fSpeed (fSound tool)
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post #112828 :: 2019.07.23 6:28am
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yeeaah hey its me again. the only person on earth who cares about fsound!!!!!!

anyway... i wrote a short python script which converts a 44100hz mono wav into a .fss file.
that means: adding lofi-distorted pcm-samples to your fsound track is now possible. conversion-process and fsound rendering takes up a lot of time, .fss files for only ~20 seconds of sound are already 5MB in size, because it just writes the raw-data as fsound-code in it.

i still think it can be used for some cool effects (if you wanna make it fit the 10 MB size limit for botb uploads)


video of me trying to explain whats going on
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post #112829 :: 2019.07.23 6:48am
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actually, now there might be 2 people who cares about fsound…..

…. after I have pretended to have added something to the XM co-op ;)

but first, work work work, work, more work, work work…. I need
another vacation.
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post #112830 :: 2019.07.23 9:26am
i find this information both exciting and confusing
how does the machine read 5mb of data?
it has 2k of screen ram and 64 bytes cpu internal ram
a custom 8 bit processor probably capable of 16bit addressing which would get us up to 64kb :shrug:
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post #112831 :: 2019.07.23 9:30am :: edit 2019.07.23 9:33am
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fsound is just a converter tool for windows, so you just sit there and wait until its finished. i think you're confusing channel f with fsound :D

channel f
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post #112839 :: 2019.07.23 10:57am
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hahaha yer right! xD
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post #112840 :: 2019.07.23 11:22am
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Oh uncle beardie, you are getting rusty and moldy…. o___O
just like me, soon we can be rusty and moldy together, forever and ever.
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post #113014 :: 2019.07.27 8:32pm
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oh hell I care abt fsound

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