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mario paint format submissions
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post #116672 :: 2020.01.04 1:39pm
  pandavova, boscutti939, DCT Master, Jangler, kleeder and argarak liēkd this
so here i am stomping my feet, bitching and moaning with my crown on and soapbox shoes.

mario paint submissions are intended to be replayed and/or converted for replay on mario paint. *.sho is a ripped format of SNES RAM which contains the module and other parameters. where shroomplay was useful and mario pants is fun, mario pants does not provide all the features of mario paint and cannot be considered "standard" (unless we're talking mariopantse format.)

either puke7 can, at his will, edit submission guidelines for this or y'all can fuck around by submitting emulator savestates and abuse mario paint and i won't downvote your lovely track. <3
Level 22 Chipist
post #116694 :: 2020.01.05 9:22pm
  b00daw liēkd this
  ordinate hæitd this
pandavova will remember that.
Level 22 Chipist
post #116742 :: 2020.01.07 7:05am
i don't get what you're asking for. what else do we have to do besides uploading the sho?
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post #116746 :: 2020.01.07 8:58am
  raphaelgoulart, b00daw, Xyz and Tilde liēkd this
uploading a .sho is fine, but .sho and mariopaints don't support some "hidden" (i.e. not accessible via the UI) features of mario paint, like extended song lengths (which have some caveats) and out-of-bounds instrument values. i submitted a snes9x savestate instead of a .sho for my last mariopaint entry since my entry relied on these features – i think b00daw is just saying that this should be explicitly allowed in the format rules.

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