The death of SoundClown?
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post #115920 :: 2019.12.02 2:08pm
Recently got an email from SoundClown.

To bring our highest quality file-management solution to more creators, we've made some changes to the platform that might affect you:

Starting today, (December 2nd, 2019 10:06 AM CST) every SoundCloud creator will be able to upload, store and download their original lossless HD files. This feature set was previously only available to Pro Unlimited subscribers. You can learn why uploading lossless HD files is an important way for you to protect your work here.

To make lossless HD file management free to all, starting December 9th, our free upload limit will change from 3 hours of audio, to 3 hours or 15 tracks. This will not impact existing uploads.

Essentially, your account and your ability to upload will be revoked until you're under the 15 track limit. The 3 hour limit is still present, but who really makes tracks longer than 8 minutes? If you're a Pro/Ultimate member and your subscription expires, your older uploads will be hidden, meaning only you will be able to see them, even if you share the link.

I'm sure BattleOfTheBits will not be affected by this, but some of ya'll do use SoundClown so, any thoughts?
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post #115921 :: 2019.12.02 2:21pm :: edit 2019.12.02 2:22pm
  garvalf, sethdonut, nu11, ovrthrustr and pandavova liēkd this
"but who really makes tracks longer than 8 minutes?"
thats a personal attack, flaminglog. you better declare war

i dont use soundcloud for years now, but 15 tracks max sounds like big bullshit
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post #115922 :: 2019.12.02 2:47pm
  AutisticApple liēkd this
People will either make more alts (like it wasn't a thing already) or quit the platform dry.

Maybe if they actually worked on solving the wonkiness of the site and track down all the bots (which is like 80% of any activity on uploads anyway) maybe I'd be more understanding.
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post #115923 :: 2019.12.02 2:59pm
the 15 track limit is absurd lol, maybe soundclown is taking a hit financially and they're trying to get more pro unlimited subscriptions (the regular pro tier no longer exists I think)

the nonsense about "lossless HD file management" is likely just so they can twist the facts and make it seem like they're doing some good to the platform instead of trying to gain more pro unlimited users. they're likely not actually streaming the lossless audio (which would be insane), but the download feature on soundcloud is rarely used or available and artists can just store lossless audio files on a server somewhere, which is far more versatile anyway. I just can't see this feature being very useful
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post #115924 :: 2019.12.02 3:03pm
I never really used SoundCloud outside of Project VGM and a single remix of a NES song I did. Uploading raw master quality tracks was a really attractive feature for me in hindsight, but the 3 hour limit caused me to realize I would go way over that, and thus I lost interest. And I can in theory consume 3 hours in 12 tracks, plus what I already have.
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post #115925 :: 2019.12.02 4:13pm
  Lincent liēkd this
Oh dang. In case they won't realize they are making some weird moves, can you suggest some alternative platforms for hosting music besides Bandcamp and maybe Youtube? (idk maybe Youtube is a good option after all?)

Also there is a soundcloud public account for Sunvox.. It was probably the only kind of promotion I ever had for my music.
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post #115926 :: 2019.12.02 4:33pm
wait I don't think xracecarx is flaminglog he?
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post #115927 :: 2019.12.03 12:58am
  raphaelgoulart liēkd this
no he's not
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post #115928 :: 2019.12.03 1:44am :: edit 2019.12.03 1:55am
I saw thrown around as I was surfing the internet related to the stuff revolving around Soundcloud recently; I made one
just in case. If there are any other alternatives that BotBrs here wanna throw around that are actually better than, please share them so we can at least come to some concensus on what we should migrate to :x

After hearing all of this news, I might consider letting go of my Soundcloud Pro membership and, once master downloads become available, just port over my old stuff to If I use Soundcloud after the fact, it's more as a glorified 15 track spotlight rather than something I'm actively maintaining for, say, musical doodles or soundclowns.

[EDIT] Also made an Audius account
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post #115929 :: 2019.12.03 2:55am :: edit 2019.12.03 9:58am
I read some people say “WeLl ThEY NeEd To ChArGE To Be AbLE To MaInTaIn ThE WeBsItE”. Which I call bullshit, youtube doesn’t charge for uploads and capacity do they, neither does soundclick (which is mostly dead and outdated). But you get the point.

Edit: soundclick does seem to charge, but free users don’t have a total upload limit
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post #115932 :: 2019.12.03 10:13am
Audius failed my browser test, thus that's out for me. has a 6 hour limit plus a 25MB upload limit.
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post #115954 :: 2019.12.04 3:08pm :: edit 2019.12.04 3:10pm
so weird -- I've been paying for PRO for 5+ years
i don't even put lossless files on there
now i can't even give them money i'm used to w/o giving them a shitload moar? i have 74 tracks on there
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post #115959 :: 2019.12.04 9:15pm
  DCT Master and raphaelgoulart liēkd this
in terms comparing utub to soundclod, i think people are more willing to watch ads before videos than listen to ads in between music, so they decided that limiting new content is better than losing consumers
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post #115960 :: 2019.12.05 1:57am
  raphaelgoulart liēkd this
You could upload FLACs and everyone could download them since beginning pretty much... this high quality schit is all complete nonsense.

Anyway SC is now dead to me pretty much, since I have hit the limits and I cannot affrod to pay for the premium account anyway, especially since it needs to be done indefinitely to maintain the availability of your stuff...
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post #115964 :: 2019.12.05 9:21am :: edit 2019.12.05 9:23am
  Baron Knoxburry, nu11, xterm, xracecar, argarak, mk7, DCT Master, raphaelgoulart and kleeder liēkd this
Yeah, somewhat weird business moves. I guess they are just low on funding and are now desperately trying get people to convert to a payable Pro-account, but instead their plan may just end up driving a large portion of the users away (unless they of course realize their mistake and do further adjustments).

As a grown-ass-employed-man, I don't have issues with paying for stuff I see useful and would happily pay for e.g. few euros for just additional upload time (and nothing else), if that kind of option was available. But the current Pro price tag seems annually a slightly steep for what I use SoundCloud for (sharing lo-fi chiptune poop for minimal/sometimes near obsolete audiences) :D I could get unlimited hosting for the same price tag or less elsewhere, minus the cool social aspects like random likes from female spambots living near my neighbourhood of course ;D
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post #115980 :: 2019.12.05 3:08pm
It's nothing new, if you've been paying attention the past few years you would've noticed several companies doing similar things. I believe it has something to do with competing departments and out of touch management.
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post #115981 :: 2019.12.05 3:19pm :: edit 2019.12.05 3:19pm
  mk7, KungFuFurby, Baron Knoxburry, nu11, Warlord, Galgox, xracecar, Zillah, argarak and kleeder liēkd this
Looks like SoundCloud has decided to not go ahead on all of this.,-upload-limits-are-not-changing-on-monday/
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post #115999 :: 2019.12.06 3:26pm
Good. Means that if I ever want to upload something, I have plenty of time to do so.

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