Browser's 'ascending' sort broken?
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Level 9 Criticist
post #113402 :: 2019.08.14 2:43pm
  petet, Delta sign and argarak liēkd this
After submitting what I'm sure is the absolute worst mariopants entry in botb history, I wanted to find out if it truly is so. But I couldn't!

I am unable to get any results when sorting by "ascending" in the browser. Descending works, but not ascending.

I swear, I'm sure my entry broke botb. I am going insane.
Level 28 Hostist
post #113478 :: 2019.08.17 4:05pm
  Xu, argarak and kleeder liēkd this
I remember refactoring something in there earlier this year maybe. Did another refactor and I believe its working and fixeded now.

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