004 :: 2020.01.14 2:57pm
  Tilde, Galgox, Savestate, MAG77, argarak, kfaraday, tennisers and Razerek liēkd this
would be nice to have a button among home, forum, browser, etc. that simply displays a random botb page.
Level 20 Criticist
post #117005 :: 2020.01.14 3:52pm
  xterm, Galgox, Savestate, Doxic, raphaelgoulart, kfaraday, Tilde and b00daw liēkd this
the holy grail is to randomly land on variety.png
Level 28 Hostist
post #117113 :: 2020.01.20 12:22pm
so, yeah, this is possible, but, liek....

it would have to first decide what type of page to randomly load (entry, battle, forum thread, lyceum, etc.) and then it could easily load a random item from there

...unless it takes in account what kind of page its already on

idk also just sounds like moar clutter
Level 30 Chipist
post #117114 :: 2020.01.20 12:29pm
  Tilde and pandavova liēkd this
clutter! clutter!
Level 27 Renderist
post #117116 :: 2020.01.20 2:04pm
the more random the better. i don't care how it works, but as long as it's "random". hell, you could toss it below the donate button that you don't see to care about! ;d/
Level 28 Hostist
post #117127 :: 2020.01.20 5:59pm
  Tilde, MAG77, raphaelgoulart, Razerek, tennisers, b00daw, Savestate, Jangler and kleeder liēkd this
Random Node Goto-er
is now a thing
Level 27 Renderist
post #117135 :: 2020.01.21 4:38am
  Tilde, raphaelgoulart and Sinc-X liēkd this
wow! (i shit you not) the first page i went to when clicking on RNG is: http://battleofthebits.org/arena/OHC/3352/ "let's test new features"
Level 14 Criticist
post #117136 :: 2020.01.21 6:34am
just redirect all "random" clcks to my profile, huehuehue (don't do it if you want new people to keep joining.) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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