Super Famicompo - game over! (voting coming soon!)
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Hi everyone, and welcome to Super Famicompo! This is a new spin on a SNES music competition, following a similar format to Famicompo with some familiarites still to people used to SMWC Idol. This compo is intended to be open to anyone, but also to, in a sense, serve as a bridge between communities. The contest will primarily be hosted on SMWCentral, with prizes and trophies coming from there (more on that later!).

The Premise

Super Famicompo is a ONE-ROUND competition - if you're familiar with Famicompo, it's the same idea. The competition is split into THREE (3) categories, each of which can be entered as many times as you want. These categories will be detailed further below. You will submit your entries directly to me (see below), and come voting time I will do up a simple webpage to display the entries. How voting will work is currently not firmly decided, but I will provide an update closer to the deadline when it has been determined.

The Categories

This category is for anything in the realm of covers. Covers of game music, non-game music, whatever you want, as long as it is a cover of something. (this incudes remixes!)

This category is for original songs of any kind. Anything goes as long as it's original work.

This category is for covers OR originals under the following restrictions:
- The song must use at least 3 samples from this pack
, 2 samples from this pack
, and 1 sample from this pack
. You can use any other additional samples as desired.

The Rules

- All content must be made for this competition. You're free to finish up an unreleased old song or whatever, but if material has been previously released in any form, it may not be submitted. It follows, of course, that you may not upload somebody else's work (excluding collabs - see below).
- You may collaborate with up to two others on any given submission. If you choose to do so, tell me as such when you submit.
- You may use any tool that generates SPC/SFC output, as long as it is not an automatic conversion tool (in the case of covers). This means no SPC2MML, nintspc, etc. Examples of tools that are allowed are AddmusicK, SNESGSS, SNESMOD, XMSNES, and so on.


You will submit any entries via PM on SMWCentral (username Sinc-X), by DM on Discord (sincx#9611), or by email to s3x5samps youknowwhat All that is required in your submission is either an SPC file or SFC file (either an audio file or a ROM file). If you choose to submit SFC, there is a size limit of 256KB, and it MUST be your own content, that is, it must not contain any copyrighted material - no Super Mario World ROMs or anything like that. You must also tell me which category you are submitting to, and if it's a cover, you must include the name of the original song and game (if applicable).


I don't have a ton to offer in the way of prizes. However, SMWCentral has some Steam game codes to offer, one of which will be given to the winner of each category. There will also be SMWCentral trophies available to the top 3 in each category, for those who have an account there at the time of results (if not, tough luck - I'm saying it here right now so I don't get any complaints, if you don't make an account before the results are out you will not get a trophy). Note that if your account is brown-banned on SMWCentral, you will not be eligible for SMWCentral-distributed prizes (but you can still enter).

With all that said - it's time for everyone to get SNES'ing! The deadline for submissions is July 14th at 23:59:59 Atlantic Time (approximately 8PM Pacific, 11PM Eastern). Have fun!

SMWCentral thread here
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I'm Agreed this!
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I'll give it a shot! Maybe I can finally get around to learning AddMusicK for doing SNES stuff.
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SNESMOD Users, Here's the WAV files was done by OpenSPC and BRRPlayer
Link ->
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less than 2 weeks to go! get yer butts in gear!!!
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not much time left! if ppl really need it i might consider extending the submission period by 1 week but dont count on it!
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a 1 week extension has been granted based on a poll I did in the discord. use it wisely!
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note that while submissions end tonight, voting will not commence until sometime tomorrow. just a heads-up!

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