Fusion that sounds like JRPG music
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post #113396 :: 2019.08.14 12:18pm
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A friend of mine found a song that really sounds like JRPG music: Masayuki Sakamoto - Psy'chy

Does anyone happen to know more examples of such music? Preferably 80's or early 90's. I love this stuff :)
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post #113399 :: 2019.08.14 1:35pm
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T-SQUARE 's whole discography is like that
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post #113400 :: 2019.08.14 2:06pm :: edit 2019.08.14 2:08pm
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I guess this album fits the description, at least that's the feeling I got when I first listened to it

Asturias - In Search of the Soul Trees
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post #113401 :: 2019.08.14 2:27pm
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I feel like there's thousands of examples but these are the first that come to mind:
Joaquin Lievano - Gamelon Warrior

Asturias - Highland

Casiopea - Door of Truth

Yellowjackets - Wildlife

The Rippingtons - Destiny

Also this is cheating but:
Evan Marien - The One Who Bares Fangs At God (Xenogears)

I might have some more tight examples to what you want later if i think on it but hopefully these are good for now!
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post #113422 :: 2019.08.15 10:18am
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just wanted to thank y'all for sharing these tunes, i'm really enjoying listening to them
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post #114183 :: 2019.09.12 2:29pm
Thanks for the beautiful music pedipanol and Chimeratio. I really appreciate you took time to share these with us. Japanese prog like Asturias is something I need more in my life right now.
And sorry for the delay I forgot about this thread in the meanwhile!
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post #114203 :: 2019.09.13 11:24pm
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Estradasphere - King Krab Battle


Orange Tulip Conspiracy - Fall Creek


Atomic Ape - Passenger

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post #114284 :: 2019.09.16 9:24pm
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post #114350 :: 2019.09.19 11:23am
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Chick Corea Electrik Band has some very JRPG-ish moments throughout its albums.

For instance https://youtu.be/2bZpM3Yh_M4

and https://youtu.be/fjfHpDWYndc

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