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Level 28 Chipist
post #113752 :: 2019.08.27 6:07pm :: edit 2019.08.27 6:11pm
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r4 results: http://arena.sincx.xyz/battle.php?id=15

its time for the final 4 to duke it out in the ultimate battle! mandrasigma, madbrain, razerek and bitfox will clash heads! not only that, but theres a special prize for the winner!! :)

battle page: http://arena.sincx.xyz/battle.php?id=16
bitpack: http://arena.sincx.xyz/bitpacks/mania7-finalpack.it
you have an extended period of time for this - 12 days - due september 8th at 9pm eastern!!!

it's not much, but as a bit of encouragement to try to win this round, i'm offering a $50 (CAD) amazon gift card (alternatively a steam gift card if thats preferable) as a prize to the winner! make your entries count! this is it!!!!!!!!!!!!

ALSO. i might buy a cheap dollar store trophy...thing and personalize it and send it to the winner...we'll see hahahahah but the money prize is real for sure
Level 28 Chipist
post #114163 :: 2019.09.10 7:50pm :: edit 2019.09.11 3:41am
VOTING!! this determines the winner!! so GET ON IT!!!

because its the final round the voting period is DOUBLE! so u have till saturday cuz thats easier for me to do a stream..,,,, at 8!!!!!!! pm eastern.

votepack! : http://arena.sincx.xyz/votepacks/mania7-rfinal-votepack.zip
voting page! : http://arena.sincx.xyz/battle.php?id=16

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