I forgot to read the bitpack for OHB :-(
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post #109006 :: 2019.03.10 7:15pm
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I get wrong for the chip art when I was got 8pts from the OHB, and I forgot to read the bitpack because of the rule breaking.

I'm getting confused :-(
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post #109007 :: 2019.03.10 7:17pm
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...did you really need to post a bulletin for this?
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post #109008 :: 2019.03.10 7:18pm
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i also forgot to read the bitpack one time. it happens. mistakes happen.
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post #109009 :: 2019.03.10 7:19pm :: edit 2019.03.10 9:28pm
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next time, just read the bitpack and it's fine!

sometimes, it'll be a file (for instance, a .it samplepack), in which case you should just use such file - and only that file - to make your song

for remix ohbs the samplepack will be a .zip with samples inside, you can use those in whatever program you like, as long as you don't use any outside samples
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post #109010 :: 2019.03.10 7:20pm
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bulletins are like what, 25 boons?

if he spends that, he can post it. whether that threshold is too low is a management decision
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post #109013 :: 2019.03.10 7:56pm
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"Confessing your sins makes you a genius"
- Terrence Andrew Davis (✽1969-2018✝)
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post #109015 :: 2019.03.10 8:56pm
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At least you weren't a host forgetting the bitpack
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post #109113 :: 2019.03.16 7:15am
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Cool, so we are good about bitpack rules and thread creation prices now. Thanks for being BotBrs! <3 Onto the next discussion. Next time Yomaru, please use "n00b s0z", read the Lyceum, come into IRC or Discord for help. Thank you!

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