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post #109555 :: 2019.04.07 4:03am
  Flaminglog, MiDoRi, argarak and kleeder liēkd this
Would it be possible to make Google finally recognize BotB as a HTTPS-secured website? Even the new search results link to the unsecured version of the website and it's pretty annoying.

Although some say Google algorithms like to rank HTTPS websites higher on the search results page and give them more priority and visibility, my main goal of raising awareness of this concern isn't to get new people find out about BotB but merely to fix the nuisance of having to manually switch to HTTPS every time I search something from here.

Search queries for "battle of the bits" (without quotes) across various search engines. None of them link to the HTTPS page.
Also tried bunch of other search engines but they don't index HTTP/HTTPS pages individually. Tried three different TOR search engines but got no results. Battle of the Bits does not operate in deep web.
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post #109560 :: 2019.04.07 4:46am :: edit 2019.04.07 4:46am
  argarak and Lia liēkd this
would be cool to fix the botb-irc-bot as well, because if you search for !entry or !botbr, the link is http. should be easy to fix if row 2 of "botb_api.js" gets changed to
var botb_api_root = ''
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post #109561 :: 2019.04.07 6:10am
  pandavova liēkd this
Regarding this topic, i don't quite understand what's going on with BotB's TLS - given the fact i'm using Https Everywhere extension, my browser should automatically redirect me to the encrypted page, although it's simply not the case and i'm unsure about the culprit of such misbehaviour
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post #109562 :: 2019.04.07 6:12am :: edit 2019.04.07 6:13am
  kleeder liēkd this
EDIT: possibly because the certificate doesn't provide any ownership information but idk

EDIT 2: Despite https, some content seems to be "hardcoded" to be fetched via plaintext, might be another culprit, given my strict settings
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post #110004 :: 2019.04.28 8:47am
Something happened? Something happened. Google now officially acknowledges BotB as a secure webiste!
Marginal search engines will probably follow within a 5 year timespan, depending on how frequently they update thier databases. But most importantly, Google is doing something.

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