Stuff I made for the 21-Day Composition Challenge
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post #109891 :: 2019.04.21 11:51pm :: edit 2019.04.21 11:52pm
  VinsCool, AutisticApple, Jadakra, argarak, MiDoRi, Tobikomi and ASIKWUSpulse liēkd this
Greetings, noobs! It is I, BotB's resident bubble dragon, and I'm here to show off a collection of tunes I made outside the site.

Over the past three weeks, I've occupied myself with VGMA's 21-Day Composition Challenge. The goal of the challenge is to write a few bars of music each day, over 21 days, to encourage the habit of working on music consistently over time. The songs don't have to be complete masterworks, it's more of an exercise to cast aside any doubts and just compose something.

If the challenge interests you, you can sign up here to receive tips and downloadable goodies via email:

And here are the songs I made for the challenge, organized into one convenient playlist:

Any other BotBrs who took this challenge before at some point? Feel free to share your stuff in this thread as well!
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post #109923 :: 2019.04.24 6:32am
  Jadakra liēkd this
Does it limit the user with challenges and/or specific samples? The problem is that my schedule is covered by homework and personal issues so idk if it would hurt me for missing out a day.
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post #109927 :: 2019.04.24 11:06am
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@sc00p There's no restrictions like that, you're not required to follow any prompts or use any specific samples. There's no enforced penalty for missing a couple of days either. The way I did it, I used a different format for each day. As long as you're able to get something out, that's what matters.
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post #109938 :: 2019.04.24 2:53pm
Since some are longer than two bars I feel the need to ask,
Did you work on some of them for more than one day or did just keep working on them once you got into it?
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post #109939 :: 2019.04.24 3:30pm :: edit 2019.04.24 3:30pm
@Jadakra I made sure I wrote each song for the challenge within the day I started it. Some ideas I got into more than others, and so I expanded upon them better. Others were more simple, mainly because I started working on them a little before midnight. lol
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post #109998 :: 2019.04.28 2:33am
Is it even fine if i skip certain themes? Or is it possible if i do the course with minimum success (or perhaps nothing if the themes are too hard for me)
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post #110110 :: 2019.05.02 1:36am :: edit 2019.05.02 1:36am
@sc00p It's fine, you aren't required to use any specific song themes or anything like that. As for minimal success, what ultimately matters is that you tried!
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post #110111 :: 2019.05.02 4:00am
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I might give this a go when i'm done with filling out my Spring Tracks VIII entries i'm planning to work on.

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