polite admin question regarding klutzy's ban
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post #112490 :: 2019.07.08 8:37am
  Slimeball, GoldenDenis, Flaminglog, argarak, YQN, Oli, KungFuFurby and tonreihe liēkd this
  JonKaruzu hæitd this
this guy got banned bc of discord and on-site "posting conduct", right...? i feel its contrived to block him from entering music as well. people have had their own issues with him on my server, so i just gave him a role that says he can't talk in the voice chats, and since then he's been fine

(i like his music very much, and botb since then has become more of a "multi-community site hub" than a single community in its own right... i just want him to have more good opportunities to express himself!)
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post #112492 :: 2019.07.08 9:05am
  MiDoRi liēkd this
im not an admin or in the position to decide anything and i also dont wanna question any admin choices, but if it were up to me, a zombi-ailment would be sufficient, since its "assigned to those who are disruptive or are hurting the site's atmosphere through communication"
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post #112493 :: 2019.07.08 9:06am
  GoldenDenis and Lia liēkd this
this would be fair, i wld like this for klutzy instead of the mummi ailment please thank you
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post #112495 :: 2019.07.08 9:58am
  MiDoRi and kleeder liēkd this
this is something that has been brought up, but has just never been addressed - im fully in support of it but i dont know if zombi actually allows entries still. i might check later and find out
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post #112499 :: 2019.07.08 11:06am
  tennisers, GoldenDenis, MiDoRi, raphaelgoulart, Galgox, VinsCool, RazerBlue6, KungFuFurby, kleeder, argarak and charlotte liēkd this
ok, i have confirmed that zombis can indeed still submit entries - i have set the Notademoscener account to zombi. of course, the obvious condition applies - abuse it and youll be right back where you were. thx
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post #112542 :: 2019.07.09 9:57am
  Slimeball hæitd this
Notademoscener account to perma-zombi.
How about Perma-Zombie?
It gets disabled for 99 years

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