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post #109983 :: 2019.04.27 11:11am
  TrippleP, AutisticApple, GoldenDenis, kfaraday, Jimmyoshi, mk7, Razerek, Flaminglog, ASIKWUSpulse, MiDoRi, argarak and kleeder liēkd this
Battle of The Bits satisfies me as a site that offers a varied experience with the creation of original musical content. Thought if my suggestions are possible for the site's future, it might be more enjoyable.

OHBs are a neat standard for user-made battles, but the inclusion of a adjustable OHB that lets the user to host longer battles would allow for hosting battles that allow for challenges that might not fit perfectly on a 1 hour duration.
It might be pretty useful for hosting OHBs that involve the creation of short games (most small game jams are around 48 hours), mostly in my opinion due to the fact game assets take time to work on. However, one cons i immediately recognize from this is that it takes the user to potentially forget to close off the results after said longer time than one hour.
I highly doubt it would happen, but it would be a great idea.

2. NEW FORMAT? (special nods to kleeder):
Not sure if it should be approved any of these but kleeder proposed of a Minecraft Note Block Studio format. This format is intended for creating Note Block constructions for Minecraft using a GUI rather than doing it handmade from Minecraft.
This is one of the formats that are easier to use than most formats, similar to Mario Paint. You can use up to 23 tracks/channels, which leaves the user with a more open choice to make highly orchestrated compositions, and also allows customized sounds.
One downside is that you can't export creations to Minecraft that don't meet requirements, for example, you can't use lower or higher octaves that Minecraft doesn't use, but nonetheless you can still export to MP3.
Download link here: https://github.com/HielkeMinecraft/OpenNoteBlockStudio/releases

Guess that's it.
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post #109984 :: 2019.04.27 11:15am
  argarak liēkd this
regarding that minecraft note block format: it has its own file format (.nbs) so sharing tracks would be easy. and having the upcoming spring tracks major in mind, a new format might be cool for it. idk

just an idea you know~
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post #110001 :: 2019.04.28 7:39am :: edit 2019.04.28 7:40am
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different length battles has been on the back-burner for a while. it's not a priority tho afaik

if a nbs format was made, it would probably imply you don't have to follow the rules of minecraft w octaves unless the submission format was a minecraft world.

i'm down for longer battles but at a higher price. i have no feelings towards nbs
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post #110003 :: 2019.04.28 8:39am
Seconding Savey
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post #110014 :: 2019.04.28 11:09am
  Schallwelle liēkd this
Also New format can be added

.PRT, .EXE - Pink/Abyss PreTracker Format
.BTM, .VGM - BambooTracker or PCx8 Format could add formats
.MID - MidiPlus aka MIDI+ multiple types GM,GS,XG,etc...
.bin - VirtualBoy Tracker Format
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post #110015 :: 2019.04.28 11:32am
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.avi - selfmade hentai
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post #110043 :: 2019.04.28 5:01pm
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750 boons per hour of the battle.

My current boon stash would (barely) allow me to *finally* host a 420 minute battle.

This is it, this is all I've ever wanted.
Level 27 Renderist
post #110046 :: 2019.04.28 5:11pm
isn't minecraft something you have to buy? none of our formats so far you need to pay for.
Level 30 Chipist
post #110047 :: 2019.04.28 5:17pm
its not minecraft. its Minecraft Note Block Studio. and its free.
Level 23 Chipist
post #110048 :: 2019.04.28 5:42pm :: edit 2019.04.28 5:49pm
  Flaminglog, argarak, Savestate and kleeder liēkd this
Well regarding Savestate's other hypothetical where "the submission format was a minecraft world", then yes, you'd have to use minecraft. Noteblock studio sounds like a fun kind of format. I suppose it would give Mixist points.

Also, I've entertained the idea of multi-hour battles for a while myself. It sounds like that could be fun. I assume it would require more boons to host, though. Personally, I think for music-oriented minor battles, 3 hours should be a limit, maybe. I dunno.

I'm drawing connections back to mariopaint and mariopantse regarding limitations here. mariopantse = .nbs, where you can break limits allowed in the game, and mariopaint = the actual minecraft world where limits are imposed.

Nowadays, of course, most people just emulate mariopaint, but it's not as convenient to pirate minecraft just to hear a song.

also @savestate congratulations on post number being binary
Level 25 Mixist
post #110051 :: 2019.04.28 6:18pm
  argarak liēkd this
Two+ hours battles would be awesome. We can make them now as OHBs without late penalty (they are quite rare as far as i know), but having this option would be great. I rarely have enough time to finish my ohb entries properly and even to make sure all parts get together well.
Level 26 Chipist
post #110059 :: 2019.04.29 7:41am
  goluigi, MiDoRi, Flaminglog, argarak, kleeder, Lia and Savestate liēkd this
for me a minecraft-something format doesnt really have a point if it isnt going to be played back on minecraft; on nbs's case, its just gonna be like midi with a not-so-great soundfont. i get that it has limitations, like almost every other format, but imo it doesnt have much of an appeal to it; it would've if i could load it in minecraft, step in the minecart, and watch stuff being played around me. but as it is, it's basically just midi with a not-so-great soundfont.

also, for me a minecraft-something format doesnt really have a point if it isnt gonna be handmade in minecraft; kind of like, say, using an .it converter for bytebeat.

so yeah, i'm against nbs being a format. i'm definitely in favor of longer ohbs though
Level 20 Chipist
post #110063 :: 2019.04.29 9:07am
longer ohbs++
Level 22 Pixelist
post #110099 :: 2019.05.01 6:51am
Yuzu is the EXE you mentioned an Amiga or Windows executable?
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post #110472 :: 2019.05.14 7:46am :: edit 2019.05.14 11:17am
Just decided to come back to this thread here.
Another format i want to propose is Bitsy, which is a fairly simple game engine from itch.io known for making simple "walking simulator" games. It is considered the Twine of interactive games due to most of the games made with it focusing with a interactive story. https://ledoux.itch.io/bitsy
Every game you see made with it are low-resolution pixel art games with all the dialogue and storytelling done by a sole message box as you interact sprites and inventory items with your player character, controlled by player input.

Development keeps growing and i've seen an active community across one of the discord servers i'm in who's into casual indie stuff. It also has certain hacks done to it to allow some bitsy games to potentially go through its limits.

There is definite proof why i want this format to come: Bitsy allows for HTML5 export, which saves everything from the game inside its own .html file and it takes less than a milsecond to load everything.

Either let it be its own format that uses the same .html file format or just pretend anyone to host HTML5 OHBs that allow exported .html files made with Bitsy, but i would be satisfied if BOTB would have a new format based on this medium.

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