snibbetracker is now open source!
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post #113017 :: 2019.07.27 10:41pm :: edit 2019.07.27 10:50pm
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Harry (lundstroem) has recently had time to release his tracker source for all!

Enjoy native Linux builds, etc. :D/ (need custom makefile though! Too much IRL at the moment to make a look. Feel free to post one.)
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post #113193 :: 2019.08.03 5:50pm
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Rename "Makefile.txt" to "Makefile" and put it in a folder that you make called "linux" in /res/ after you git clone the source.

Rename "main.c.txt" to "main.c" and put it in /snibbetracker/src/

This will get snibbetracker working natively in Linux.

Big thanks to PoroCYon for giving me help when I was stumped on some things.
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post #113196 :: 2019.08.03 7:18pm :: edit 2019.08.03 7:45pm
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time to make a .it converter

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