a game by zanzan
BotB Academy Project Dev
i am a chiptune doofus from back when we didn't think the term was stupid, whose ego can no longer take music competition. my old account won a hell of a lot of tincans giggle. ANYWAY i made a video game!!! click this if you want to play it: Greyknurl Diahaze

it's a puzzle game for turn-based thinkers with some simple 8-bit music. im proud of teh systems and puzzles and settings, please have fun with it! you can play it in yr browser likely with no download necessary at all and it doesn't cost a thing. zzzv
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post #111824 :: 2019.06.21 2:09pm
ok thats a nice avatar...
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post #111832 :: 2019.06.21 3:41pm
[contains giant assets please proceed with CAUTION!]
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post #111838 :: 2019.06.21 4:16pm
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my eyes are up here
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post #111840 :: 2019.06.21 7:59pm
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this game rules btw
super fun and super think

warning: don't reset on the last level lol
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post #111841 :: 2019.06.21 8:04pm
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if you enjoy this game and / or the music, make sure to check out zanzan's patreon !!! https://www.patreon.com/zzzv

assets and demos were posted along the development of the game. it was neat to see it progress

also great music is posted all the time. ur missing out BIG
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post #111845 :: 2019.06.22 2:24am
:3 that's really kind of you, thank you
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post #111853 :: 2019.06.22 7:58am
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I loved it! Great art

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