Battle of the Bits Survey!!!!!
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post #109131 :: 2019.03.16 3:54pm
  Yung Gotenks, nostalgia junkie, kleeder and tennisers liēkd this

hey!! i'm doing a survey of group activity for an essay abt group activity and i wanted to study this group in particular because you guys are very cool!!!

just remember the rules, u gotta be 18 and you gotta tell the truth!!!

thank you so much!! it should take less than 5 mins seriously
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post #109139 :: 2019.03.16 5:19pm
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haha well, even if its anonymous, i believe my answers are very spoilery. (thats not a problem for me tho)

btw, is it possible to take a look at your finished essay thing afterwards? might be interesting o:
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post #109140 :: 2019.03.16 5:24pm
Interesting, I answered as well.
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post #109142 :: 2019.03.16 5:29pm :: edit 2019.03.16 5:29pm
  VirtualMan, pandavova, tennisers, petet, MiDoRi, awesum, nostalgia junkie, Jangler and VinsCool liēkd this
The information you collect here is extremely easy to correlate to actual user data and determine who all the participants are. If you present the data as all individual values instead of trends edited for protection, you might have an ethical CRISIS

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post #109144 :: 2019.03.16 7:18pm
  tennisers, anewuser and Sinc-X liēkd this
they had me take a course before creating the survey that details how to avoid that, you can trust i'll be very thorough when synthesizing data. again, if you have questions you should message me or my professor :D i appreciate the concern!!!!!
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post #109146 :: 2019.03.16 8:17pm
  Savestate, tennisers, Tilde, pandavova, puke7, awesum and Sinc-X liēkd this
your avatar synced up with this tipographica song in 31/16 time
for a bit

i made a video of it ->
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post #109147 :: 2019.03.16 9:14pm
I might need an adult to help me.

Depending on whether or not my perception of my own voting habits match the colors I cannot see of my aura.
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post #109159 :: 2019.03.17 12:21pm
  Doxic liēkd this
almost all the character answers can be "fuck" and the numerical answers can be "666" if you want. multiple-choice is the problem here.
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post #109162 :: 2019.03.17 1:57pm
  kleeder liēkd this
Same Timo, my answers are unique enough to be potentially attributed to me
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post #109164 :: 2019.03.17 3:04pm
More or less the same; but it was a fun survey to take, nevertheless.
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post #109194 :: 2019.03.18 8:11pm
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I filled out the survey. But I've been 10 years old for the past 27 years. Will I ever grow up?
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post #109458 :: 2019.03.31 9:07pm
  kleeder hæitd this
april fool bumb : ) )

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