site req: "barracks top tens" page for badges
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post #112031 :: 2019.06.24 10:42pm
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(this is text i put so it'll let me post the thread)
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post #112032 :: 2019.06.24 10:43pm
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wait no, i have a post. panda says he is THE ONLY person with a panda badge. i wld like to know if this is true, and if it is, admire it longingly
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post #112033 :: 2019.06.24 10:43pm :: edit 2019.06.24 10:44pm
[This n00b ashamed of what written. - BotB]
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post #112036 :: 2019.06.25 1:26am
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a site like this would be really helpful.

regarding the panda badge: it is true. ... we checked manually by looking at every panda entry ever uploaded and counting 20+ entries by botbrs
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post #112083 :: 2019.06.26 8:06am
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post #112085 :: 2019.06.26 8:12am
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This actually wouldn't be that hard. Might take a while to come up with the queries to iterate over all the formats. The page will need to be cached, obviously. Showing BotBrs with the most badges would probably require a new table field.
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post #112091 :: 2019.06.26 11:10am
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we could all use a chip champ appreciation page imo :3
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post #112323 :: 2019.07.03 7:51am
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if anyone wants a preview where this is at its here --

currently having problems with my SQL ordering the results by badge count -- prolly should ask on stackoverflow :shrug:
SELECT * FROM `botbr` WHERE `id` IN (select `botbr_id` from `entry` where `format_token` = '$f->token' && `score` >= 20 group by `botbr_id` having count(`id`) >= 7 order by count(`id`) desc) limit 10;"
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post #112324 :: 2019.07.03 8:11am :: edit 2019.07.03 8:18am
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EDIT: oh wait. u only ordered by "count(`id`)" to search for the ids, right? mb u need to order it again once uve Got the ids
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post #112332 :: 2019.07.03 2:12pm
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it is now working correctly ^_^
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post #112333 :: 2019.07.03 2:15pm :: edit 2019.07.03 2:19pm
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That's surprisingly interesting that nobody has a Famitracker badge... at least as far as the test page goes.

If nobody has a badge for the format, should it indicate who is the closest to getting a badge instead?
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post #112352 :: 2019.07.04 5:50am
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hooray for mor things on the website!!!!
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post #112600 :: 2019.07.11 3:37pm
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still don't have Top 10 by Badge Count
but it looks the part now
also need an accessible link somewhere :thonk:
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post #112601 :: 2019.07.11 3:44pm
what about adding a box above the "Recent Visits" Box with a menu for all the barracks-subpages
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post #112602 :: 2019.07.11 3:54pm
  kleeder liēkd this
that could be quick, dirty fix!

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