New ilkae album :)
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post #109827 :: 2019.04.19 1:30pm :: edit 2019.04.19 1:35pm
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I don't know if you guys are into his stuff but you can as well check the other inpuj releases, there are some by zanzan, zebra, jangler and other botbrs :)

Edit: ilkae is aka

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post #109830 :: 2019.04.19 2:36pm :: edit 2019.04.19 2:37pm
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inpuj is a goldmine for sure. some of the older releases are module source only so good learning material also.
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post #109835 :: 2019.04.19 5:45pm
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really good release!!!
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post #109848 :: 2019.04.20 4:43am :: edit 2019.04.28 9:03pm
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thanks botb pals!!

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