yet another unnecessary fsound tool
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post #115243 :: 2019.10.31 9:22am
  pandavova and boscutti939 liēkd this
randomize fsound
is a short script which generates fss files. also known as "pandavovacore generator v0.1"

i might add an interface for settings soon.
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post #115245 :: 2019.10.31 5:52pm
Ah this is what you were testing before, we should try an OHB entirely dedicated to this :D
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post #115246 :: 2019.10.31 6:31pm
im currently thinking about a way to do this without letting it result in quick and lazy entries xD
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post #115247 :: 2019.10.31 7:34pm
  Slimeball, boscutti939, argarak, Xu and kleeder liēkd this
machines are already replacing me...

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