If anyone wants an alto sax part recorded, I'm your man
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post #112485 :: 2019.07.08 5:53am
  Slimeball, YQN, chinanewyr, raphaelgoulart, MiDoRi, Strobe, Cessor Safari, Quirby64, MS and DCT Master liēkd this
I'm offering FREE! alto sax recordings for people who want a cool saxophone part for their music. You don't have to worry too hard about the part being too hard for me as I have been playing for quite some time. Just make sure the part is idiomatic for the instrument.

It's your job to make sure the parts line up with your piece (tempo and stuff!)

Anyway, have fun!

(P.S. I can't read tracker roll)
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post #112584 :: 2019.07.10 8:34pm
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post #112593 :: 2019.07.11 10:08am
honestly i think it's real cool youre putting out an offer like this, I just have nothing besides a part an irl friend who play the blaxobone is doing sorry chief
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post #112595 :: 2019.07.11 1:12pm
this would make a good allgear collab entry!
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post #112596 :: 2019.07.11 1:38pm :: edit 2019.07.11 1:39pm
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i agree! shame there's no major allgear going on right now. will the offer last until the next major with an allgear format?
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post #112611 :: 2019.07.12 5:35am
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post #112627 :: 2019.07.12 11:47am :: edit 2019.07.12 12:04pm
I don't want to hijack your thread but if anyone wants poorly recorded, averagely played guitar parts, I'm your man!

Edit: that's a really cool offer btw, I wish I could compose for sax :)

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