Art for my album request.
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post #114732 :: 2019.10.13 7:03am :: edit 2019.10.13 7:12am
Hey guys, I sort of want to make an 8 bit album, I might do some sega tracks too.

I figured that I can't make an album retro cover but maybe someone here would love to collab with me and do some retro art.

Right now the name of the album isn't set, I was thinking retro world but that sounded kinda cliche.

Don't expect my music to be amazing!

Here is 2 tracks that I'm working on, darkest hour is pretty much done and that track thought me a lot. I think my next WIP might even be better.

And by the way I'm not using a tracker, everything is made in FL Studio and I'm not following the limitations.
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post #114885 :: 2019.10.18 3:34pm
  peshti and goluigi liēkd this
I will help you with the artwork if you want
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post #114894 :: 2019.10.19 2:56am
Amazing, so any way we can get in touch in a place were we can dm much faster etc?

Like discord maybe?
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post #114898 :: 2019.10.19 4:13am
yeah, find me at tothejazz#5152
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post #114901 :: 2019.10.19 5:23am
Alright I just sent a friend request :)
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post #114981 :: 2019.10.23 8:28am
  peshti liēkd this
I could help maybe! Marian Dwarfol#7512 on Discord.
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post #114986 :: 2019.10.23 1:43pm
  NNOIZZ liēkd this
Hey I think you have blocked the possibility to send you a friend request, I have already tried a couple of times so maybe you can try to add me?


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