Toy Keyboards SoundFonts (SF2)
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post #108893 :: 2019.03.08 9:42am :: edit 2019.05.17 3:29pm
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post #116791 :: 2020.01.08 3:01am :: edit 2020.01.08 1:01pm
the TX-5488A sounds like some of the old DSI toys Inc Kawasaki toy keyboards I have. software wise I think it is the same as my QM-3758 toy keyboard (5 demo songs) (short jingle is played on preset sound buttons)
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post #116793 :: 2020.01.08 3:11am
Thank you for the information. You're very helpful.
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post #116795 :: 2020.01.08 5:20am
Are those the names of the toy pianos you used or are they .sf2 files torn out of them?
Do toy pianos even use .sf2 files???
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post #117040 :: 2020.01.16 6:00pm
I love that you included photos of each keyboard too. Can't wait to try them out!

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